Hotel Midtown Richardson

  • Room Type : 5th Floor Deluxe Double
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person
  • Shibuya in Taipei! If you want to enjoy in the city of young people!
  • The hotel is bigger than it looks, the stairwell is amazing!
  • There are lots of shops in the surroundings, so it is very convenient!

I stayed at the business hotel "Hotel Midtown Richardson" in Taipei, Taiwan. This hotel is located in the intersection of Ximen station in Ximen Town, a town of young people, and crowded with young people and businessmen on both day and night. I will introduce this hotel which is convenient for both sightseeing and business trip.

Hotel Midtown Richardson : Stylish glass wall exterior

Hotel exterior

The exterior is stylish and urban style with the black glass wall.

It lights up blue in the evening, it has a cool and luxurious impression. Front desks for check-in and check-out are placed on the different floors and that may be confusing.

This is the check-out counter on the first floor near the entrance. Simple and office-like design. Please keep in mind that you cannot do check-in here.

The check-in counter is on the 5th floor. It is bright and luxurious atmosphere here.

The check-in lobby feels like very euphoria and luxury and you will feel you can have a meaningfully stay here.

Hotel Midtown to Richardson : Deluxe Double Room

The entrance looks very cozy with the warm light. I felt that the door of the next room was close.

Entering the room, and you turn on the power by inserting the card key.

The rooms I reserved just for me was enough big for two people. The indirect lightings are set with perfect intervals and the light was warm, and that made the room very relaxing. I didn't feel it dark. It healed the tiredness of the trip.

The bed is queen size and it has enough room for two people. Bed making is perfect and there is a feeling of cleanliness. The bed feels a bit stiff but I was satisfied with it enough because there is a lot of space.

There is a telephone and an outlet on the side table of the bed. There are 3 holes in the insertion port and you can use it without a conversion plug.

Air conditioning was working well, but it was little cold.

Since the TV is hanged on the wall, it saves up useless space and gave the room a spacious impression.

There are a small table and a sofa on the window side. It's a perfect space for drinking something light after eating out.

There was a vertically long window in the room. Although it was enough big to look over at the city, we could not expect a perfect night view fro the 5th floor where we stayed. Look at the room at 360 ° Kuula7lvzz {width: 100%; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vw;}

Hotel Midtown Richardson : Glass wall shower room! No bathtub

There was a bathroom on the right side of the room.

The bathroom has a sink, a shower room, and a toilet.

There was no bathtub in the room.

There were two showers; fixed one and and removable one. I think the water pressure of the shower was enough strong.

The toilet was simple and beautiful. It was clean overall, enough stylish and luxurious.

Toothpaste set, T-shaped razor, cotton swab & cotton set, hair ties, and hair comb were placed on the washstand.

A solid soap, a small bottle conditioner, a body soap were lined up in front of the mirror.

Body soap and shampoo were placed in the shower room. Look at the bathroom at 360 ° Kuula 7 lvzy {width: 100%; height: 400 px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100 vw;

Hotel Midtown Richardson : Coffee and mini-bar in the room

There are 2 sets of cup and saucer and water bottles.Oolong tea, instant coffee and tea bag are available too. There is also an electric kettle for making hot water.

The inside was empty but a small refrigerator was equipped.

Hotel Midtown Richardson : Closet & Safety Deposit Box

There was no closet in the room but there was a space that two hangers could be put next to the inside of the room. The There is a possibility that the height is incomplete and the long coat can not be hanged straight.

There was a safety deposit box in the drawer.

There is no hotel midtown Richardson : No restaurant but breakfast buffet available in the hotel

There was no restaurant in the hotel, but breakfast buffet was available.

The breakfast venue is in the open ceiling space, surrounded by the guest rooms.

Breakfast can be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere with a sense of spacious.

The food is mainly Chinese, such as meat or sweet and sour pork, spring rolls, Shumai, and so on.

For the main, there were porridge, fried rice, pasta, bread, and many other options. There was a salad bar but vegetable dishes are few.

It would have been good if bananas and apples were more easy to pick as it was just piled up. There was only one option for dessert.

The taste of the main dish was ok. For drinks, you could have coffee, tea, orange juice, and other soft drinks. It would be great if foods and drinks had more varieties but it was enough satisfying.

Hotel Midtown Richardson : In front of Ximen station. Easy access!

From Songshan Airport to the hotel, it was a cheap and comfortable route just about 20 minutes by taxi. There are airport shuttle operated by the hotel and Airport shuttle that go from the airport to Ximen station, in front of hotel, and can take about 30 minutes. The hotel is convenient enough as it is in front of the Ximen station, in the center of Taipei city.

Hotel Midtown Richardson Hotel : Facilities and services

Rooms and halls have free WiFi but the speed was slow, so I used my mobile wifi.

WiFi ID and password are written in the card key. Besides, there is a laundry room at hotel and we can use for dry cleaning. Also, if you arrive at the hotel too early, you can leave your luggage at the front desk.

Hotel Midtown Richardson: There are lots of cafes and restaurants around the hotel

Ximen station is located by the intersection where the hotel is.

There are lots of people shopping and hanging out.

There are lots of cafes and restaurants, supermarkets, drug stores, and department stores around the hotel. Very convenient for shopping. You can access to the downtown easily.

Hotel Midtown Richardson : Summary

It was convenient for sightseeing because it is easy to go to downtown area because the station is nearby. You can go to other sightseeing spots or enjoy just being around the hotel; there are various ways of having good time there. The hotel has a stylish and modern atmosphere with luxury and charm. I feel that it is perfect in price-wise as I saw many young people staying here. There is also a convenience store which opens 24H on the first floor, so it is convenient as you can go there if you need something. I would like use this hotel for business too for using time effectively, if I have a chance in the future.

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