The Queens Hotel

  • Room Type : Twin room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "The Queens Hotel" at first, I booked a different hotel, but I noticed that the sleeping car "Knight Riviera" did not operate on Saturday and the hotel was only accepting from 2 nights, It begins with having to search in a hurry. In the neighborhood near Penzance, the room of twin beds, and the place where Mt. Michael can be seen, there were only a few choices. I checked the review on the online travel reservation site and decided on this hotel because it was OK even from 1 night.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

The exterior which is built along the coast brings out the atmosphere of a casual hotel which is common.

The entrance is a traditional door with flowers decorated.

At the front is a retro atmosphere sofa set and a guide pamphlet of the corn wall region, etc., and it is a relaxed atmosphere. The atmosphere is old and comfortable, but work is quick, of course checking everything with a personal computer. Front receptionists also taught me how to connect buses to Penzance and St Ives and timetables.

I saw the entrance front desk from the stairs.

Elevator appearance

Inside of elevator

Room floor corridor

The twin room

Inside of elevator first thing that I was shocked when I entered the room was that there was no more cooling. Luckily the temperature of this day was about 27 ° C when entering the room, so there was no problem because there was a cold wind blowing, but I thought that I want you to install it because it is the present moment of global warming. The wallpaper of the room was a cream yellow feeling warm.

Usability was good with reasonable space. On the other side of the bed, there were two chairs from the window, a set of dresser and chair, a desk and a TV and closet on it.

Two chairs on the window side

Set of dresser and chair

There were a desk and a TV and a cafe set above it.

Bed, bed sheets and pillowcase were also excellent and very comfortable. The pillow was too expensive, so I made it one.

There was also a two-stage chest on the side of the bed.


View from the window


Bathroom with bathtub was. The water pressure was sufficient and the speed to reach the optimum temperature was also fast, there was no problem. However, because the facilities are old, there were scratches on the bathtub where visibilities are visible, and I did not mind bothering the hot water somehow, so I decided to use only the shower. A towel hanger such as a bath towel was warmed, and it was pleasant that the towel dried quickly.

There was a small window next to the toilet; the wind from here was pleasant.

The window next to the toilet

Vanity top

Amenities had two brands of soap, shampoo, rinse and shower cap, each of which was named GILCHRIST & SOAMES '. I felt somewhat jerky to use, so I used a conditioner I brought with myself.

A hairdryer was in a drawer.

Closet and Safety Box

There is a closet.

In the closet, there was a hanger and a spare quilt and a stand to put the luggage. Every time I opened the closet's door, I shook with rattles, so I thought that an earthquake would collapse as it came. There was not a safety box.

Minibar or Cafe in the room

The cafe corner on the desk had an electric kettle, two cups, instant coffee, sugar, milk, and biscuits. As I wanted water, I asked the front desk that I could not get it for free, so I drank coffee by boiling tap water. Water was like hard water, and a thin film floated on the surface of the coffee. There was no mini bar.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

The entrance of breakfast buffet venue

We had a breakfast buffet.

Bread and cheese etc.

Drink and fruit corner

English breakfast

A view of the breakfast buffet venue

You can enjoy your meal while watching the lovely ocean view.

The breakfast venue offered afternoon tea and cream tea in the afternoon. I do not use it, so I do not know the taste.


There was a bar, too.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a party room.

Hotel surroundings environment

It is a quiet seaside place. There was no car noise, but the gull screams were loud at night and did not go to sleep comfortably. It was good to achieve it because my purpose was to go to Center Michael Mount anyway.

Staff & Customers

The staff was friendly and helpful. Since I was planning to go around from Penzance to St. Aubs and the Lands End in a day, I saved because they got me a suggestion on how to get around the area by bus and copied the timetable. I heard that the suitcase is supposed to be carried by myself, but it helped because there are stairs on the way. I can not communicate in Japanese, but since I can speak English, there was no particular problem.

Many people enjoyed each other among elderly couple and female friends. I did not have a family.


It is very far from London Heathrow Airport. It may be that there is another airport nearest, but I do not know because I do not use it. It takes about 6 hours by train from London as it is the westernmost part of the UK.

There were no shops in the surrounding area. It was the purpose of going to St. Michaels mount, so I took a taxi soon. When I got a cab from the hotel, I arrived in about 5 minutes and came at St. Michael's Mount in about 10 minutes.

Summary of The Queens Hotel

It was good to choose “The Queens Hotel.” Although there were no other options, there were no inconveniences other than having no air conditioner for facilities and services. However, there are lots of bed and breakfasts in front of Penzance station, so it may be good to choose them. According to the online travel booking site, it is written that the distance from Penzance station could be walked, but it was impossible to move with a suitcase if you know that in advance, you may not have chosen this hotel. However, because there are few hotels where this corn wall area, especially around Penzance, it is possible to stay from one night, the point that we were able to keep from one night was a blessing.

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