The Sherwood Taipei

  • Room Type : Deluxe Room Twin
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

"The SHERWOOD TAIPEI - Taipei Xihua Hotel" is one of 5 star hotels in Taipei City. "Xi Hua" of Taipei Xihua Hotel symbolizes the fusion of Chinese and Western culture, representing the commitment of the central and eclectic to the service of the hotel, the design inside the hall, accessories and furniture. As the hotel opened in 1990, the warmth of wood stood firmly and the building felt very classic. It seems that the building also has the philosophy of "warm and heart-warming service". The hotel is useful for both sightseeing and business. The hotel gives a sense of security as if you just come home as a guest, and I'd like to write a review here.

Calm atmosphere in a busy business district

The area is surrounded by many bank related companies buildings.

Sherwood Taipei's 20-story hotel is located in the center of the city's business area. The exterior is beautifully renovated and clean.

The entrance is covered with glass and you can see the chandeliers and fancy interior, trees, and paintings.

The doorman gives a comfortable greeting and opens the door.

When entering, I felt a calm atmosphere with wooden interiors. The Asian taste gorgeous chandeliers overhead welcomes you.

The front desk is large and simple. I got attention as you approach and it made me little bit nervous. However, the check-in was done smoothly, the staff was kind, so I was relieved.

The interior is all with the woodgrain tone, even in the elevator hall and the elevator, which make me feels warmth.

"Deluxe Room" is a simple western style room

After checking in, we headed to the room.

When I got off from the elevator to the guest room floor, the atmosphere changed and it became a western style construction of carpet on the floor. There is a feeling of cleanliness because of the white colored interior.

The guest room door is also mainly white.

When opening the door, the floor was covered with a simple carpet, and I immediately understood that bright light came from the window. Let's see the entrance near the 360-degree panorama!

The bedroom is a simple with twin beds, a TV, a desk and a sofa. Not small, not big either, but it was comfortable in size.

There are lamps above the beds. Good for reading before you go to the bed. Let's see the bedroom in 360 degree panorama!

The bedside table has an alarm clock, a telephone and 2 bottles of mineral water.

There is a sofa for one person by the window, and a double cushion and a coffee table are placed.

The TV and desk on the other side of the bed.

You can do some works at the desk with the chair with casters.

At the desk, there are a telephone and power cord.

There was a smartphone saying "I am your CITY GUIDE" on the desk. This was an unlimited use smartphone that could be taken out in all the rooms. International calls to Taiwan domestic, USA, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea are possible. When sightseeing you can use it for showing maps and internet searches for free. This is very convenient because access to popular sightseeing spots and hotel's phone number are already registered.

The room key was an old-fashioned design.

Although it is simple, this Western-style interior is calm and clean.

Shower room with glass wall! Compact bathroom

There is a bathroom on the left side from the entrance.

The shower room is separated with glass doors.

The washbasin and the mirror are very large but,

The toilet was right beside it, so I felt it was not very useful design. It was nice that it has washlette, but it was close to the washbasin and the toilet paper was under the washbasin, it was hard to take the paper. I felt the space was very compact.

The left side of the washbasin was a bathtub. The faucet and the shower are clean.

I was happy that bath salt was placed in bathtub.

The shower room is also cleaned beautifully. The water pressure of the shower was enough strong.

A shampoo and a conditioner are placed in the shower room. Let's see the bathroom in 360 degree panorama!


Amenities placed on the washstand include a comb, cotton set, shower cap, toothbrush set, T-shaped razor and so on.

A little break with in-room coffee

There was in-room coffee inside the chest on which the television was placed.

In the drawer, a small kettle, several tea packs, pair of tea cups, wine glasses and glasses are placed.

The built-in refrigerator was empty, but there was a wine cooler where ice could be put. It had enough space to put things I bought from outside.

Closet , Safety deposit box

The closet had plenty of space.

There were ten hangers, and a safety deposit box.

The safety deposit box is not tall but there is depth, so it has enough space for wallet, passport, or tablet.

There was an umbrella. In addition, it had slippers for indoor use, care set and laundry bag.

In the center of the office town! How is the view from the room?

Sunlight is good with large windows. However, there is an office building in front of hotel across the road.

You can barely look down the street from this room.

It is a hotel in a business district, you feel like that.

Restaurants & Breakfast at The Sherwood Taipei Hotel

The hotel has 5 restaurants and bars. “B-ONE” where breakfast, lunch, dinner and buffet style meals can be served, Japanese cuisine “Kouma” using local fresh ingredients, Italian restaurant “TOSCANA”, and Chinese and Western cuisine fused “Yi-Garden”, and English style “Henry's bar”.

We had breakfast at "B-ONE". The breakfast buffet is served in a casual style.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, there was a drink corner. Coffee was in the pot.

There are orange juice and grapefruit juice.

There were dairy products, small drinks and yogurt.

There are several kinds of breads, bread, bucket, pastries, muffin, and so on.

Salad and cheese

Rice ball, rolled sushi and eggs

Fried rice and noodles

You can order Taiwan's specialty "Tanzoo noodles".

Popular dishes such as fried eggs were served

The mini pork steamed bun was delicious.

Indoor pool, fitness and facilities

The hotel has a business center, SPA and fitness center. At the business center, you can use exclusive secretary service, print, copy and fax. At Sherwood SPA on the 20th floor, you can experience various fine treatments.

The fitness center has a sports gym and a warm indoor pool.

There was a gift shop near the front desk on the 1st floor. In addition, there is an underground parking lot, so guests can use it for free.

The Sherwood Taipei Hotel in the business district

The area around the hotel is a business district where a lot of banks’ offices are located.

There are many bakeries, restaurants, Chinese restaurants and convenience stores around the hotel. There is a shop of Hangzhou soup dumpling shop across the road in front of the hotel. There are other soup dumpling restaurants around, but I recommend Pineapple Cake called Sunny Hills, although it's about 20 minutes on foot from there. You better to take a bus if you go there.

5 minutes from Taipei Songshan Airport!

It is a 5-minute drive from Taipei Songshan Airport and a 40-minute drive from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. It is about 10 minutes by car to shopping and office town Shinsyuu and Taipei 101.

The Taipei Arena, usually used for events, is a few minutes on foot and the nearest MRT station is Zhongshan Junior High School Station on the Neihu Line, about 6 minutes on foot. You can go to any sightseeing spot from MRT Neihu Line, but taxi is convenient for moving. The hotel has a shuttle bus service to the airport.

The Sherwood Taipei : Summary

Although it is the highest-ranking hotel in Taipei hotels, the hotel feels a bit old compared to the other hotels of the same class as it opened in 1990.

But the interior was renovated and I did not feel oldness in the room. It is attractive to be able to stay reasonably at this high class hotel. The deluxe room I stayed was 38 m² in size, the bed was comfortable and I could fully relax. Although it was a luxury hotel, I was able to feel very relaxed as if I were at home. If you leave the hotel it is completely an office town, so there are many businessmen and public order is fine. It is a bit far to the closest MRT station, so you may come back to the room just to go to the bed once you go out. If you use taxi mostly or in Taiwan for business, I would like to recommend this hotel very strongly.

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