Stockholm Scandic Talk Hotel

  • Room Type : Standard Twin Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

"Scandic Talk Hotel - Scandic Talk" is located less than 10 kilometers south of Stockholm Central Station. This hotel is a simple hotel of business type. Since there is a convention center in the vicinity, when a businessman or an event is held, many users stay there. Taxis are stopped in front of the hotel so you do not have to use it. The station is also close to the 5-minute walk so you can get to the center of Stockholm immediately. 【Official site】 Stockholm Scandic Talk Hotel

What is the exterior of the hotel? Entrance and front check also

It is a simple building and looks like a business hotel.

The entrance is a rotating door. I felt very beautiful and fresh.

When entering from the entrance, the lobby and the reception were bright, and two people stood all the time in the counter. At check-in, I was asked to select whether I was asked to present my identity card and credit card, and I did not have a bathroom with a bathtub or a bathtub.

Twin room Is your company?

The room we stayed is Standard Twin Room.

The interior is clean with flooring. The size is enough.

Furniture and bedding were simple, too. The bed was a thin mattress, but the comfort was good.

There is also a working desk.

There are three power plugs, telephone and memo pads are lining up.

The wall-mounted TV was clean and free from space.

Bathroom with bathtub

When asked at check-in, we made bathroom with bathtub. Both the water pressure and temperature of the shower are sufficient.

The washstand only has hand soap.

Hair dryer was on.

Just shampoo and body soap on shower wall, other amenity is not attached. Required items such as conditioners and toothbrushes were sold at the shop in the lobby.

Closet and safety box

The closet felt like little storage.

It takes several hangers.

There is also a safety box.

There were irons and ice coolers in the closet as well.

View from the room

The hotel was in front of the big convention center so we can see the roundabout and there is nothing else other than that.

Hotel restaurant, breakfast buffet

There was 1 restaurant and 1 bar.

There is a buffet style restaurant called meet on the 2nd floor. I had breakfast here.

The seating area was large and there was a feeling of cleanliness.

The menu is rich in variety and it is very tasty.

The staff were also moving well, cleaning up the tables and preparing the dishes quickly.

Buffet style breakfast is like this.

The type of sake was substantial in the bar at the back of the front desk on the first floor.

There were many users at night, when we asked for beer a little knob came in. Coffee and snacks were also in the menu.

You can also buy snacks at the shop next to the front counter. There was a cafe corner and amenities that are not in the room.

Gymnasium and sauna, Hotel amenities

There was a sports gym.

Sauna also in the same area.

There was also a shower booth.

Shops around the hotel

There is a convention center in front of you.

There are supermarkets and bakeries around the station,

There is a subway.

There was a large supermarket just a short walk from the hotel.

Staff & Customers

The staff is always at the front desk and will respond carefully to this question. I can not speak Japanese, but I can speak English. Friend is also very good. Guests also saw their husband and wife and family, but the impression that there are many businessmen rather rather. Asian-style guests did not see at this time.


It is convenient as it is a 40-minute drive from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport by car to the hotel and you can go straight to Stockholm City by Arlanda Express. Even if you use the train, it is 40 minutes from the airport to the hotel.

From the hotel you can reach the city center in Stockholm in about 10 minutes by car from the Älvsjö station (Hervesje station) which is about a 15 minute drive from the hotel and you can get on the SL called Pendeltåg. I arrived at Stockholm City in just 3 stops.


How was Scandic Talk Hotel? This review was written in Japanese. Read review My ratings for this hotel are: 4 of 5 stars Value 4 of 5 stars Rooms 4 of 5 stars Location 5 of 5 stars Cleanliness 4 of 5 stars Service This review was written in Japanese. It is a hotel recommended for those who want to spend quiet at night avoiding the noisiness of the city and the convenience of being able to get out at 3 stations to the center of Stockholm, the price is cheap and the noise of the city center.