The Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat

  • Room Type : Garden Villa
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "The Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat" because of hot springs and the fact that there is a cave restaurant. When I want to enjoy a hot spring in Asia, I'd like to stay at a hot spring hotel, but the choices are small. This hotel villa where we stayed has a private hot spring outdoor bath and pool, and you can play how you can relax relaxingly enjoy the hot springs while watching the Ipoh's loving mountains. The hotel also has a cave restaurant serving as a chef at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore, where you can enjoy a meal in the lighted-up cave.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

Scenery around entrance

A typical Asian resort is a hotel-like atmosphere.

Water is stretched around the aisle and it is very relaxing.

I will ring this gong to go to the lobby.

The interior is unified in Old Wood and is full of Asian resort feeling.

There were a lot of sofas, chairs and tables in the surroundings of the front desk.

Before front desk

The Malaysians do not despair, so the staff are friendly and relaxing (there are also people who feel relaxed and feel stress).

There are no windows and doors, it is a building that used luxury space, so there is a very open feeling.

The plants are cleaned neatly.

This is also filled with water.

You can see the scenery with water from every part of the aisle, and the mind calms down.

Leave the building with the front desk and head towards the villa.

The road to the villa is also pleasant with lots of greenery.

There was a waterfall along the way.

Road around the villa

Room of garden villa?

Villa entrance

When entering the entrance of the villa, there is a private pool on the left side and an open air living room on the right side.

Private pool

There was a deck chair and a sun umbrella on the poolside. You can see the mountains with forest and Ipoh's atmosphere, the landscape is not in Japan, the view is the best. Butterflies come into the villa, and trees have something that adds flowers. You can enjoy the atmosphere like Asian resort.

The open-air living room is surrounded by greenery, the atmosphere is in nature.

Sofa area. Because it is open air, there is a feeling of opening unique to the villa.

There was a table and a chair.

View of the sofa side from the dining table side

Go straight ahead at the entrance of the villa and there is a door to the bedroom.

Bedroom entrance door

The bedroom can make the air conditioning firm.

Because the ceiling is high, I feel it widely. There was a ceiling fan also in the bedroom.

There is enough room to sleep 3 people in super king size, you can sleep comfortably. The mattress was also of fine quality, so I could sleep soundly.

There was also a TV set opposite the bed.

There was also a dresser.

There were also small windows on both sides of the bed.

Next to the TV there was a door to the bathroom.

The foot side of the bed is a one-sided door.

I saw the entrance door from the back of the bedroom


It looks at the door to hot spring open-air bath from one with shower room. When entering the bathroom there is a shelf with a washbasin and amenities on the front, a shower room and a toilet on the right side and a door to a hot spring open-air bath on the left (photo door).

Shower room and toilet on the right side entering the bathroom. The left door is a shower room and the right side is a toilet.

The shower room had two kinds of overhead shower and hand shower.

The water pressure is high enough, almost the same quality as Japan.

In the shower room, shampoo, conditioner, body soap was prepared. When shampoo of foreign hotel is used, it often happens that hair becomes Pasapasa, but shampoo and conditioner of this hotel were close to those of Japan.

There was even soap and sludge. Personally, the point was high, plain sand was put together with amenity such as shampoo.


Vanity top

Enter the bathroom and open the door on the left side, there is a hot spring open-air bath. There is a switch that becomes a jacuzzi in hot spring open-air bath, you can enjoy bubbles and enjoy. From the hot spring open-air bath side, you can see the mountain with Ipoh's atmosphere and you can relax very much. After swimming in a private pool, it is very comfortable to soak in hot springs. Your skin will become slippery.

I saw the door to the bathroom from the hot spring open-air bath side

Amenity has the same quality of amenities as regular five star hotels such as toothbrush, shaving, swab and cotton set, sewing set, comb, shower cap, sanitary bag, nail file, insect repellent spray and mouse refresher Yes. Amenity was able to be used without particular dissatisfaction.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

As soon as I entered the bathroom, there were two closets on each side.

There was a safety box in this closet too. In addition, there was a laundry bag and a scale, too. Another closet also had a bathrobe.

There was a safety box in one of the two closets.

It was a common type that sets and uses a personal identification number.

Mini bar / cafe

There was a cafe corner in the bedroom. There were capsule type coffee machines, 2 coffee cups, 2 bottles of water, tea bags etc. at the cafe corner.

In the storage shelf in the living room, there was tea set and electric kettle, etc.

There was refrigerator, too.

Minibar includes mineral water of service from hotel and various soft drinks. This hotel is expensive for both guest rooms and restaurants, but only this minibar can enjoy cheap prices in Malaysia. Because there are many Malaysians who do not drink for religious reasons, alcohol is not included in the minibar. It is recommended to buy alcohol at the airport etc.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There was a cave restaurant "Jeff's Cellar" in the hotel, and we had meal.

Inside the store

"Jeff's Cellar" has a table in the lighted-up cave, there is atmosphere.

It is a wonderful space that you can taste extraordinary.

The restaurant is only for the course.

One item in the course

"Jeff's Cellar" also has a bar.

We had meals also at "The Pomelo".

A sign in front of the restaurant

Inside the store

"The Pomelo" is a casual feeling that you can drop in and stop by and order at any time of the day.

The tiger that was also on the sofa of the villa is also here!

Breakfast is "The Pomelo", but you can order anything you like from the menu.

There are also menus that Japanese people consider such as curry noodles and ochazuke.

One item from the menu

Other, bread, cereal, yoghurt, drinks etc are buffet style.

Here I was making fresh juice.

Fresh juice



Serial corner

Hot drinks such as coffee

Facilities in the hotel

There was outdoor pool in facility. The pool is in the center of the villa-lined hotel.

The swimming pool is hot so it is warm.

Facilities such as deck chair and changing rooms are also in place. However, there are few guest rooms in this hotel even if it is fully booked. Because there are private hot springs and villas with pool, there were not many people using this pool.

If timing matches, it will be pleasant as we can rent out a large hotel pool.

There was also an outdoor bath. You can take a bath slowly while watching the great nature.

Four such open-air baths with a sense of privacy were lined up.

There is also a natural cave in the facility. Here is the entrance to the cave of meditation.

Inside the cave of meditation

This is a crystal cave.

Inside the crystal cave

There are many doctor fish in the outdoor pond, and it takes the horny quality of the foot.

You can also see the waterfall!

There was a spa in the facility.

Spa entrance

Spa waiting area

There was fitness center, too.

There are few people using it, facilities are luxurious and up to date.

In the facility surrounded by greenery, it seems to be comfortable exercising.

There were facilities to do yoga etc.

There was also a library.

Inside the library

There was also a TV in the library.

Hotel surroundings environment

It takes more than 30 minutes by car to the city center and each sightseeing spot. There are cave temples, limestone caves, colonial period buildings, Ipoh is famous for gastronomic town. However, most guests go out from the hotel and do not seem to be doing sightseeing etc. Because I can spend quality time in the hotel. Because it is a so-called “Omomori” hotel, it is recommended to check in after procuring in the city, what you need during your stay, such as liquor, tobacco and snacks.

The streets of Ipoh

Staff & Customers

The hotel is in a very relaxing atmosphere, Malaysians are throwing all the way, so we are relaxed to the service. Even if you ask everything you ask, it may take a long time. Once in Rome, it is important that you follow the township and not based on Japan. Compared with other hotels in Malaysia, I think that it is a staff who works hard and is educated. I can not communicate in Japanese. There is no Japanese correspondence for restaurant menu, etc. Even if I can speak English, there are pretty staff ‘s English accent so if you are not an advanced level it is a tough level. If the words are strict, you may need to use package tours or local Japanese guides.

It is the impression that customers are mainly using westerners, Asian rich, and Japanese who are working in Asia for vacation. People are often in the habit, there are no people violating manners to shout loudly at the restaurant, and there is no one who speaks from the feeling of being on the trip.


It is around 20 minutes by car from the airport and I think access is good. As the hotel is in the forest, there are few shops around. To do shopping, you have to go to a supermarket located about 5 minutes by car. People around the hotel are sparse so it may be dangerous to go out of the hotel at night. Ipoh is the third largest city in Malaysia, but in comparison with Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, I feel that security is good, in the countryside.


It was nice to stay at this hotel. Overall, I am satisfied with the satisfaction of 5-star hotels in other Asian resorts. Compared to Bali and Phuket’s finest villa hotel, the quality is not as good as it is indeed. However, the price is cheap compared with those hotels, hot springs have a lot of hot water and high quality, I think that they are able to compete sufficiently. Compared with other hotels in Malaysia, it will be one of the finest hotels. Malaysia has various religious circumstances, there are various restrictions such as not being able to make pork at hotel, but we were very impressed with the ingenuity of restaurant meal. Since the animal is also good, I did not feel stress and I was able to relax. There are images of Asian resort such as beach, but it was nice to have enjoyed in the mountains and the forest.

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