Jinchen Hotel

  • Room Type : Street View Double Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2

I chose “Jinchen Hotel” because the person who stayed in the same room recommended this hotel. He stayed at this hotel before and told that it was in the centre of Shanghai and the price was reasonable. It is a business hotel, but the room has enough space, I can see greenery from the hotel, and it seemed to have a great atmosphere around the hotel, and there is a coffee shop next to the hotel. I saw the reviews on a booking site and some people said it was deteriorating over time, but it was refurbished a couple of years ago and was beautiful now.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and the reception!

The hotel building is a European style which retains the character from during the period of the International Settlement, but you can’t see it well except Winter because the leaves of plane trees cut off the view. You can use a cafe or a drug store next to the hotel as a mark.

The doorman was sometimes at the entrance, but you need to carry your luggage by yourself.

Ground Floor Elevators. You can see the decoration of lots of leaves of plane tree on the ceiling.

The reception counter is on the second floor. The counter is in front of the elevator.

The reception counter is small.

Here it is! There was lots of decoration of the leaves of plane tree in the hotel.

Room floor Elevators

Room floor corridor

What is the Street View Double Room like?

The entrance door. You can open it with your card key.

The room was small, but I didn’t feel cramped as the ceiling was high. I thought bare essential furniture and amenities were efficiently placed in the room.

There is a washstand on your right, a bathtub and a shower on your left when you step into the room. The bedroom is in the back of the room.

The window is the same height as the ceiling and the room is like an apartment in Paris. It is based on white, but the headboard of the bed and the emerald green of the cushion are accented. The pattern of the wallpaper is also modern.

There is a door between the bathroom and the bedroom, but if you stay in the room with someone and one of them are using the bathroom, the other can't get out of the room.

The bed was a little bit soft for me, but I was able to fall soundly asleep till the next morning. There was a plug socket on the left side table and it was convenient.


A desk and chair

The view from the room. It is almost covered with leaves.


A bathtub

It seemed that the plug in the bathtub didn’t fit tightly, and I was not able to fill the bathtub with hot water. Unfortunately, I couldn’t soak in the bath.

There is a rain shower and a removable shower in the shower room. It was easy to adjust the temperature, and the water pressure was enough.

A toilet with bidet function

The washstand

There is shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, a shower cap, toothbrush sets, combs and a bar of soap by the sink. They are Chinese manufacturer called LEOXAO and the smell was nice.

Dental kits and combs

If you use the amenity, it will be restocked on the next day.

The sink

A hair Dryer. I couldn't adjust the air volume.

Closet & Safety box

A doorless closet

Slippers, Shoe-polishing, Hair dryer

The safety box is on the shelf in the closet. You need to reset before you use it and set the PIN.

Inside the safety box

Coffee station

There is an electric kettle, two cups and glasses.

Instant coffee with sugar and cream, tea bags, wooden disposable stir sticks are prepared.

There are two bottles of free water.

A fridge

There is nothing in the fridge, so you can put anything you want.

Area around the hotel

It is a quaint area around the hotel because of the streets lined with plane trees and historical buildings. It is a convenient area for shopping and there are many cafes, so it is always busy especially on weekends. There is a cinema which has the oldest history in Shanghai and was reused the building from during the period of the International Settlement nearby.

Fuxing Park which is a place for relaxation and refreshment for locals is a 10-minute walk from the hotel. It is a great place to take a walk on a sunny day. There are fashionable spots like Xintiandi and Tianzifang nearby, too. A convenient store was a 3-minute walk from the hotel.


I went to the city by linear motor car from the airport because I wanted to try it. The cost is 50 yuan for a one-way ticket and 80 yuan for a round ticket which is valid for 7 days. You can pay it by credit card. It takes only 10 minutes to Longyang Road Station which is the terminal station in the city. There were lots of vacant seats, so you will be able to take a small luggage to the seat with you instead of placing it in the luggage storage area. I didn’t want to negotiate with a taxi driver, so I used subways from the Longyang Road Station. We took line 2, changed subways to line 1 at the People’s Square Station and get off at the South Shaanxi Road station. You can get to the hotel in about 5 minutes on foot from Exit 4 of the South Shaanxi Road station. The hotel is on the Huaihai Middle Road, but it is banned to park a car even for getting on and off on this road, so you might be dropped off at a nearby intersection.

There are lots of high-end clothing shops and shopping malls on the Huaihai Middle Road, so it is very convenient for shopping. There are two subway stations within 5 minutes' walk from the hotel, and each station has several lines, so it is very convenient to go other areas of Shanghai.

Staff & Guests

The staff members kept an appropriate distance from the guests. They were not so friendly, but they handled in a businesslike way and we didn’t have any problem. However, it would have been nice if the hotel prepared 2 key cards before we asked because we booked a hotel with 2 people.

I was able to communicate with staff members in English without problems. Even if there is a doorman at the entrance, he only opens and closes the door, so you need to catch a taxi and tell a driver the destination by yourself. You had better install a translation app on your mobile and use it if you need it.

I saw lots of business people and families in the hotel. We tried to extend our stay, but it was fully booked, and we couldn’t do it. There should have been lots of guests in the hotel, but we didn’t see many.


It was nice to stay at this hotel and I would like to recommend it to my friends and family. The hotel offers minimum service to keep the cost down, but I didn’t expect too much as I knew that it reflected our accommodation fee. There are some inconveniences such as the road in front of the hotel is forbidden to get on and off a taxi, and the usage of the safety box is a little bit complicated than usual, but I think they are not big problems.

I didn’t feel the facilities in the hotel was old because of the refurbishment. The colour tone and the atmosphere in the hotel was unified and I was able to relax. It is also close to the subway station. I personally think that the high ceiling is the best part of this hotel. I won’t recommend this hotel to those who need help from staff members or those who want to enjoy staying at the hotel (not just for sleeping).

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