Sotetsu Hotels The Splashill Soul Myondong

  • Room Type : Executive Twin Room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

"Sotetsu Hotels The Splasil Soul Myeongdong" was chosen because it is in Myeong-dong, being a 4 star hotel but cheap. I was looking for a hotel close to Myeongdong station, but I already found this hotel because there was no vacant room with full booking. As I looked at the picture, the hotel looked beautiful and the access seemed to be good. Unfortunately we could not use this time, but it was also attractive to have room with LINE Friends room called LINE popular character.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

It is fashionable with a modern appearance.

As the night comes, the sign on the hotel rooftop will be covered with lights, so it is easy to understand even from afar.

There is a sign of the hotel on the entrance.

The sign on the entrance also comes with electricity at night.

The entrance was a double door.

There was an entrance mat with a hotel name in the entrance.

As I entered the entrance, a very big LINE friends' character Brown welcomed me and the tension went up.

There is a front desk on the right side entrance. The front desk on the right side was OK even in Japanese.

There was a hotel sign at the back of the front desk.

Lighting is also wonderful.

State of the lobby

Next to the lobby there is a restaurant "Marcelle", so it seems like you can have tea in the lobby.

View from lobby. Bamboo was planted around the hotel, and it was very beautiful at night with a light.

Front Floor Elevator Hall

Elevator inner floor button panel. Brown and Sally stickers on the 14th floor with LINE friends room!

When I get off the elevator on the 14th floor with LINE friends room, LINE friends character will welcome you. Unfortunately we could not stay in this room this time, but I'd like to try staying on this floor next time.

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

Executive Twin Room

The key to the room was the card key.

Card key socket. The rooms are air-conditioned.

Room felt a little narrow. You can not pass through a suitcase unless you can open it with half the wall. The room was bright and beautiful, with pictures decorated on the bed. It is a calm impression with interior decoration with unified feeling using timber.

The bed was comfortable and I soon got to sleep. Although I was a typhoon during my stay, I could not hear the sound of the wind, too.

There was a desk and a chair just next to the bed and the window, but if the twin beds are not clinging, we can not sit in the chair. There was a bench (luggage table) beside the desk.

Desk and chair. Because there was no mirror in the bedroom, I thought that it would have been better if there was a mirror around the desk.

There was also a TV set opposite the bed. It was a refreshing feeling with wall hanging style.

View from the room


Immediately on entering the bathroom, there was a hinoki bathtub on the right side, with a nice scent of cypress. The bathtub was on the immediate side of the wall across the wall, so I thought it would be better if I left a little more.

It was a bit disappointing that the bathtub was rather narrow with a square shape and I could not stretch my legs. But I often walk in Korea and there are many slopes so it was nice to have a bath tub. I can relax and get tired.

Apart from the bathtub, there was also a shower room. The shower head was big, but it was water pressure and somewhat unsatisfactory feeling. The operation method is the same as in Japan.

The toilet was a washlette type.

There was a wash basin on the opposite side of the bathtub, on the left side as soon as I entered the bathroom. The washstand was also clean, but I did not know how to open the drain valve, and I struggled to drain the water.

Amenity was prepared on the sink. Amenity included shampoo, conditioner, body soap, soap, tooth brush set, comb and vanity kit etc. If I used a toothbrush set on the first day, I changed on the next day new article. It is very hard to bring cosmetics etc. It is saved if there is something you can save. I thought that it would be convenient if there was lotion and milky lotion.

Towels / hair drier was also prepared under the sink.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was an open closet on the left immediately after entering the entrance. Several hangers were prepared.

A gown was also prepared here. The gown feels good on the skin.

There was also slippers under the open closet.

The safety box was in the second drawer of the desk. It was of the type that sets the PIN number.

Mini bar / cafe

There was also a cafe corner. Electric kettle · glass 2 guest · 2 coffee cup · instant coffee and tea bag etc were prepared. The electric kettle soon boiled. However, the coffee was too thin or too hot. Korea has many cafes and coffee is delicious, but it was a bit disappointing that if it is a little better ...

A refrigerator was also installed.

Inside the refrigerator

Restaurants in the hotel

On the basement floor there was a buffet style restaurant called "SOM - C".

"SOM - C" seems to be able to have a Korean style buffet. It seems that it is open only for breakfast and lunch.

There was also an Italian restaurant called "Marcelle" on the first floor.

At "Marcelle" you can have Italian cuisine at dinner time and it will be available as a cafe at tea time.

Facilities in the hotel

There was also a fitness center available for free 24 hours in the hotel.

A personal computer was installed in the lobby on the first floor. It seems to be available free of charge for 24 hours.

There was also an art gallery in the restaurant "SOM - C" on the basement floor. You can watch it for free.

There is a roof top bar on the rooftop of the hotel, which seems to be able to overlook the night view of Seoul, but when we stayed we could not go outside due to the typhoon. I would like to go there next time to come.

Hotel surroundings environment

It is a bit far from the road with a lot of traffic, so there was no concern about the noise of the car at all. There is not much popularity at night, but I think that I am relieved unless I walk alone. However, I hear that there are many pickpockets in Korea, so I think that attention is necessary.

Lotte Department Store

Bank of Korea Bank

Seoul Tower

Incheon Chinatown

Staff & Customers

The staff at the front desk was fluent in Japanese, we responded immediately as soon as I showed the reservation screen, and I was able to check in and pay smoothly. I clearly understood the checkout time, WiFi password, card key explanation. There was no inconvenience at all. When asking for a nearby map, I printed out the map and gave me directions. In Korea, it was almost the case to go out on the road and catch a taxi, but the staff really helped me by calling a taxi.

There were people in various countries in the hotel, but because Japanese were often flighting, I think that there were many Japanese. Also, I think that there were many Chinese people. Group guests such as families, couples, groups, young people were abundant.


From Incheon Airport take the limousine bus 6015 and get off at Namdaemun Market. I got there in one hour. When I got off the bus, I was relieved as I saw the hotel in front of me. Since there are not many cars on the road, it’s located 50 meters uphill through the basement. Next to the hotel there was a convenience store open 24 hours. Namdaemun Market and Myeong-dong are close, so we can walk on foot. Because of the typhoon this time I could not go to the Namdaemun market, but I would like to visit Namdaemun Market next time to use this hotel.

The nearest train station is about 10 minutes on foot.


It was nice to stay at this hotel. The hotel room was a bit narrow, but the cleaning was done properly, it was clean and clean, so we could spend comfortably. Transportation access was also preeminent. It is a 4 star but cheap! This is the most attractive. Amenity was enough, and mineral water was saved because we could receive one bottle of water a day. The bed was comfortable and I got up a little late in the morning of the second day and was able to refresh. I was thinking about overlapping the typhoon and stopping going, but fortunately it stopped raining from the afternoon of the second day and enjoyed my trip to Korea. Next time, when I visit Korea, I would like to use this hotel again.

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