Riverside Hotel Saigon

  • Room Type : Spare Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 people (2 adults, 1 child)
  • Stay Num : 2 nights 3 days

The main reason for visiting Ho Chi Minh was to go to Nha Trang, so I wanted to stay in a cheap hotel. Also, the purpose of the trip to Ho Chi Minh was to go shopping at Dong Khoi Street, and to go to Ben Thanh market to eat and walk, so the hotel was not a priority this time. Access to Dong Koi Street is 5 minutes on foot and there are many places to go within walking distance to sightseeing spots, and the accommodation fee is 4000 to 5000 yen per night. It is cheap because children can stay for free and breakfast is included.

Riverside Hotel Saigon Exterior - entrance - front desk

Although, the appearance is not beautiful, I felt that it is a fine building that has a strong sense and looks like it has history.

The entrance is not wide and you have to open the glass door with a wooden frame manually, but occasionally the front staff will open and close it for you.

When entering the hotel, the lobby was unexpectedly wide, and it was comfortable and relaxing.

The staff at the reception desk was kind and had an at home feeling and I thought it was.

What are the rooms at the Riverside Hotel Saigon Spare Room?

There was an elongated corridor when opening the entrance door, there was a bathroom, a washstand and a toilet right on the left side immediately, there was a feeling of cleanliness. After passing through the corridor there was about 8 tatami space, mini fridge, closet, vanity desk, small table and 2 chairs equipped. It felt a bit dim, as I felt the size but the room was not very good in the sun.

There was a bedroom with 2 single beds and an LCD TV and it was clean. Because air conditioning is centralized, you cannot control the temperature in the room, but since the air volume could be adjusted, it was not a problem.

The beds were a single size bed, but they were a little damp. The pillow and mattress were a little hard but I was able to sleep well. The comforter was thin like a sheet, but I could sleep comfortably by adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner.


There were five hangers in the closet and it was enough.

Safety box was provided with instruction manual.

There was no terrace in the room that I stayed. The view from the window of the room was not a nice view as the roof of the building next door and time skys high-rise building can be seen, but the night square was lit up and you can enjoy it a little bit. On the other side of the hotel. you can see the Mekong River. On the road there were unique Vietnamese cars and motorcycle congestion and sometimes the cyclor also runs so we can taste the feeling of coming to Vietnam. Riverside side has a lot of traffic, so it may feel a bit noisy.

Riverside Hotel Saigon bathroom and amenities

The water pressure of the shower was weak, the shower head was fixed to the wall and small, so the usability was not good, but the temperature of hot water could be adjusted.

The sink was too narrow so I could not put anything on in.

It was an old hotel so I was not allowed to wash the toilet paper down the toilet, and instead had to throw away used toilet paper in a box prepared next to the toilet. Although it is overall old, it was clean.  

Amenity was soap, toothbrush, shampoo, rinse, shower cap, cotton and comb. They did not included body soap, so I used what I brought on a my own.

The soap did not get sudsy, so I do not recommend washing your body with it. Those who like foamy soap may need to buy their own.  

Riverside Hotel Saigon Mini Bar

Minimal drinks were prepared, but if you buy the same one in a nearby supermarket and keep it in the refrigerator, it is available at less than half price, so I do not recommend buying drinks at the hotel unless it is an emergency.


Riverside Hotel Saigon Breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel

There was one restaurant at the hotel, so I had breakfast buffet there every morning.

The Vietnamese National Food Fou can be cooked on the spot. The taste was normal, but it was it matched the price.

Riverside Hotel Saigon Hotel Surroundings

Shopping, dining and supermarkets are within walking distance around the hotel and access is very good. Taxis are also everywhere, so you can find one easily, and if you are in the suburbs you can go to your destination in about 100 to 300 yen. The road in front of the hotel has a lot of traffic and the horn is ringing from morning till night. Also, since there is no crosswalk on the road, I think it will be a pain to cross to the other side. Because Vietnam is still a construction rush, there are many buildings under construction and the local people are working from morning till evening. I thought that the area is safe enough, but you need to be careful so that you do not get run over by a car or a motorcycle.


Riverside Hotel Saigon Access

From the airport to the hotel, the road is full of cars and motorcycles, but without traffic jams you will arrive in about 30 minutes by car. In my case, we asked the staff of the travel agency to pick us up, but it would be about 30 minutes by taxi, which is probably about 1000 yen.

Riverside Hotel Saigon Staff

The hotel staff corresponded sincerely. There is no stubbornness like the staffs at a luxurious hotel to be honest, but also not too friendly either so there was a homey feeling . The speed of response was also nice. The staffs at the front desk were also kind and pleasant, so there were no inconveniences at all.

Riverside Hotel Saigon customer base

Although, I rarely met guests, Vietnamese office workers, children of Korean at the breakfast venue. The Vietnamese office worker looked like regulars.

Riverside Hotel Saigon Summary

I would have been able to stay in a better hotel if I payed more money, but price wise this hotel was satisfying enough.  The best thing was the service. The taste was normal, but the breakfast buffet was nice, a clean room, and the kindness of the staffs at the front desk were particularly good. Also it is easy to get to Dong Khoi Street on foot and also to popular restaurants, souvenir shops, supermarkets and sightseeing spots as well. There many good points, but the only thing that felt uncomfortable about was having to throw away toilet paper in a bin. However, if I have the opportunity, I would like to sat here again.

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