Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers

  • Room Type : Harbor View Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

"Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers" is close to Victoria Harbor in Kowloon and is located in a convenient place along Nathan Road. From the hotel, you can see the Victoria Harbor and you can access to the hotel with 5 minutes on foot from MTR Tsunwan line Tsim Sha Tsui station and 4 minutes on food from West Rail line East Tsim Sha Tsui station. You can also enjoy shopping at Sogo department next to the hotel. Various services and facilities are available; 6 restaurants and bars, a fitness gym, and outdoor pool.

Hotel exterior : Check the entrance and front desk!

The hotel is located on Nathan Road which is crowded with a lot of tourists. The hotel looks old because the building was built in 1974.

However, the interior seems to be new as it was renovated. The ceiling of the entrance is high and looked luxurious with the Sheraton emblem.

The lobby is like a huge hall with open ceiling space. The wide spiral staircase is elegant and it looked like one from a castle. There is a computer area on the right side, there is a restaurant on the left side.

The reception space is large and there are several staff available.

There is a sofa in the front side lobby and you can sit slowly until the arrival of the pick up.

Harbor view room

Let's head to the guest room immediately after checking in!

This is how the harbor view room looks like.

The bedroom has a king size bed, a lounge chair, and ottoman by the window.

There is a TV set on the wall with a working desk, a bottle of champagne as welcome drink, and fruit on the shelf.

Some cute chocolates are also served as a part of campaign which makes a guest feel good.

The room is not too small but large enough. The furniture and the interior are new, well cleaned, and beautiful.

Newly renovated Bathroom

The bathroom is also renovated and new.

The washbasin is made of glass. A part of the bedroom's wall is made of glass and it gives the room an open feeling. However, the sink easily causes water to splash. There is no space to put things at the bathroom. If you want to, it is probably beneath the sink.

For Japanese, that the bathtub and the washing area are separated. And it is very beautiful.

Travel amenities

There are travel amenities under the sink. We have toothbrush, comb, nail file, shaving set and mouthwash.

There are a shampoo conditioner and a body soap in the shower room.

Coffee set in the room

There is coffee set in the cupboard below the TV .

There are cups, instant drip coffee, rich tea bags, and snacks.

There are also a lot of drinks in the refrigerator.

Closet & Safety Box

In the closet, hangers are hanging and you can put several coats and clothes.

There is also a safety box.

View from the harbor view room

From the big window, Victoria Harbor can be seen well.

Because Intercontinental Hong Kong is built between the hotel and Victoria Harbor, you cannot enjoy the whole view but the night view is also very beautiful.


The cafe is an all-day dining in a buffet style. I had breakfast here.

In the colorful restaurant, there are plenty of seats.

There are a lot of different kinds of cereals, freshly baked bread, fresh juice, rice, and noodles ; in both Western style and Asian style.

Everything tastes delicious.

Chinese cuisine Tenbokaku is authentic Chinese cuisineand you can enjoy dim sum, vegetables and meat dishes, and Chinese tea. The interior decoration is elegant and refined.

Unkai is a Japanese restaurant. You can enjoy traditional Osaka cuisine and fine sake.

Here you can choose dining area such as teppanyaki counter, sushi bar, private room and tatami room.

The lobby lounge on the lobby level is perfect for a break or a meeting.

Coffee, tea, snacks are prepared.

Enjoy night view at Sky lounge

There is the Sky Lounge on the 17th floor of the hotel. This lounge is divided into 4 areas, each with their own unique interior and you can enjoy a view of Victoria Harbor while drinking delicious cocktails and wines.

There are many kinds of wines arranged in wine dispensers.

The ZEN lounge seats are relaxing in the calm space.

You can overlook Victoria Harbor from the window on one side of the wall.

You can also eat fresh oysters at the adjacent Oyster & Wine Bar.

Fitness club & outdoor pool

There is an outdoor pool on the 18th floor of the hotel. The deck chairs are lined up so you can spend a relaxing time.

There are three hot water jacuzzis.

Exercising is also possible with a fitness gym where the latest equipments such as treadmills and aero bikes are available. There is also a sauna in the club.


It is a 35-minute drive from Hong Kong International Airport and a free shuttle bus to and from Kowloon Station is also convenient if you use Airport Express.

It is a 5-minute walk from MTR Tsunwan line Tsim Sha Tsui station and a 4-minute walk from West Rail line East Tsim Sha Tsui station.

You can go shopping at the adjacent SOGO, K11 and 1881 Heritage that are located within a walking distance. There are also many restaurants around the hotel. Taxis are also convenient for sightseeing spots as well as MRT and bus.

Staff & Customers

The reception staff are polite and pleasant. We asked the concierge to reserve a restaurant and ask the shops, and they responded pleasantly. Guests are mainly families and couples.


How was the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Tower? The building is old, but the refurbished room is very beautiful, and the welcome wine service of the limited-time campaign prepared in the room was delightful. A fulfilling restaurant and outdoor pool allow you to spend a comfortable hotel life with a good atmosphere. However, when entering the entrance from the street everywhere has become a staircase of several stages so it was tough when I had to carry it. If you arrive by walking with a suitcase, it is good to turn to the roundabout where the car enters. If you would like to receive better quality hospitality, stay in the Towers room. It is recommended as a super convenient hotel to enjoy sightseeing, shopping and night view of Hong Kong.

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