San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter

  • Room Type : 1 bedroom corner suite (21st floor)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose this hotel because it was the most convenient hotel from the venue to see the MLB Padres season final battle game. "San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter - San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter" is big among the many hotels in downtown and knows there is a popular rooftop bar on the top floor so you can enjoy night activities outside of baseball game watching thought. As I remembered that I had stayed last time and I remembered that the scenery was exceptionally great at that time, I thought that it would be nice to look at the coronado bridge and the spreading scenery.

Hotel exterior, entrance and reception

The feeling that I saw from the outside is still a big hotel! The sense of overwhelmingness was transmitted.

In the luxury entrance, I always felt secure with a dressed-off security person standing.

When entering the entrance, the sofa was set up on the side and the front side and it was enough space and size to meet.

Because the front lights up at night, I also felt modern somewhere.

Corridor to the room

Rooms in the Junior Suite

Because it is a room located in the corner, there were three windows, it was very bright, room was full of luxuries very wide.

Anyway it is gorgeous and you can immerse your sense of superiority. Although feeling the age slightly from the carpet, it was cleaned very cleanly, especially the scenery spread out from the room got a relaxed feeling overall because of the wonderfulness which can not be returned to anything.

It is a big living room.

There is also a working desk.

Next to the living room, there is a bedroom of sufficient size.

Bet was wide, clean, adequate hardness and put on a comfortable sleep. Of course, the sheets were set without any dirt or blemish.

Friends who came with me are amazing! I was amazedly surprised at the gorgeousness of the room.

Bathroom in 2 locations

One entered the room and there was a toilet and a cafe corner in the guest room bathroom on the left side.

The main bathroom was large, the shower was chosen from the overhead and from the front, it was able to choose 2 patterns and the water pressure and drainage were satisfactory. There was a space where we could sit with a glassy marble tone gorgeous making. Both the bathtub and the shower room had a slope and received the impression of a bathroom friendly to the elderly people.

The bathtub was separated from the shower, I could taste the happy feeling that I put hot water in it and it was immersed in the first time in a long time.

The wash basin is also wide.

Amenity on the sink was equipped with shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, mouth wash, shoe cleaner, hair cap, body wash sponge. Another bathroom was equipped with hand soap, mouthwash and body cream. I think the quality of soap etc. is very normal. For those who do not care I just stick to the quality well I did not use it. Shoe cleaner was useful.

There was also in the bathtub.

There is a dryer.

The toilet was also installed in the same space.

Closet and safety box

The closet was widely equipped with 2 sets of bath rope, a blanket on the extra seat, and a pair of hangers were paired. The closet was mirror-finished and highlighted the size of the bedroom.

There was a safety box in the closet and the backpack with the PC was big enough to enter enough. It was saved for us carrying a personal computer.

In-room minibar

There are 2 mini bars in the room. A few packs of Starbucks coffee at coffee maker. Regular and decafee coffee mate's vanilla taste and regular creamer In addition, chamomile tea and English breakfast were set up.

There is also a drawer type refrigerator.

There was another one in the living room, Ice bucket and two bottles of water. The table of the mini bar was enough space to arrange snacks such as wine bottles and fruits that we brought extensively. Only coffee with stubax was equipped and it was delicious.

View from high-rise floor

The hotel itself had no terrace, no balcony, our room was about a little under the window. But the sound of the city coming from that little space was comfortably open all day. Especially during the baseball game the audience cheers came in and I was excited even if I did not go to the venue. The bridge and the sea which is seen in the back, the streets of Coronado have enjoyed the gorgeous sense of relaxation. It was a corner room so we always enjoyed 2 patterns of landscaping, and I could think that even if it says a little we could have a balcony at least on the top floor.

Hotel restaurant

We took breakfast in lounge available for suite room guest.

I thought that it was a service available for free, and enough variety was also prepared.

Fruits, cereals, breads are lining up.

There are also warm dishes.

I think whether I saw a beautiful sunset from the top floor roof top bar. Besides, there was a bar restaurant on the first floor, but it seemed like she was always available.

Facilities in hotel

The business center is located on the 7th floor and is accessible by room access. It was an ordinary simple one of two computers.

There is a fitness room facing, and the 7th floor is almost compact because it is near from only that two elevators.

Shops inside the hotel

There was a snack corner next to the front, there were juice, snacks, ice cream, a bit of medicine and toothbrush etc. Since there are no alcohols, beer etc. must be bought. As we had enough souvenirs and walking distance, we thought that it was a sufficient line-up as a store in the hotel.

Around the hotel

Petco Park. It is close to the center of downtown and the convention center, and there are many people coming and going in downtown, I think that security is relatively good.

There are also late arrivals of restaurants at night, with people coming and going. The MLB game watching was exciting. The locals are also drinking at the weekends so they are very busy.

Bar Restaurant MONKE KING.

We had lunch at MONKEY KING.

Ralfs was conveniently located in walking distance.

You can buy beer and snacks.


It is a very convenient location, 15 minutes from the airport. Access is good from highway, hotel is located in downtown and is crowded with tourist and residents because there are many restaurants and bars. It was easy to come and go to Petco Park which was the destination in 30 seconds. Now in San Diego it seems that almost everyone is traveling with electric scooters on standing which are easy to use with applications are in fashion. You can easily rent a bike that has been rented and also discarded.

Staff and customer base

The staff are very friendly and helpful. There are plenty of staff and security, so it took me two days to learn about the situation and I had a little conversation. Is it also an Asian when using the business center? I kindly explained how to use it. I can not speak Japanese. Always calling out with a smile. There were also many Asian staff.

Most of the other guests staying at the hotel were tourists. Especially since baseball is climax, I think that it is a baseball fan who is coming to watch for the season. Because it is a high hotel, I thought the customer base was as good as it was.


It was really nice staying at this hotel. In my case, it was the most convenient and comfortable for both sides as I stayed at a vacation and my partner stayed at work. Because the room was large, we invited friends who came to watch baseball games together and was able to relax relaxing the beer time before watching the game. It was better if you had a pool or jacuzzi unique to the hotel, but there was nothing that would make it easy to access the baseball venue. If you are going to visit sightseeing from Japan for the baseball game, I definitely recommend this hotel! ! ! We also recommend that you request that you come to see baseball when checking in and that the room where you can see the venue is good from the room.

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