The Surin Phuket

  • Room Type : Hillside cottage
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

The reason for choosing "The Surin Phuket" was that the pictures on the official website of the hotel were very beautiful and, that they were all cottages, there was a private beach, and the cost performance was high . Once I booked another hotel, I was worrying that it was a large facility for families, and I was still searching for another hotel. So, I happened to find this hotel at the reservation site. When I accessed to check the official website of the hotel, I liked the picture at first glance. I thought that all the rooms are independent in the cottage is also interesting. Because I wanted to stay quietly, it was also plus that there was a private beach on Surin Beach, plus the package fee included breakfast and massage, so I decided to stay at this hotel.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

The entire site is surrounded by tropical trees and it seems to be a hideaway. A slope leading from the entrance to the front invites you into the forest, which makes it feel a calm and relaxing vacation.

The wall was removed around the front desk as well as the entrance, it was a very open space.

State of the lobby

Three tables are placed at the front desk and check-in sits one pair at a time.

Welcome drink and towel at check-in, and garlands made with fragrant flowers and lemon grass are served. I felt comfortable with a cold towel. It was my 2nd stay at this hotel this time, and the staff must have checked the history and said "Welcome back!" With a smile.

Welcome garland that you can have at check-in was very fragrant.

Passage to the cottage.

Plants that I have never seen before were growing a lot, and just watching it in interesting

Stairs that cross the cottage and the main building. It is lit up at night.

Room at Hillside Cottage?

Cottage appearance

Room entrance door

Entrance door seen from inside. It was dual glass door and wooden door.

When you do not want you to knock or need cleaning, put this card on the outside.

The color tone is unified with earth color such as green, dark green, greenish gray and it is calm interior that harmonizes with the scenery. The furniture is placed at moderate intervals and it is spacious but it is a very cozy space. Because each guest room is independent as a cottage, it has a strong sense of privacy, and there is nothing to be bothered by noise unless things are done quite well. Still, the sound of waves and the sound of leaves trembling in the wind are comfortable like BGM, and you can spend a really luxurious time.

The bed had a feeling that the mattress was a bit thin, but there was no particular problem. It was sufficiently large and not too hard, so I fell sound asleep.

The bed was decorated with flowers with a honeymoon specification.

A message of "Happy Honeymoon" was written.

There was a tissue and an alarm clock on the bedside table on the right side facing the bed. The outlet receptacle was on both sides.

There was a TV remote control bedside table on the left side facing the bed.

It seems to be replaced with your favorite bedding for free.

There was ceiling fan in the guest room, and the resort feeling made me excited.

There was a television set on the left side of the entrance. The TV was rather small.

The opposite side of the bed was a window on one side. There was a sofa and a table by the window.

There was a welcome fruit and a message card on the table.

There was a desk and a chair in the opposite corner.

On the desk, there was a fixed phone and memo set, as well as an activity list.

Activity list. Although it seems that there are times when it is subject to change depending on the timing, there is something that is held somewhere everyday.

There was also a letter set.

The view of the guest room seen from the bathroom side.

The other side of the bed, the back of the sofa was a window on one side.

Window with the blinds closed.

Although it was a hillside cottage, we were able to see the view of the beach luckily from the window of our guest room.

There is a terrace before entrance of cottage, 2 sun beds and umbrella were there. Because sand bed and umbrella almost take up the width, it is not as wide as it is enough.

It was Hillside Cottage, but this time I was able to see the landscape of the beach. The sunset was hidden with trees and could not be seen. I was worrying about mosquitoes and when I relaxed it was a poolside so we did not use the sunbeds of this balcony.


There was a bathroom in the back of the bedroom. The right door was a toilet and the left door was a shower room. Because the shower room and the toilet are completely separated, we were able to use both at once.

The aroma oil being burned in the toilet had a refreshing feeling like a eucalyptus, it was a very good scent.

The shower was made by TOTO and there was both a rain shower and a hand shower. Although the water pressure is sufficient, since the part where the water of the hand shower comes out is small, on the contrary it is a little painful. Rain shower is recommended. There was no bathtub.

Rain shower.

A shampoo, a conditioner and a shower gel were prepared in the shower room. Liquid based amenities are all natural scents and are very relaxing. Because the head does not turn easily upward in the shampoo bottle, enough amount came out unless it was returned by oneself.

There were also two sinks, and the space to put things was enough.

The sink was decorated with flowers and it was a good scent.

Soap on the sink.

Soap was handmade.

In the amenity, basic items such as shower cap, nail file, sanitary bag, cotton swab and cotton were collected.

When opening the lid of the amenity case.

Cotton was in a cage-like container.

Body lotion, Aloe vera gel for suntan care, there was also naturally derived insect repellent spray.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Box

There was a spacious open closet between the bedroom and the bathroom, across the aisle. On the right closet facing the bathroom there was a fan, a bag, and an umbrella for rent. There were also many built-in hangers.

There was also a hat for rent.

A bathrobe was prepared in the closet on the left side facing the bathroom.

There was also a storage shelf in the closet.

In the drawer, there was a laundry bag, a price list and a flashlight.

Beach sandals and slippers were also provided.

There was a safety box in the door next to the sofa. It is a very casual door so you may find it a bit if you do not know in advance.

Safety boxes were of a common type that sets 4 digit PIN.

There is no power supply in the safety box, but there is something like an accessory tray. The inside of the cabinet is black and it is in a position where light does not reach so much, so if you put a stuff with a dark color, it is easier to put in when you put white paper first.

Mini bar / cafe

There was a cafe corner next to the sofa. There are electric kettle, four bottles of water of water bottle, coffee machine and two coffee capsules, creamer, 2 kinds of tea, jasmine tea, chamomile tea, 2 sugar and diet sugar at the cafe corner. There were two creamers in the refrigerator.

Capsule type coffee and tea bag prepared at the cafe corner.

There was also a glass in the drawer under the television.

There was also a wine glass in the second row.

In the back of the wine glasses, the spirits of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Gordons Gin and Smirnoff Vodka were also prepared as mini bars.

In the bottom drawer, potato chips, mixed nuts and cashew nuts were prepared as mini bars.

There was a refrigerator in the door under the TV.


A lot of drinks were prepared in the refrigerator, and the minibar was very fulfilling.

Price list of minibar.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

There was a "Sunset Cafe" on the second floor of the main building.

Because the ceiling was high and the window was big, it felt open.

When I asked for cooking, bread certainly appeared as a straw.

Caprese of "Sunset Cafe." Thai food is, of course, tasty, but Caprese who asked for chopstick breaks was also serious, with mozzarella cheese being serious full-fledged.

Tom yum cun and green curry of "Sunset Cafe." The green curry was a lot of coconut milk, it was quite creamy and tasty.

On the 3rd floor (the front floor) of the main building there was a "Ron Talay restaurant."

"Ron Talay Restaurant" is a breakfast venue.

The breakfast venue is divided into two with a passageway, but the buffet stand is only one side.

Scenery from the seat.

When sitting at the table you will be asked "Coffee or tea?" You can also choose espresso and cappuccino.

Bread toaster

Sweet bread

Serial corner

Milk for dried fruits and cereals

Bacon and sausage, fried mashed potato etc.

Ham and cheese etc.

Counter of egg dishes. They made omelets and scrambled eggs on the spot.

Salad corner

There was also a noodle bar. I could choose my favorite noodles and ingredients.

Porridge and dim sum

Yogurt corner

Mangoes, watermelons, pineapple, grapefruits, papayas, bananas, etc. were lined up in the fruit corner.

There were also cakes and cookies.

There were many kinds of fresh juice.

You can order from the menu on the table without any additional charge.

Afternoon tea will be held on the poolside once a week.

Afternoon tea on the poolside also had banana fritters and ice creams.

There was a shop on the same floor as the front floor. There were bathing suits and resort clothes, soaps and aromas that I could put on during my stay.

Goods such as accessories of artists, were available. Normally, it is not attractive to the hotel's shop much, but when I entered this shop, it was an atmosphere that I wanted to buy something.

Many of the original items of the hotel were able to buy polo shirts and tote bags, basket bags which are also in the guest rooms, shampoo and so on.

Facilities in the hotel

There was outdoor pool in facility.

A lot of deck chairs and umbrellas were prepared around the pool.

Both the beach and the swimming pool are westward, so if the weather is fine we can see a very touching sunset. It is very romantic to see the sunset while dining at the poolside cafe or beach restaurant.

The pool at night was lit up and it was beautiful.

The beach is spread behind the pool.

The beach is small compared to Patong Beach. It is shared with this "The Surin Phuket" and another hotel, but both of them are situated at both ends of the beach and because the number of rooms is not so large, almost quiet like a private beach. There may be more waves than Patong beach, but since there is no one, we can walk quietly. In the dry season there seems to be beach volleyball, body board and paddle board rentals. When you are sleeping on the sun bed of the beach, the souvenir shop staff near you will ask if drinks and massage are needed. If you do not like this, decline it properly or go up to the poolside, the toll does not go up.

There was a bar on the beach, too. We can eat.

Naturally, because it is the sea, there is nothing to block. Sunset and waves of different colors mixed together, the sound of the waves, and the quiet beach together are very fantastic. If there are clouds a bit, I will have a different expression and emotion. Even if an amateur takes a picture with a smartphone, it becomes a picture like a postcard, so I took many pictures.

There was a beach restaurant, either because it was for refurbishment, it was closed for a week during my stay.

There was fitness center in facility.

In the gym, the sun light was bright in the afternoon.

There was also a tennis court in the facility.

There was also spa facility.

When I received the spa, they gave me a sour drink and a cold towel. Before the treatment you will be asked about the strength of the acupressure, especially the part that is tired, the part that you do not want to touch.

The treatment room of the spa. If you make a reservation with 2 people, they will treat you in the same room.

Spa changing room

There was also a library on the 3rd floor of the main building, where there were plenty books as its name suggests. The air conditioning is effective in the rooms, you can slowly sit on the sofa.

Since the personal computer and the printer are placed, it seems that it also functions as a business center.

Also, since there is also billiards, you can kill a little time. Let's compete with other guests when playing somehow! I was spoken to and we decided to play billiards together. Billiards did not need words, so I had so much fun.

Hotel surroundings environment

Because the hotel premises is surrounded by forests other than the beach, you can really relax with a feeling like a solitary island on the land. In order to leave the premises we need to go up a little steep slope and descend, but it is comfortable to send from the front desk to the entrance of the premises with a cart dedicated to the site. Going to the right from the doorway there are streets where massage stores, restaurants, other five-star hotels line up. It is fun to look into other hotels. There is a roundabout when going ahead ahead and there is a pharmacy, supermarket, convenience store when turning to the left there, but a wild dog is a warming at night. I was a bit scared about getting bitten.

The inside of the premises will pick you up in this cart.

"Jung Ceylon" at Patong Beach. It is a distance of about 30 minutes by car.

Inside of the "Jung Ceylon."

The shopping mall "Central Phuket" which opened just during my stay. It is about 30 minutes by car.

Inside the "Central Phuket" store.

The temple called Wat Chalong. It is about 40 minutes by car.

Old town is lined with Chinese Portuguese style buildings. It is about 30 to 40 minutes by car.

Staff & Customers

The front desk staff was always full of hospitality with a smile. They responded pleasantly to photo shoots and asked for a sudden one day sightseeing course at the time of rain and gave me a quick response quickly. We had reliable staff. The cleaning staff will greet us with a smile all the time when they pass each other. Regarding the staff of the restaurant, sometimes it was guided to a bad seat or forgotten what I asked for, but there was something a little troublesome, but here it is okay to tell the request or promptly. I was comfortable, so I think that this is within the acceptable range. The name of the general manager was written on the message card that was placed in the room, but since it was a name like a Frenchman, it may be foreign capital rather than Thailand.

The customer base is half a couple and families. I think that the couple also had many calm guests over the late thirties. Children were not too noisy, so it was a very relaxing stay, yet it was a stay that made me happy.


From the airport it is an option to go by a car. Although construction is under way to make a tram from the airport to the city, completion is still ahead and it is highly likely that it will not come to Surin Beach even after completion. You may pick up a taxi at the airport, but because it’s a bit expensive, I called a car using the dispatch application service. If you are not a taxi vehicle, you will not be allowed to enter the airport premises unless you prove that you are an guest, and you will be asked for your name and flight number by message function in the application.

If you are outside the shop in the hotel, there are not many shops in the surrounding area. Afterwards, you can go to the local market once a week with hotel activities. It's pretty small and there is not such a nice thing, but the mood of travel is exciting. There is a TESCO of the British supermarket opposite the beach of the market, so I bought a souvenir for rose wrapping there. For shopping purposes, I think that Patong Beach is better. It takes 30 - 40 minutes by car to Patong Beach. You can call a taxi if you ask the front desk.


It was a very good hotel and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family. The best reason is the reasonable cost. Although it may be natural because I went to the rainy season, I stayed at a reasonably good rate. However, although it was a reactionary of its profitable feeling, I was occupied excessively on site. Also, this hotel is very good at using flowers and scents effectively. Beginning with a welcome garland delivered at the front desk at check-in, insect repellent placed in the room, after sun lotion, incense burner located at the toilet, everything is overflowing with aroma and aroma-free fragrance. Flower potted plants are placed on the sink, and when turning down they will put tie-like tropical flowers on the pillows. What I would like to add is the quality of spa. I thought that massage here is better than anywhere I received. It is quite expensive compared to the massage on the streets, but with the careful service corresponding to the amount, it was a procedure that I would like to take it again during my stay. Comprehensively, it is a hotel that makes you feel the resort feeling fully from arrival to departure.