The City View

  • Room Type : Connecting room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people

"The City View" was the most reasonable price among the hotels which I could choose from the tour package. I couldn't arrange my schedule till I designated the hotel, so I needed to pay extra cost to decide the hotel. This hotel is close to the MTR station, so it is easy to be sightseeing. It is also close to the main street, Nathan Road, so I thought it is convenient to stay. In addition, there is a bus stop from the airport nearby. For these reasons, I chose this hotel.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and front desk!

The hotel is not so new, looks like a normal building.

There was a sign of YMCA on the wall.

There are two entrances. This is the front side.

This is the back side. There is a drive through drop off point.

The hotel staff opened the door for me most of the time.

It is newish and clean inside the hotel. There are lots of green at the lobby.

The waiting space in front of the front desk is not so big.

It took some time to check in/ check out as the front desk is not so big and can deal with 3 gusts at the same time.

Ground Floor Elevator

Elevator floor button panel

Room floor Elevator

Room floor corridor

Room floor corridor

What is Connecting Room like?

Room entrance door

Insert a key card and open the door.

Room entrance door seen from the room

Don't disturb sign

There was a whole-body mirror in front of the bedroom.

The room was modern, bright and clean, so I could have a comfortable stay. There was enough space to open 2 suitcases.

You can adjust the brightness of the room with several switches.

The air conditioner works well, and I could spend a comfortable time in the room.

There was a desk and a chair near the window. There is a TV next them, too.

There was a free rental smartphone on the desk.

A travel plug conversion adapter was prepared in the plug.

You might need to prepare some travel plug conversion adapters though...

The bed mattress is not too hard, not too soft, just comfortable. The pillow is rather soft and there were two spares in the room. Sheets were freshly washed and crisp. The thickness of the duvet was perfect, too.

Bedside Table

There was a chair and footstool next to the bed.

A stylish picture on the wall

View from the guest room. There was a big window in the room, and you can see the "CITY VIEW" following the hotel name. You can see nearby buildings, lots of cars and buses. The fire station is close to the hotel, so you might see the emergency vehicles or fire trucks from the window. You might hear the siren in the night, too.

Underneath the window, I can see the ground far below and was scared.

When I saw the direction of Hong Kong Island at 8pm, I could see a Symphony of Lights a little. There are rooms which you can see the observatory of Victoria Peak in the distance, too. The curtain shaded the room completely, so I could sleep well till I opened the curtain.


When you want to fill the bathtub with hot water, you just put the plug in the bathtub, and vice versa when you want to empty it.

The shower head was removable and height adjustable. It was easy to adjust temperature by moving the knob to the left and right. The water pressure might be a little bit weak. There were dispensers for shampoo and shower gel in the shower room. These dispensers didn't have a button, but you just need to squeeze them.



An arm mirror was installed next to the sink.

A soap

There were two glasses and an amenity box on the left side of the sink.

Toothbrush sets, a pack of cotton buds, a comb and a shower cap were in the amenity box. There was no conditioner or a shaving kit. You might need to prepare your own toothbrush as it's a little bit big and difficult to brush, and the toothbrush's bristles fell out while I was brushing my teeth.

Bath towels were prepared above the bathtub.

There was a hair dryer attached to the wall.

Closet & Safety Box

The closet was on the left side just after entering the entrance door.

There were six hangers inside.

A spare pillow was stored in the upper part.

A baggage rack, a safety box, a laundry bag, and slippers were in the closet, too.

A laundry bag etc.


The safety box was easy to use. You just need to enter 4-digit numbers.

Inside of the safety box

Minibar & Cafe corner

There was a cafe corner and a fridge between the closet and the whole-body mirror. An Electric kettle, some instant coffee, a stirrer, tea bags, mug cups were prepared. There were 2 bottles of water in the fridge (one bottle per person). The fridge was working, but I thought it's a little bit weak. There was no freezer section in the fridge.

Restaurants in the hotel

You can enjoy international buffet spreads at "City Cafe"

Inside the "City Cafe"

Thai-style cuisine "AMAZING"

"AMAZING BAKERY" seems very popular as there are lots of customers in the shop. There is a Cantonese cuisine "The Balcony" as well.

Facilities in the hotel

There is a fitness center though I didn't have time to use it.

There was a tour desk, too. The staff were not always there, but you will be able to get a help if you ask a member of staff nearby.

Hotel surroundings environment

You can walk to 2 big night markets in Hong Kong, Temple Street Night Market and Ladies’ Market. There are many shops such as supermarkets, exchange places, convenience stores, fast food shops, eating places, book stores, and bakeries. Some restaurants are open early in the morning, so it is very useful to eat breakfast. It might be a little bit noisy sometimes as there is a fire station nearby. There are lots of people on the street around the hotel, so you might feel it’s a little bit difficult to walk around. There is a subway entrance within 5 minutes from the hotel. In addition, buses run till late at night, so it is very convenient.

Temple Street Night Market

Area around the hotel

Staff & Customers

I could talk with a front desk staff in English. Cleaning staff were friendly. Other staff also helped me a lot, so I’m sure they will help you if you have any problems. There was a free rental smart phone in each room, which was very useful to check the information I needed. You can see the room information, too.

I think that there were many Chinese groups in the hotel. I didn't see many westerners. I saw many middle-aged groups, not young people, families, and elderly people. A lot of suitcases are kept in the cloakroom.


The bus stop for the airport bus A21 (HK$ 33) is on Nathan Road, and close to the hotel. You can use an airport express, too. MTR Yau Ma Tei Station is in front of the hotel, so it’s easy access to Temple Street Night Market and Ladies’ Market. It is a lively area as there are lots of supermarkets, convenience stores and eating places around the hotel.


The city center, Tsim Sha Tsui Station, is only 2 stops by underground, and you can go to Central in Hong Kong Island by undergorund, too. The hotel is along Nathan Road, there are many double‐decker buses. I think the hotel is conveniently situated to go anywhere - the airport, shopping, sightseeing.


Anyway, this hotel is in great location. I thought the room was clean and tidy for its price. Although it is not a luxurious hotel, it was clean enough for a short stay, and was very convenient for sightseeing. It was great that there was a travel plug conversion adapter and a free rental smartphone in the room. I could take out the smartphone with me and use it. It seems WiFi is available and we can make international calls to selected countries. Things to keep in your mind is that you need to pay HK$1000 deposit when you check in. There are a couple of elevators in the hotel and I was not sure which one I should take, so you might be better to ask it at the front desk when you check in.

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