Sheraton Waikiki

  • Room Type : City View Twin Room
  • Stay Nights : 5 nights
  • Stay Num : 7 people

This hotel "Sheraton Waikiki" is a popular hotel for Japanese tourists. because it has staff who can speak Japanese and the location conditions are good. I decided to go to Hawaii with my family on vacation. This travel member are grandparents and elementary school children. I thought it is safer to have Japanese speaking staff. The hotel is in the center of Waikiki, there are lots of shopping malls and roadside shops around the hotel, it is convenient for shopping. And the stop of the trolley is nearby, we can move comfortably without walking around. I thought it was good for the elderly and children traveling. Also, there are restaurants, clothes, miscellaneous goods, souvenirs, Lawson and other shops in the hotel , I thought that they could shop quickly and be comfortable.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

There was also a big luxury hotel in the center of Waikiki, the palm trees at the entrance were lined with wind, the atmosphere of the southern country was very nice.

The entrance is spacious. There is a coffee shop, there are people who are resting on the sofa and it is an open space.

A statue of a turtle at the entrance of the hotel. It is often used for meetings such as tours, transfer and limo here.

There was an electronic panel at the entrance which can check hotel information and surrounding facilities.

Around the front desk. There is also a concierge desk.

You can also book tours and recommend restaurants at the concierge desk.

The front desk is spacious. I am relieved because there are Japanese-ready staff.

State of hotel lobby

The graund floor elevator hall is spacious. There is a button on the middle table. There are 12, so I will pick you up without waiting.

Eight of the elevators had different mat designs and I was looking forward to opening the elevator doors every time.

Inside the elevator. There was a button panel on the left and right of the door. On the monitor, the hotel guidance was flowing.

Elevator Inner floor button panel

The guest room floor elevator hall is also very spacious and comfortable. There is an elevator button in the middle of the hall.

It is a button of the guest room floor elevator hall. When calling an elevator, it is the button below. On the top, please be careful not to push it as it is an emergency button at the time of fire.

In the elevator hall of the hotel floor there was a television monitor, and the hotel guidance was flowing.

In the guest room floor corridor, there were pictures that look like tropical landscapes around here.

There was a sofa that can rest for a while in the guest room floor corridors.

Room floor corridor

The state of the corridor near the guest room. Because it is a big hotel, the guest room floor corridor is complicated like a maze and it was narrow. I got lost a little.

The City view Twin room

Room entrance door

When you hold the room card key, the door is unlocked.

When entering the room there was a closet on the right side and a bathroom on the left side. The whole-room mirror was installed in the bathroom door.

The room was twin room, spacious and had a feeling of cleanliness. Even if I extended the suitcase, I had enough space and it was easy to pack what I shopped.

There was a TV opposite the bed. I felt a little small.

Two double beds were installed. The bed was just using a low rebound "Sheraton Sweet Sleeper" mat, it was soft and reasonably hard and I could sleep comfortably with low back pain as well.

There was a desk and a chair between the bed and the bed. There was a mobile small table under the desk, I was able to draw out and use it. There were fixed telephone, memo set, alarm, cafe corner etc. above the desk. There was a tablet so it was convenient to use the internet.

A view of the guest room as seen from the veranda side

The Bathroom

The bathroom was clean, comfortable with reasonable size. There was a basin in the right side , a toilet in the front, and a bathtub on the left.

There was also a towel hook on the bathroom door.

The bathtub is shallow, but it can be used.

The water pressure of the shower was satisfactory, the temperature of the hot water was stable, and it was comfortable. It was very convenient because you can change the position of the shower head.

The toilet was also cleane. The flow of water was good and it was comfortable.

The basin was spacious and clean. The mirror was big, even two adults used enough.

On the washbasin there was facial soap.

Other bath amenities were also provided on the washbasin. There was a shampoo, conditioner, body lotion. Sheraton original · bath amenity "le grand bain" series. It is said to be refreshing citron, perennial vetiver, organic aloe and vitamins mixed and fragrance-free and paraben free. I did not have a body soap and a toothbrush, so I bought it locally store. Although I learned later, it seems that a toothbrush can be got if you said to the front desk.

There were 4 bath towels. It was water absorbing with a thick towel and it felt very good.

There was also a hair dryer. Wind power was also sufficient.

The Closet and Safety Box

The closet was on the right side we entered the room.

The inside of the closet was large and there was enough space to put on clothes.

In the closet, there was a hanger · iron and ironing board · Bible · safety box etc.

A part inside the closet was a shelf, and a safety box was installed on that shelf.

In the safety box, if you enter the four digits of your choice and press the LOCK button, the lock will be applied.

Inside, because it was narrow, I could not insert a lot. If you press a 4-digit number when locked, you can unlock it and open it.

The Mini bar / cafe

There was a cafe corner on the desk between the beds. There was a coffee maker, two bottles of water , Kona coffee, tea at the cafe corner. Kona coffee was very delicious and I drank it every morning. Every morning, I was able to walk on the beach with drinking coffee. I also have saved the time of going to a coffee shop.

There was a small bar corner at the corner of the room. There were two glasses and Ice pale.

There was a refrigerator under the bar corner.

There was nothing in the refrigerator. The freezer was not on.

The view from the room

There was a veranda in the guest room.

The veranda is spread. There was one table and two chairs. You can also dry swimsuits and the like.

The city view from the 8th floor was not very good.

There were lots of hotels in the surroundings and it was messed up.

Room of the city view, but we were able to see the ocean a little from the balcony.

The Restaurant and the shop in the hotel

There was a restaurant & bar "RumFire" in the hall.

"RumFire". It seems that you can enjoy delicious dinner, rum and cocktails.

"RumFire" is adjacent to the poolside.

On the first floor of the hotel there was a restaurant called "KAI MARKET". It seems that you can enjoy a buffet style cuisine.

In "KAI MARKET" you can enjoy your meal while watching the blue shining Waikiki Beach.

There was a pizza restaurant "HAPAS PIZZA" in front of the first floor Infinity Edge Pool.

There was Japanese restaurant "Yoshiya", too.

There was also "Honolulu coffee".

There was "Lawson".

This is alcohol corner in "Lawson"

Souvenir corner in "Lawson"

The souvenir section was very fulfilling.

There was also a rice ball section inside "Lawson"!

"The Cookie Corner"


"Martin & MacArthur"

Ukulele shop

The Facilities in the hotel

Speaking of "Sheraton Waikiki", infinity pool is famous. You can enter while watching the ocean. A floating ring like a yellow cushion floated in the pool, it was free to use, it was very comfortable. This is for adults only. Towels can also be borrowed, so I asked the staff at the pool side and borrowed it. Towels can also be taken to the beach and when you finish using it you can put it in a box on the side of the pools.

The infinity pool is located just a few feet below the sea level, so you can feel the pool and the ocean continue. I was soaked relaxedly while watching the spectacular views of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, so I was able to spend time unique to the resort and I was healed very much.

There were a lot of deck chairs on the poolside. You can also order drinks.

This is a pool for kids. Pool for kids is wide, slider is attached, and I heard the children's fun voice from the pool. It was lighted up at night.

On the first floor of the hotel there was a reservation desk for the spa in the hotel.

On the 4th floor of the hotel there was also a fitness center that is available 24 hours a day. Guests can use the room key for free access.

On the first floor of the hotel there was a computer that could use ATM and the Internet.

There were several public phones installed on the floor of the conference room on the 2nd floor of the hotel.

There was a water dispenser next to the public phone. You can put water in a glass or plastic bottle.

There was a smoking area outside the conference room floor. You can also go upstairs from the pool side.

Smoking place ashtray

This ashtray had a different shape.

The hotel surroundings environment

Waikiki Beach is spreading in front of the hotel. We could see the view of Waikiki Beach which is picturesque because there is a diamond head on the left side. It was a summer vacation period, so it was very crowded during the day.

It is the best to take an elegant walk while looking at the sea.

The waves were high on this day, occasionally the wave splash came to the boardwalk.

Front of the hotel, there is "Royal Hawaiian Center" which is one of the largest shopping centers in Hawaii and it was the best location for shopping.

"Honolulu cookie" and "ABC store" in "Royal Hawaiian center".

"Royal Hawaiian Center" also had "Dean & Deluca".

Staff & Customers

The staff of the hotel was very kind to everyone. We were slow in the room in the morning, the housekeeper was coming early ,so i told her please come back later, and she responded with a smile. I am relieved because they deal kindly.

I feel that the age ranges from 20s to 70s customer. I felt that there are many families with children and older people. It is an atmosphere that seems to be good for families rather than for young people. There were many Japanese. Many people in Europe, the US and China also came.

Access to the hotel from airport

It is easy to access from the airport. This time we took a hotel shuttle from / to the travel company and moved the hotel from the airport, it was around 20 to 30 minutes. The hotel is the center of Waikiki, there were plenty of shopping centers and restaurants, and it crowded late into the night. Although the security is also good, since the shops in the surroundings are closed at around 23’clock, most people will go back to hotel after that.

Access is outstanding! There are so many store and restaurant, so you can enjoy without inconvenience. There is also a trolley station soon, so it is very convenient for sightseeing in Hawaii.

Summary of Sheraton Waikiki

“Sheraton Waikiki” is located in the center of Waikiki and is highly recommended for shopping, restaurants and beaches around the hotel! There is no problem anyway so you can stay comfortably in Hawaii. Many staff in the hotel can speak Japanese. I think that people who are not good at English can spend peacefully. In addition, it seems that a doctor corresponding to Japanese also resides at the hotel, so we were able to stay at ease. The infinity pool was the best, I was able to spend luxurious time with the best location.

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