The Salisbury YMCA of Hong Kong

  • Room Type : Harbor View Queen Bedroom
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

The Salisbury YMCA of Hong Kong is located in downtown Tsim Sha Tsui in the Hong Kong Kowloon area. There are many luxury brand shops, hotels like Peninsula Hong Kong around the hotel. It is also attractive to be able to stay at a relatively reasonable price around this area. In addition, the hotel has completed a major room renovation in 2014 and has changed from 3 stars to 4 stars.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and front desk!

The hotel has two entrances, north and south.

Hotel view from the north side

There is a drive through drop off point at the north entrance.

North entrance

North entrance seen from inside the hotel

Hotel view from the south side

You can get to Star Ferry Pier after you get out of the hotel from south entrance and turn right and follow the street.

South entrance seen from inside the hotel

Inside the hotel, the wood and stone used in the decoration provides a feeling of calmness and serenity. The atrium connecting north and south entrances has a glass ceiling.

Patio section

The moment I entered this atrium, I had a good feeling.

There are also signs.

Since the front desk is in the middle, you can see it immediately from either entrance.

On the left side of this picture is the concierge desk and the right side is the front desk.

In front of the front desk

front desk

There were a lot of sofas and tables in the lobby.

The lobby

The hotel has a South Tower and North Tower. This is the South Tower Elevator Hall.

This is the North Tower Elevator Hall.

Elevator floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

What is Harbor View Queen Bedroom like?

Room entrance door. Hold the card key and open the door.

A key card

There was a key card socket just on the left side of the room door.

There was a bathroom door on the left side through the room door.

Floor guide map on the entrance door

There was a whole body mirror on the right wall next to the room door.

There was a big window at the back of the room and I could see the view of a jungle of skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour from my harbour view room.

The interior of the room was clean and in great condition as it's only 4 years after renovation.

The mattress of this queen size bed was a little bit hard, but I could have a good sleep.

A painting decorated the head of the bed.

There was a telephone and a memo set on the bedside table. There was a plug, too,  so it is convenient to charge a mobile phone. There was an alarm clock on the other bedside table.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

The TV stand is sandwiched between the desk and the luggage platform.

There were 2 plugs and 2 USB ports above the desk. One of the plug sockets had a travel plug conversion adapter.

In the drawer of the desk, there were a sewing set and a travel plug conversion adapter.

There was a chair and a table next to the bed.

A welcome fruit basket (apple, banana, orange) was prepared on the table.


In the bathroom, the sink was on the right, the toilet was in the front, and the bathtub was on the left.


The shower head was removable and height adjustable, and the water pressure was strong enough.  It seems to have been renewed, so there was no problem with these facilities.

There was a dispenser for combined shampoo and body soap on the wall.

Towels were prepared, too.

The toilet is a general specification at hotels in Hong Kong. It is a shame that there are few hotels with bidet style toilet in Hong Kong.

The sink is a bit shallow, so you need to be careful not to splash yourself.

There was a soap, a toothbrush set, a comb and a shower cap. The hotel is conducting environmental conservation activities called "Green Room Service", so I think amenities are also the minimum necessary. You might be better to bring your necessary amenities.

There was a hair dryer attached to the wall.

Closet & Safety Box

The closet had enough space.

There were more than 10 hangers inside, and 2 drawers.

There was a safety box in the closet, too.

It was easy to use with  4 digit PIN.

Minibar & Cafe corner

There was an electric kettle, 2 glasses and 2 free mineral water bottles on the TV stand.

There was a fridge and a cafe corner under the TV.

There are some beer, cola and mineral water at extra cost. There were still some space in the fridge, so you might be better to get drinks at the convenience stores nearby.

In the upper storage shelf next to the fridge, there were also complementary  instant coffee and tea bags (Jasmine tea and regular tea). Chips are also prepared at extra cost. There were 2 cups in the lower storage.

Minibar price list

View from Harbour View Queen Bedroom

There was a big window in the guest room.

From the harbor view room you can see Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island.

Night view was splendid, too. You can see the light show of "Symphony of Lights" from 8 pm for 10 minutes every night.

Looking at the night view of a ship in the harbour and a skyscraper on Hong Kong Island, you know you are in Hong Kong!

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

"Sailisbury Dining Room" is on the 4th floor.

A view from the entrance

I had a breakfast here.

The restaurant was a buffet style. There were some Chinese dishes, but most of dishes were Western-style dishes such as salads, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs and so on.

Bread and cupcakes


bacon and hash brown potatoes.


Inside the restaurant

I think that the taste was okay.

There was a restaurant called "Mall Cafe" in front of the reception which you can enjoy a variety of oriental and western cuisine.

"The shop" is next to the south entrance and sells miscellaneous goods and toys.

There are Hong Kong goods in the shop, so it would be good to get some memorial souvenir of the trip.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a fitness center. There is an indoor pool, a squash court, an indoor rock climbing facility, too.

There was also an art space called "the DOOOR".

Hotel surroundings environment

There are lots of luxury hotels and brand shops around the hotel. Peninsula Hong Kong is next to this hotel.

Peninsula Hong Kong

Staff & Customers

Normally we can check in from 2 pm, but when I went to front desk and ask to look after my luggage around 12, I was able to check in without waiting. The front counter was long and there were about ten staff there. I think the staff served the customer in a proper way. I could check in with simple English.

I saw lots of Westerners at the breakfast venue.


Access from the Hong Kong Airport to the hotel is just a cab from Kowloon Station. MTR Tsimshatsui Subway Station and the Star Ferry Pier is also nearby, so it is a convenient place.  I think security is not a problem. Tsim Sha Tsui is a busy shopping area with many shops and restaurants, so it’s a convenient place to enjoy shopping and gourmets cuisine just around the hotel.

Area around the hotel

There was a department store "Sogo" near the hotel.


It was good to stay at this hotel. It was only a few years after the renewal, so the room was clean and there was enough space as well. Also, as the hotel is in the popular Tsim Sha Tsui area, it is relatively inexpensive to stay and I could enjoy the night view from the room.  I think that it can be evaluated as high value in terms of cost. It was good that the subway station and the ferry pedestrian are nearby and easy to reach these transport options. I think you can enjoy your stay if you don’t expect services like a luxury hotel.

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