Stay Hotel Waikiki

  • Room Type : Boutique Queen Room (2F)
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose based on simple stay and location without placing an emphasis on services such as hotel accommodation. I decided on this hotel in terms of convenience for shopping and using the bus , and also it is close to the beach. because the service and the interior decoration of the room and the any amenity which who usually ask for hotel are unnecessary expenses for me. there are major hotels around and tour company and meeting place are near, that's why it was easy to make a schedule freely on this area.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

This is the exterior of the hotel. This hotel is relatively small. Because it is a convenient location to Waikiki Beach in about 3 minutes on foot, there were also many surfers.

The entrance has barrier-free slopes and stairs.

Flowers and small ponds were being carefully cleaned.

The reception counter. I could borrow floating and towels here.

View the lobby

There is a comfortable chair in the lobby being shaken by the wind.

There is also a cafe bar in the lobby.

With syrup of various flavors for coffee.

What's guest room? "boutique queen room"

Take the elevator to the room.

Proceed through the corridor outside.

There is a big bed in the Queen Room and there is enough space around so I was able to spread suitcases and so on.

I thought that the lighting in the room might be dark only by the bed side and the stand next to the refrigerator, but it was not so uncomfortable.

There is a queen size bed. It is not too hard, not too soft, just right. There are two pillows on each side. It is sufficiently large alone. I could sleep soundly.

Bathroom and amenities

The bathroom is a large bathtub with a shower together. However, because the plug was no effect, It couldn't keep filling hot water.

The water pressure of the shower was satisfactory level. Shampoo and body soap are equipped.

There is a basin next to the bathtub. There are not a toothbrush or other bath amenites.

The toilet are in bathroom.

The mini bar

There is a microwave oven and a coffee machine on the shelf. Also the refrigerator is located. There were various tea packs and instant coffee, so I was able to drink slowly in the room.

Closet and safety box

There is a closet that not so big. There is an iron, ironing board, and a large number of hanger. There is not a safety box.

Hotel facilities

There is a karaoke bar on the first floor, which opened from the evening.

I thought it is not like a restaurant but name was Wang Chung’s Restaurant. There is snacks and drinks vending machine in the lobby.

Staff & Customers

I arrived at the hotel around 10:00 in the morning and I couldn’t enter the room because it arrived too early, but they quickly kept my baggege. The morning staff was the same two women everyday, but it seems to be busy in the morning and the correspondence is the minimum feeling. However, when I was asking about FarmersMarket etc., they told me a lot of things with a smile, and even when I do not understand how to open the key of the room, they come to the room and tell me how to do. The customer base was various, including families, solo travelers, surfers and so on.

Computers,24-hours coffee and tea service in the lobby.

Access to the hotel from airport

Hotel access was good from airport both taxi and bus. You can come to this hotel about 10 minutes from the airport. There is a Sheraton Princess and Hyatt Hotel next to the hotel, so if you can get the shuttle bus and down near the hotel.

Walk from the hotel to Waikiki

All shopping centers along Waikiki Beach are attractive within walking distance. The bus No. 8 at the Ala Moana Shopping Center frequently goes to Kuhio Street, so there is nothing to worry about. There are two ABC marts within one minute of walking from the hotel, I was able to buy souvenirs even late at night or early in the morning. Even if you go out on any road, you can back to a bright road where there are people soon, so you can walk safely even if your return is later night.

Summary of Stay Hotel Waikiki Hotel

This hotel is just a simple hotel, not luxury, few restaurant, no special service, few amenities and so on, but the accommodation cost is suppressed. if you also want to save money and use it for other things, I think this hotel is the best hotel. The lobby is very quiet. there are no big group or group of tourists. I stayed alone, but any other guests also stayed alone and it was good hotel to stay alone. I was able to spend very relaxed. I want to stay again by all means.

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