Shama Lake View Asoke

  • Room Type : Deluxe 3 bedroom
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people

Our criteria to choose the hotel on this trip in that the room has 3 bedrooms, access and budget. It was a bit difficult to find 3 bedrooms and most of the room is over budget. But fortunately "Shama Lakeview Asoke" has a room for three and within budget. The distance to nearest station is 10 to 15 min walk, not so close. Since we found out the taxi in Bangkok is cheap, we decided to stay here because it doesn't matter even it's far from the station. I will introduce you how was our stay. 【Official website】 Shama Lake view Asoke Posted here too! Absolutely not to fail 【Bangkok hotel selection】 Recommended of popular hotel ranking!

Hotel exterior, entrance and reception

The entrance was simple and a little dark, I felt. It seems that it is not that big hotel since the taxi driver also couldn't find where the entrance is.

Front desk.

The lobby is also simple. I hope the lighting would be brighter.

The concierge desk.

The sofa is fluffy.

Elevator hall.

Deluxe 3 bedroom

The room looks just standard. Considering the price of Bangkok, I wouldn't say it is worth the price. The design is simple and I felt still a bit dark.

Living, dining and a working desk.

The largest bedroom. It doesn't have sofa and table even there is still rest space.

The second room was just nice in size. It was good that the rooms were connected to the bathroom.

It is the smallest room among the three, with two single beds. As it doesn't have any window and the light from outside, I could sleep well. Bathrooms are not connected from this room.

2 bathrooms

The room has 2 bathrooms. As we were three, it was good to take a bath at the same timing in each bathrooms. The water pressure of the shower was weak and not very good. Also temperature adjustment is very difficult to control.


Another bathroom is with a bathtub and shower attached. The water pressure was also weak, but the water temperature control was easier than the other bathroom.

The amenities were toothbrush, shampoo, treatment, body soap, body cream, bath bum and cotton swab. The package design is very simple. It was good 5 cotton swabs in the package.

The shampoo has nice scent.

It is really special to have bath bombs for hotel amenities! Some hotel has bath salt, I have never seen bath bomb.

Closet and safety box

The closest in master bedroom.

The safety box and drawer were inside.

The safety box is standard type. But I didn't know how to lock it, so I set a number every time I closed it.

Closet in second room. There was no closet in the smallest room.

Kitchen and minibar

The room has kitchen facilities with stove and oven. There are also dishes and cooking utensils. Coffee, tea, sugar and milk were prepared at mini bar space. They provide six bottles of water in a day.

Cafe in hotel

There was no restaurant in the hotel, there was a café where you can eat snacks.  Because it was a self-service cafe, I did not feel it like a hotel cafe.

The seating space was spacious.

There are some seating space in the lobby too.

Hotel facilities

It looks business space. There were three Mac PCs, but that couldn't be turned on.

Rest space in front of the business space.

Fitness gym.

Outdoor swimming pool

There is one pool of 25 meters. I did not see many people swimming during my stay.

10 of beach bed are at the pool side. We saw only few people were at the pool side.

Hotel surroundings

It was convenient because there was convenience store and ATM just nearby the hotel. We hope it had some restaurant around there so that we didn’t have to go outside to have dinner. I think it is no problem even if walking alone for women because it is safe as there were a lot of tourist even at night.  The only things inconvenient was there was not many taxi.


It was around 40 minutes by taxi from the airport. It is an inconvenient place to come by train or bus. It takes about 11 minutes walking from the train station. In Bangkok, we always went out by taxi because it was cheap, but we realized that it would be more convenient if it’s closer to the station.


Most of the staffs are kind. When I called the concierge to ask new towel but no one came a few hours, I had to call again. I thought the other staff is unskillful in service.

It was surprised some staffs couldn’t speak even English well, as I thought every hotel staffs could speak English in this international city.


Mostly the guests are young couple or business passenger. I did not see much of groups and families.


How was Shama Lake View Asok?

Honestly, we might not post good review. The staffs were not very attentive as they didn’t come until we called several times for new towel. And when we found some water leak from the air conditioner at 3 am and reported them, they didn’t take care well. It was disappointed. I always felt the lighting in the hotel room was dark, as it was difficult for making up. The room was too simple and it was not worth for a price.

I realized that the location is much more important in staying in Bangkok. Even the taxi is cheap here, taking train could save more time. I would choose the hotel which is nearer train station if I have an opportunity to come to Bangkok next time.

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