The Surf Jack Hotel & Swim Club

  • Room Type : Bungalow
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people

I choose "The Surf Jack Hotel & Swim Club" because it was recently renewed and its interior was popular on Instagram. Although it is only an idea, I thought I want to take the picture too. I often use a major hotel all the time, I thought about experiencing a hotel of a different style this time. In addition, I thought that access is convenient for shopping and trolley sightseeing etc. in the center of Waikiki.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

The entrance was a bit dark. There was no entrance door, the wood entrance was a casual atmosphere like a beach house.

Porter is always standing in the entrance.

A view of the entrance seen from inside the hotel

There was a front desk on the right after entering the entrance. And the back was the lobby. There is one front desk, there is not much staff, so it may be crowded at check-in.

It looks at the entrance from the front desk. It is a coffee shop that is built in the back, and there was also a shop.

As I entered the entrance there was a pool in the center.

This is a lobby. I will sit here and receive check-in procedures and accommodation explanations. It is a very casual feeling. I was thrilled that there were surfboards on the ceiling and contemporary art.

Contemporary art in the lobby

Sunscreens were installed in several places on the first floor. It seems to be a safe thing that is gentle to corals and nature.

There was a water server on the first floor. It was delicious with different fruits every day.

Fashionable cabana space on the first floor. Everyone, not the reserved seat, can sit freely.

A toilet on the first floor. Both men and women are together, but there were 4 private rooms, which were beautiful.

In the private room of the first-floor toilet. The wallpaper was cute.

First Floor Elevator Hall

First Floor Elevator Hall Art Previous

Inside the elevator

Elevator Inner floor button panel

Room Floor Elevator Hall and Corridor Beyond.

The corridor near the room entrance

The room of the bungalow

The room entrance door

When entering the room, there was a bathroom on the right side and a closet on the left side.

Air conditioner power button and temperature control button etc.

There was an eco bag in the room and it was written that it is good to use for anything during my stay, but it was a little dirty and I did not use it.

The rooms are not wide, the rooms are full of beds, there is not much space. I was at a loss for the stroller's place. There was no desk, it was a bit inconvenient to put small stuff. Also, it was inconvenient for me to not have the mirror of the full-length mirror, I wanted to see the whole body before going out, but in the mirror of the bathroom, I could only see the upper body. The whole body mirror was not in the room and also in the lobby. Instead, the room was decorated with art, the TV stands, walls and furniture were unified with trees, and it was a fashionable atmosphere.

The bed had a feeling of cleanliness, there was nothing wrong. It was easy to sleep. However, even if it says that the building was renewed, the building itself is old, I heard the footsteps and talking sounds of people walking in the corridor whether walls and doors are thin.

There was a bedside table between the beds. There was no desk in the guest room, it was a little inconvenient because it was only one table.

On the bedside table, there was a telephone, a clock with a speaker compatible with Bluetooth, remote control for the TV, etc. They left a message after cleaning every day.

There were a TV and a chair opposite the bed.

The under of the TV was a storage shelf.

Pinback button which was put on the TV stand was cute. It is a good souvenir.

I saw the interior from the veranda side.

There was a veranda in the guest room.

The veranda is small, but there were two small chairs and a table. Although there is a partition with the neighbor, it can be seen from the gap, and since the distance feeling is close, I think that there is no private feeling.

The view from the room I stayed is called the city view, it was just the building under construction next door. I was a little disappointed at that. Because the accommodation building is built in an L shape to surround the pool, depending on the room it becomes a pool view.

The Bathroom

There was no bathtub in the bathroom. There were a toilet, washbasin, and shower room.

The water pressure of the shower was no problem, the showerhead was a thing where the water flow could be changed. It was a fixed type without a shower hose.

The washbasin was also wood. It was unique.

The mirror of the sink and paintings were also decorated.

There were towels and a hairdryer under the sink.


There was a towel hanger on the wall on the left side of the bathroom.

Amenities were shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, hand wash. There is no toothbrush and no slippers.


The Closet and Safety Box

There was a closet on the left side of the room. The closet was a three-sided door, and in the rightmost door, there were a cafe corner, a safety deposit box, and a refrigerator.

The closet was a little narrow and inside the doors of the left side, there were hangers, steam irons, luggage stands and extra comforters. Iron was only steam going out and there was no ironing board.

The safety box was a common type that sets the PIN number.

Descriptions of how to use are written on the door, but it was only in English.

The Mini bar / cafe

The cafe corner and the fridge were in the door on the far right of the closet.

In the cafe corner, there were four glasses, ice pale, dried fruits in snacks and three cookies. Although I was glad that there was a snack, the number was unified and there was a sense of incompatibility. There was no coffee maker or electric kettle.

There was a refrigerator in the closet under the cafe corner.

There was nothing in the refrigerator, there was no mini bar.

The Restaurants and shops in the hotel

The hotel had a restaurant called "Mahina & Suns". Although I did not use this time, there was a bar counter, the interior was still an artistic design, and it was a fashionable atmosphere.

Coffee was prepared at the counter in the restaurant every morning and it was possible to receive it for free.

There was a shop called "Olive & Oliver" at the hotel.

"Olive & Oliver" coffee counter

The coffee cup was very cute!

There were some goods in the back of the coffee counter.

There was a hotel original T-shirt, it was cute.

There were also cosmetics.

Because it is a cute cup SNS seems to be shining.

The Facilities in the hotel

The pool was in the middle of the first floor. It was small, but everyone was relaxed lying on a beach bed on the poolside.

The accommodation building, the front desk, the lobby, the restaurant, and the cabanas space were the pool surrounds and the pool is made like a symbol.

The water temperature was just fine.

A view of the pool from the room's veranda.

It is the rule of the pool. Do not jump in. Do not run or play. Do not bring in glasses. No pets allowed. Children without adult attendance are not good.

The pool at night was lighted up and it was very nice. After 18 o'clock, children can not use the pool due to hotel rules, which makes it a very adult atmosphere.

There seems to be a day when the music live is held at the restaurant. Because the pool is on the first floor, we can not see the sunset. Because the location of the hotel itself is not on the beach side but on the Ala Wai canal side, it is surrounded by high buildings around, so I think that you can not see the sunset from the room.

There was a rental cycle. It's free anytime, but be careful as there is no brake.

The hotel surroundings environment

The hotel is close to Kuhio Street in the center of Waikiki, so there are plenty of restaurants and shops, and it is lively. I think that it is good for shopping because DFS and Royal Hawaiian Center are near. I think that security is not bad, but I think that it is better not to go out alone by night.

There was an ABC store right next to the hotel.

Staff & Customers

The room cleaning staff kept the message in the memo pad every time. It’s a small thing, but I feel happy. The front desk and staff at the entrance always smiled and tried to take pictures, they were very friendly. Explanatory documents at check-in and display inside the hotel were all English only, so those who are not good at English may feel inconvenienced.

There were many people in Europe and America, and I saw a lot of Japanese tourists. A group of friends, many people stayed alone. I feel that there were more young people overall. Conversely, there were a few families and older people.

Access to the hotel from airport

Because it is Waikiki, I think access from the airport is about 25 minutes. As I left the entrance and go to the right, it is Kuhio Street, so many buses and trolleys are running and I think that it is convenient to go anywhere.

There are plenty of shops and restaurants, which is convenient. Duty-free shop DFS is also nearby.

Summary of The Surf Jack Hotel & Swim Club

The hotel was renewed. I want to photograph everything the pool and interior. There was a different personality from other hotels, I was able to feel the excitement. However, when I stayed at this hotel this time, I stayed with my 2 – year – old daughter, which made me feel a bit inconvenient. It is mainly the narrowness of the room space and that the shower is a fixed type. My daughter will not cry so much anymore, but in the case of a child with a night cry, I think that the walls are so thin that I hear that may sound out. The atmosphere of the hotel is very nice, I think I would like to stay again but I think that it will be after the child got bigger.

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