The Grand Islander by Hilton Grand Vacations

  • Room Type : One bedroom (32nd floor)
  • Stay Nights : 5 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people

"The Grand Islander by Hilton Grand Vacations" is one of the properties of Hilton's time share program. This time, My friends of member invited me and stayed as a guest. I decided to stay here because the location was good and the lagoon, the pool was also good. Ala Moana and Waikiki Beach are close, too. Because there are many shops in Hilton hotel, it is also a good place for shopping. And I was looking forward to watch the fireworks that can be launched every Friday are beautifully seen nearby. So I want you to watch how we stayed.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

It is comparatively new hotel, the exterior is very beautiful. Since the top of the building light up at night, it is easy to understand as it go out at night and become a landmark when returning to the hotel.

Overall the design is simple, very clean, spacious and easy to spend.

It is a roundabout that a car can stop for get in or get out.

Hotel entrance

Entrance seen from inside

The reception counter and the lobby

There is a large sofa and table in the lobby so you can relax comfortably while checking in or checking out. My children and I was tired from a long flight, but it was good that we could take a little break.

How was the guest room? One bedroom on 32nd floor

Room doors

The room key is a bracelet type.

This is the living area. The sofa can be beds. Of course the facilities of the whole room were very good, as well as cleanliness.

There are a diving room and a kitchen. It is very spacious and the view from the balcony is really nice. When you are too cold in air conditioning, the wind comes in as you open the window, so it feels really good.

A spacious and clean bedroom. However, it was a pity that we could not open the window of this room.

There is a game machine.

The spacious Bathroom

The mirror in the sink is large and it is very easy to use.

It seems that it depends on the room, but the room where we stayed was separate shower and bathtub. Because a separate shower room, it is a good point that hot water don't fly out and the bathroom don't get wet. It is easy to adjust the temperature, so warm or hot water immediately comes out so it is good. The water pressure of the shower was weak.

Although the toilet is in the same space as the bathroom, there is a door that become a private room.

Amenity in the bathroom is about shampoo, conditioner, body soap, moisturizer and solid soap. It is very good with the smell of coconut that makes you feel like Hawaiian.

The bathroom of my friends stayed, was a type of bathroom with no separate shower and tub.

The Kitchen and equipped cookware

In the kitchen equipped, there are a big fridge, a coffee maker, a microwave oven, a bread burner, a rice cooker, an IH cooker, a dishwasher, and frying pan, pots, dishes etc.

I was surprised that a rice cooker was on. There are also many knives. Toaster as well.

There are coffee and tea at the place of the coffee maker. It also has milk and sugar.


Cooking utensils had all sorts of things, so I bought ingredients and was able to cook.

Dishes, cups

There are fork, spoon, knife and so on.

A dishwasher. There are fine items such as detergent, sponge, kitchen paper, so it was saved.

By the way, the kitchen of the room which my friends stayed was like this.

Washing & drying machine

The most my favorite equipment in this room is this washer & dryer. Until now there is no laundry machine in the room i ever stayed but It was good to be able to wash immediately at my favorite time with the washing machine attached room.

Closet and safety box

The safety box is a difficult to find but it is in the bottom of the shelf in the bedroom. There is also a closet, but as soon as you open the door the light comes on automatically. It seeme to be able to store many widely inside. There is also an iron.

The view from the balcony

The terrace itself is not so wide, but there are tables and chairs. The scenery there is the best. Since the handrail is a full glass rather than a fence, the scenery is even easier to see.

There is also 32nd floor and the view is very good. The pool and lagoon side.

From the front to the right is the city view and the left side is a lagoon so I enjoyed various views.

In the night the lights in the city are very beautiful, the pool at night is also light up and it is a scenery that will become a picture.

Outdoor pool and lagoon

There is a lagoon in front of the outdoor pool. You can go to there from the pool.

The outdoor pool inside the Hotel is shallow pool and simple.

Pool gradually becomes deeper from shallow where the little child gets a foot. There is also a slider, but there is also a mini slider to enjoy small kids. Although it may feel that it is cold when entering the pool even if it is Hawaii, at that time it is possible to warm there because the jacuzzi are in two places. Jacuzzi is always crowded with many people.

The view of the lagoon is wonderful anyway.

Although the center of the lagoon has its own depth, basically it is shallow so small children can play. Riding water vehicles like a bicycle, canoes,rides by standing ride on the board are also available for a fee. Children are overjoyed because small fish are swimming. The hat is essential as there is no shade.

The fireworks that we are looking forward to, every Friday will be the best from this lagoon.There is a large square on the side of the lagoon and the pool. There are people who are on the lawn and are resting lying there. The fireworks time will fill the square with people. It is a square that is also used as a party venue and is used for many purposes.

The spa in the hotel also has a swimming pool.

Restaurants in the hotel

There are several restaurants and cafes in the Hilton property.

I ate a garlic shrimp with a popular shop, blue water shrimp. Small rice and salad are on. It is amazing amount.

Japanese restaurant and so on.

Shops in the hotel

There are plenty of shops in Hilton, so I enjoyed it without having to leave Hilton. It is a restaurant, an ice cream shop, a shop of jewelry and clothes.

There are shop like convenience store saying ABC store.

A new shop is also included. this stores is also in Waikiki, there are sundries and clothes. It is a pretty Hawaiian cute shop.

Jewelry shop

Even just walking around is fun.


It take about 15 to 20 minutes by taxi from the airport. The shops are lining up a short walk from the hotel. There is no traffic volume around the hotel as lawn is spreading, children are not dangerous. There was a lot of people walking without using a bus. You can go to the place where Honolulu shops are lined and around Ala Moana in about 15 minutes on foot. The pink line of the Waikiki trolley bus used a lot because it is free with JCB cards.

Good staff

Every staff, including those who clean the room, the atmosphere was good. It was very familiar to respond with a smile and voice. We were very satisfied to have the room cleaned carefully.

Summary of The Grand Islander

How was Hilton The Grand Islander? We were very happy to stay here. This hotel has plenty of facilities such as shops, pools, beaches and restaurants that you don’t need to leave the hotel. For the first time, We borrowed a rides in a lagoon, but it was a very enjoy to spend an hour. Rooms were very comfortable enough to stay. Our room was one bedroom, but the sofa in the living room became a bed, so there were two beds. There are drinks in the waiting room at the pool in the Hotel, which you can drink for free. We were busy to enjoy about the activity and not able to complete to go to all the shops and restaurants in Hilton. Therefore, we want to stay this hotel again and do something that we couldn’t do this time to next stay.

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