The Plaza Soul Autograph Collection

  • Room Type : Twin Room (2 rooms)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people

I chose to stay at The Plaza Soul Autograph Collection for the first time in Korea, because it is close to Myeongdong, taxi transportation is good, and I wanted to stay at 5-stars hotel. I found out this hotel is globally famous and compared it with Lotte Hotel. Reviews and words of mouth were written online, and Plaza Hotel sounded better for me after comparing the two hotels. In addition, accommodation price was relatively reasonable when I made a reservation, so that's why I took this hotel.

Exterior, entrance, and reception of the hotel

Gold color for the exterior attracts attention. Although there is a very large square called Seoul Plaza in front of the hotel and there are plenty of buildings around, the hotel stands out and it is easy ti find location-wise too.

Entrance appearance

Cheerful staff greeted me at the entrance.

Rotating door's speed was a bit fast, but it seemed other things such as escalator are also moving fast in Korea, so I think it's normal.

Exhibit in front of the entrance

Stepped in to the entrance and there was a front desk on the left side.

The front was united in black as a whole, the lighting was very fashionable, and it felt very luxury.

The lobby is quite large and there are so many sofas, so we could have little break.

Escalator to the second floor

Exhibits beside the escalator

Elevator inner floor button

Guest room floor's elevator hall. There were 2 elevators each both on left side and right side, 4 in total.

Room floor corridor

Twin room

There is a sensor beside the room door, and you scan the card key and unlock.

Entering the room, there is a place to insert the card, so if you put a card there, the curtain opens automatically, lights turn on, air conditioning starts working. It felt like they were saying "Welcome to Seoul!".

View of the room seen from the bed side. The room I stayed is rather designed for businessmen. There are two desks and two beds, and the room is not so big, but you can do desk work properly.

Desk and chair set opposite the bed

There are large round mirrors on both sides of the bed. I felt that this was also to show the room wide. The bed was very comfortable, I had my neck hurting from 3 to 4 days ago, but it was gone when I woke up in this bed which was not too soft nor hard. Although it is personal preference, the bed was really nice.

There was a charging outlet and a rental smartphone on the desk.

On the bedside table, there was a device that does all operations with curtains, lighting, air conditioning and telephone.

Terminal device

Lights on the wall at both right and left side of the bed

There was no terrace nor balcony, but the room where I stayed was the side that can view the Seoul Plaza, so I could see the spectacle of energetic Seoul Plaza.

I checked-in on Friday evening, but club music started playing so loudly from 8 in the morning on Saturday,and I jumped out bed. On Sunday morning, the stage was removed and it was a quiet morning. Please be careful if you are going to check-in on Friday.


Shower room and bathtub were separated.

Although the water pressure is never strong enough, but acceptable. I think that it is just right water pressure.

In the shower room, there was aa shower which water coming out from the ceiling and it was nice to have water my whole body from the top.

Bathtub and wash basin

There was also a shower in the bathtub.


There is also a space to hang towels next to the bathroom door.

Face towels and a hair dryer were under the sink.


Shampoo, rinse, body soap, body oil, toothbrush, sewing set , hair cap, and brush were basically included.

There was razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and mask sheet were available with fee. The razor was very expensive and I was surprised.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There is a closet and a refrigerator beyond this curtain. It may be a good idea to make space effectively in a small room by using a curtain not a door. It had enough hangers and space to place carry bags for two people. All the doors in the room and corridor are made of glass.

The first row from the top has a safety box, the second row has a shoe care set, and the third row is empty.

Safety deposit box

Care set for shoes

In-room coffee/ mini-bar

There was glasses, coffee cups and a kettle. You can have water, coffee, and tea for free.

A refrigerator is also placed.

Charged drinks were packed in the refrigerator.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

Italian restaurant "Tuscany" on the 2nd floor

"The Lounge" on the front floor

The first basement entrance to "The Lounge". It has 2 levels, the upper floor is a stylish tea & coffee lounge, and the lower floor is a trendy bar.

The buffet restaurant "The Seven Square". There is breakfast buffet, and it costs 40,000 won per person.

There were shops on basement 1st floor. I came here on different time several times, but I did not see them open maybe because it was on Saturday and Sunday.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an indoor swimming pool on the 18th floor, but I didn't use it because it's luxury one with a fee.

I did not use it neither, but there was fitness center too.

There is a business center too.

The hotel does not have a garden but there is a Seoul Plaza in front of you. It was on Saturday and I saw people were speaking out their opinions loudly with speakers, and there were many security guards everywhere in the park.

Hotel surroundings environment

Although it is rather a business area, as there are many restaurants and convenience stores which are open 24 hours, so even if there's flight delays and you arrive at midnight, you will still be able to get warm meal. You can go out and get something to eat whenever you feel hungry. It's such a good location. It has good access to transportation too. However, it is very dangerous to cross the road carelessly, as the traffic is heavy and the driving is much rough. I think you'd better be careful about this point.

Daehan Gate, famous for the Royal Palace Guards Substitution Ceremony, is within walking distance.

Staff & Customers

The hotel staff responded very kindly. They were always smiling and some of them especially bell-staff were very friendly. They explained slowly in very easy-to-understand English and I had no problem understanding them.

I think that many people who stayed here were couples and families in their 30s. I think that there are many elegant and calm people here as it's a five-star hotel. I also saw some businessmen who were wearing suits.


It was convenient because there was a bus from Incheon Airport to Plaza Hotel. I think that access is good because you can access to Myeongdong by walking. The area around the hotel is filled with restaurants, bars, and convenience stores, which was very convenient. There were some guys trying to lure more customers to their bars on the street but I did not feel the that security in the area was bad at all.

If you go to the reception, you can catch a taxi immediately. There is a subway station very close to the hotel, and you can get out to the underground mall from the first floor of the hotel which is very convenient. Taxi in Korea is cheap, so I think it can be safer and cheaper if there is no carry bag or something. However, it depends on the driver but some of them only understand Korean, so it seems better to take notes of your destination's address, or saving screenshots on your smartphone.

Entrance connected to underground mall from B1 floor of the hotel


It was perfect except Saturday morning’s loud club music. I did not have breakfast buffet as it was expensive, but it was hotel that I wanted to stay again. The hotel is gorgeous but not like flashy, a place that provides relaxing time and space. The surrounding environment is also good. Shops everywhere around the hotel. Quality of bed and sofa is superb, and just staying at the hotel made me feeling calm. The scenery from the room was good too, I enjoyed viewing buses and taxies moving around busy on the street while I am in a relaxing mood in the room. The dim lights in the room was probably one of the reason I felt the room calm. This whole impressions made me like Korea.

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