The Hotel Windsor

  • Room Type : Traditional Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights 4 days
  • Stay Num : 2

A classic hotel with the longest history in Australia "The Hotel Windsor" is a 5 star hotel attracting both domestic and foreign tourists since its establishment in 1883. Both exterior and interior show stand out with the exquisite Victorian style design. It is said that many celebrities such as George Harrison of The Beatles, Meryl Streep from "The Devil Wears Prada", Daniel Radcliffe from the "Harry Potter" series and so on have stayed at this long-established hotel. No wonder why it has been acknowledged as the symbolic hotel among hotels in Melbourne. Unlike the modern Melbourne town, I was able to spend a classical relaxing time in this hotel so I am going to introduce this hotel. 【Official site】

The Hotel Windsor Elegant Victorian style exterior: entrance and front desk

I can feel the style of a well-established hotel from the entrance. It faces the main street named Spring Street, but there is not much traffic and there is always a quiet and calm atmosphere.

There were always a couple of doormen standing by the entrance.

The lobby is small in size, but it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Doorman and staff are friendly and the they greet us with smile every time we meet.

Moving along the lobby, you can see a front desk.

The elegant chandeliers and the red wine carpet create gorgeousness.

What are the rooms like in the Hotel Windsor's Traditional Room?

When you get off the elevator, the hallway leading to your room spreads to your left and to your right. Paintings hanging in the hallway are also wonderful.

The Hotel Windsor is a four-story building, wider in length. One elevator is available on each floor and you may feel that the elevator is a bit far from the room.

When you open the door, a queen size bed jumps into your eyes. The design of the curtain is elegant in a classical atmosphere. Indirect lighting is not too dark and it is moderately bright.

The bed was soft and the sheets & covers had smooth texture.

Sightseeing guides etc. in Melbourne city were on the desk. Wi-Fi is also provided and you can get its ID and password at the front desk.

The golden outlet does not work just by plugging in. You need to turn on the switch. (the photo shows "on").

The air conditioner was placed on the floor.

Remote controller. There are various buttons, but temperature can be easily adjusted by WARMER (raising the temperature) or COOLER (lowering the temperature) buttons on the upper right of the remote controller.

In the closet, there is a storage desk and a rack where you can put your clothes on. A cafe bar and a refrigerator were also provided in the closet. Because there was no safety box, we carried all the valuables.

Iron and ironing board are also in the closet so it is not a big deal even you  have wrinkled clothes in the suitcase. It is also nice that an umbrella is available in the room in case it rains.

The drawer of the TV stand was convenient for storage.

The Hotel Windsor Cafe Bar

Electric kettle, glasses, wine, spirits and snacks are lined up.

Two sets of coffee cup and saucer are prepared. There was decaffeinated coffee as well.

Milk put in coffee was neither powder nor fresh cream, it was milk. It is a single-use single-use size. About six pieces are always stocked in the refrigerator at all times and will replenish when it runs out.

Beer, wine, cola, juice, and water are equipped. I did not put water for service, so be careful not to drink thought that it was free.

The Hotel Windsor Bathroom and amenities

There is a bathroom as you open the door opposite the bed. Marble is used abundantly and you can spend elegant moments.

A washbasin with a large mirror. The washbowl is compact.

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body cream, toothbrush (with toothpaste), shower cap, sanitary bag, sewing set were prepared. Shampoos are from Serendipity maker, fruity and refreshing fragrance.

The built-in dryer has strong wind pressure, and it made the hair dry at a stroke.

A bathtub with a shower in the bathtub. The shower is fixed type, so it can not be removed, but the water pressure was as strong as it was and it did not feel frustrating.

A bathtub with a sense of size that is not too wide and not too narrow. You can relax by extending your legs.

The washlette function is not attached to the toilet but it was clean and clean.

Elegant time at The Hotel Windsor breakfast buffet

We will have a buffet breakfast at the restaurant on the lobby floor.

Interior with classy and heavy feeling.

By the way, the restaurant of The Hotel Windsor is also famous for afternoon tea. It is a perfect space to have an elegant time.

Fruits, salmon, hams, sausages, scrambled eggs, and so on.

A wide selection of cereals such as oatmeal's porridge, muesli, rice pudding was abundant.

Variation of bread is also many.

"Vegemite" in the middle of the lower row is a seasoning which is also said to be a national food of Australia, it is fermented vegetables and it has a distinctive salty taste. It seems to paint this on bread and eat.

Fruits are cut into bite size and easy to eat.

Deliciously on a dish. There are not many kinds, but all are delicious with the feeling that it is one item of commitment. Sweetness of baked tomato, exquisite frying condition of spinach saute, prepuce of mushroom was particularly wonderful.

The Hotel Windsor Hotel Surroundings

The hotel is located in the center of Melbourne, facing the main street, but relatively quiet and calm area. There are also many restaurants, etc., and public order is also good.

There is a tram stop in front of the hotel, which will take you around the city. Everyone can ride for free, convenient for shopping and sightseeing. Retro design is cute.

In addition to the tram, there is a train station in front of the hotel. To get on the train it is necessary to purchase the "myki card" of the IC card.

There is Seven Eleven, open 24 hours a day, 3 minutes walking distance from the hotel. Unlike Japan's Seven Eleven, we do not sell daily necessities and alcohol, but it is convenient for buying snacks and drinks.

The Hotel Windsor Access

You can take the airport bus from Melbourne Airport, get off at Southern Cross station and get to the hotel in 5 minutes by free tram from there, but the taxi is easier and easier. It was 56 $ by taxi from Melbourne Airport to the hotel.

The Hotel Windsor Staff

Everyone in the staff was very friendly and friendly. When it began to rain as I left the hotel, it was impressive that I let the umbrella at the entrance. Because I can not communicate in Japanese, I will have a conversation in English.

The Hotel Windsor Customers

It was about 70% of Australian tourists from outside Melbourne, or businessmen. It seems to be a popular hotel for Australians. The remaining 30% is the impression that it was a tourist from all over the world. I did not see Japanese tourists during my stay.

The Hotel Windsor Summary

The price is reasonable indeed for the 5-star established long-term hotel. There is no pool and gym, and breakfast menu is not so rich in variety so there may be people who feel a little unsatisfactory. There is nothing that makes us feel inconvenient because of the good or bad, old hotel, but the experience of staying where you can taste elegance as if you were a nobleman is not quite possible with other hotels. Good access is perfect and it is a very good location for Melbourne sightseeing. We can move even to walk to a certain extent. As Australia’s oldest historical hotel, there was a movie shooting of Melbourne tourism PR (there was a day when there were large camera settings and shooting teams), and at the weekend a wedding party was held at the restaurant I was doing. Both the name and the fact, I realized that it is a long-established hotel in Melbourne that is also loved by locals.

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