Sheraton Princess Kaiulani

  • Room Type : Room City View
  • Stay Nights : 5 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I stayed at "Sheraton Princess Kaiulani" on a tour of JAL tour package. The tour lounge of JAL is in the hotel of Hyatt Regency and it is a building next to this hotel, so it is convenient. Also It is convenient, near Waikiki Beach, T Galleria, International Shopping Center, Macy's, Waikiki Beach Walk etc. within walking distance. There are outside pool and fitness center.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

This is the hotel which is surrounded by palm trees and feels Hawaiian resort.

Front of the entrance there is car stoped space for pick-up or drop- off.

The entrance.

This is another entrance on the car stopped side. Bellboy can help you to carry luggage.

Front desk. Check-in time is at 1:00 PM , but we arrived at 12:00, and we could check-in already. They corresponded very good. There were lots of guests during the day, and line sometimes, but there were the number of counters and we couldn't take long time.

There were many people especially in the lobby during the day, and it was always crowded.

Except for crowded time, lobby was very fashionable and relaxing space.

Also, there is a painting by Princess Kaiulani at the entrance and the front side, I feel tradition and sense.

1st floor Elevator hall

The city view room

I stayed in the city view room

Entrance door.

Although we are going to play outside all day and the hotel only come back to sleep, so we are not worry about the view from room, and also we decided to stay in a clean and comfortable room anyhow reasonably. But this room was satisfied very much better than I imagined.

I felt that the height of the bed was a bit high, but it was very good as a comfortable bed. The bed itself was big, the cushion was too soft and not too hard, it was very comfortable.

As impression of the whole room I felt comfortable simplicity without waste. Regarding the size of the room, even if we spread out two larger suitcases, we had enough space and it was satisfactory.

Hawaii information magazines etc. are put.

The Bathroom Cleanliness

The bathroom was very clean, and I was satisfied with the minimum necessary bath amenities such as shampoo, conditioner and soap.

Because it was a room after the renovation it was with a rain shower and a hand shower. However, the water pressure of the shower was very weak. Although it seems to be common in overseas hotels, it seems that the water pressure is weak so far out of the acceptable range this shower.

For other than water pressure, the size of the bathtub is satisfactory and I think that drainage was good.

Toilet in bathroom

Supplement toilet paper and towels

There is a hairdryer.

Bath Amenities was shampoo, conditioner and soap. Since there was no body soap, body cream, etc., I think it is better to bring these if you need them. Slippers and toothbrushes are request needs to contact the front desk if necessary. Also, regarding towels, we had for 2 people this time but we had prepared for 3 people every day. About toilet paper and tissues, basically we were supplementing new things everyday.

The Closet and Safety Box

There were multiple hangers in the closet.

There was a safety box on the high closet so it was hard for me to take thing in and out with a height of 150 cm of me . I was able to push the password, but when putting in and out the stuff, I moved the chair that was in the room, I took on there and put it in and it felt a little inconvenient.

The mini bar/ Cafe corner

There was a coffee machine in the room. When we used, the housekeeper replenishes coffee everyday. (3 packs) In addition, we can also get 500ml bottle of water the number of guests every day.  This was a very good service for me because I did not have to buy water during the stay.

There is also a refrigerator.

The View from the balcony

The room has a balcony.

There are two chairs on the balcony.

It was a bit disappointing at the 8th floor parking view rather than the city view because we booked without specifying the room at JALPACK this time.  In the evening, noise such as the sound of cars became a little curious, but maybe it is a tolerance range. If you are in front of beautiful scenery such as ocean view, I think that you could relax slowly.

The outside pool in the hotel

There is a private pool in the hotel courtyard. It seemed to be popular among families with children in a large oval shape pool.

Beach towels can be rented by presenting the room key at the poolside reception.

There were many beach chairs on the poolside, and there were many guests relaxing relaxingly.

There are also some cabanas with stylish sofas and tables, and it seems that they can be used for free with SPLASAH BAR on the pool side for buying over $ 100.

Waikiki Beach From the hotel

The hotel doesn't face the beach, but you can go to Waikiki Beach in about 5 minutes on foot. The guests can take beach service and hotel staff seems to distribute water and fruits twice from 10 o'clock to 14 o'clock on Waikiki Beach every day. This seems to be a free service as it is included in resort fee. Such services seem to distinguish guests by marking beach chairs and beach towels that are rented at the hotel.

When the weather is nice, the sea transparency of Waikiki Beach is also high. You can also see a beautiful sunset.

The restaurant in the hotel

There is a restaurant called Pikake Terrace in the hotel.

It is open for breakfast buffet from 6: 00-11: 00 in the morning and dinner from 17: 30-21: 00 at night. In the breakfast buffet, the chef made omelets in front of me and the variety of Viking cuisine was also abundant and it looked delicious.

Splash bar is on the poolside.

Many people are crowded as night goes on. Not even take a alcohol, you enjoy only drinks or snacks also would be okay.

The Facilities in the hotel

The fitness center is open 24 hours on the second floor of Ainahau Tower, and the business center is available in the sister hotels Sheraton Waikiki, not in the hotel.

The Hotel surroundings

Very good location. In the surrounding area there are also major hotels of Hyatt Regency, Moana Surfrider, Outrigger and Royal Hawaiian and Waikiki Area, and you can feel free to visit each hotel’s bar and restaurant.

There is a cafe named Aloha Coffee Company along Kalakaua Street just outside the hotel. Of course we also sold coffee, Acai bowl and smoothies etc. Light snacks such as bagels are also sold and it was convenient as it is vacant early in the morning. There are also sister stores of the ABC store called Hawaiian casuals, and we have grocery goods and beach goods that we used everyday.

It is convenient to move because there are rental bikes in town.

Queens Surf Beach.

Some people enjoy volleyball on the beach side.

Kuhio Beach.

Hula show is held free at Kuhio Beach Park.

Kapaflu Pia.

In the evening sunset and palm trees are very beautiful.

It is highly recommended for those interested in art in Honolulu. Access to the Honolulu museum is possible with The bus and trolley bus.

There is Whole Foods market, and it is fun even if you watch organic products with lots of huge supermarkets.

Access to the hotel from airport

It was around 30 minutes by taxi from the airport to the hotel. The hotel faces Kalakaua Road and feels very convenient. Also Kuhio Street is on the other side of the hotel, As the International Market Place was refurbished and the number of shops such as Nordstrom rack also increased, so there was lots of traffic and people around the hotel at night.

Both the trolley bus stop along Kalakaua Avenue and The bus stop along Kuhio Street were close to the hotel and it was good to go anywhere you go.

There are also a lot of rental bikes in the city so you can enjoy cycling.

Staff & Customers

Hotel staff is kind. Basically it was communication in English, but it was easy corresponded with checking in and checking out. In addition, because I was delivering a baggage to the hotel this time, I went to Belldesk to pick up the baggage, but in that case it was kept in order in the shelves in the desk, and furthermore. Then Bellman help to carry it with me to the room, it was a very great correspondence.

There was Japanese staff at the JAL Pack Aloha Lounge and Bell Desk next to the hotel lobby so it was okay in Japanese. Guests think that overall there were many Japanese. Many airline staff were also seen. The age group was various, such as family, couple (feeling like honeymoon) etc. It seems that those who came by tour were also staying, and in the lobby, groups of customers were also seen like everyday.

Summary of Sheraton Princess Kaiulani

Despite its location in the center of Waikiki, I think that the accommodation fee is reasonable and a perfect hotel. After refurbishing, the facilities and the guestrooms were upgraded, and we felt good high cost performance, such as the unique service I can not experience it elsewhere. Since there are various free services included in resort fee such as beach chair and Go-Pro rental, beach fruit & water service, we recommend ask about these at check-in. You can also feel Hawaiian’s roots and culture unique to this hotel, bearing the name of Princess Kaiulani. On the wall of the reception at the lobby, a collage of dynasty-period photographs was laid out, an exhibition room telling a history was established around it, a portrait of Princess Kaiulani was decorated, exhibits were substantial. It was a hotel that we want to stay again by all means if there is opportunity to go to Hawaii.

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