The Tango Hotel Taipei Nancy

  • Room Type : Junior King Bed
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

It takes only 10 seconds to The Tango Hotel Taipei Nanshi from Zhongshan Station Exit 3. It's very convenient as it's in the shopping street which has roof, so you don't get wet even if it rains. Because each floor has only few rooms, there are few scenes you have to wait elevator or see other visitors. It is also good that you can take a bath relaxingly because the bathtub is big with jacuzzi. As I was satisfied with their kind service last time I stayed for my birthday, they celebrated it for me, so I decided to stay here this time as well.

Exterior, entrance, and reception

It is in the middle of the street in the shopping street, and the building is thin, so you might pass by accidentally for the first time. The door is quite heavy with a push type. Also, the entrance is quite dark.

The reception staff are very kind. They are considerate of my requests for keeping our luggage before check-in. If the room is ready, they will let you check-in even before the time.

elevator hall

Elevator button

Junior king bed room

Since there is a distance from the door to the bed, the sound from the corridor cannot be heard. It is good that the whole room is quite dark and relaxing, but at the same time it is quite inconvenient when doing make-up. There are various kind of amenities ready including bath salts, and I think their hospitality is really good.

The bed was not too soft and comfortable. Because a thick duvet was the only option for a cover, I felt it was too warm depending on the temperature of room.

Bedside Table


Outlet and panel on the desk

Room Television

Even though the room has windows, you don't have reason to open them as the hotel is in the shopping street. Depending on the location of your room, you might be visible from the next building, so it is rather better not to open it. Also, as it is close to the building next door, even if you opened the window, brightness did not change that much.

Full-length mirror


The water pressure of the shower was super strong enough, because the shower head is large. As the partition of the glass door between the shower booth and the outside (washing space) is low, depending on the direction in which you take a shower and the amount of water, hot water from the shower flow towards the washing space. (The bathmat get soaked)

The bathtub is quite spacious, so you can lie and relax. The jacuzzi healed my tired foot.

There was bathroom TV.

Wash basin

Shelves under the wash basin

In addition to basic set such as toothbrush, razor, comb, shower cap, there were also dental floss and mouthwash etc. As there was also a file for nails, I think that it is useful for women.

Shampoo, body soap, facial cleansing foam, body lotion were hotel's original and the labels on the bottles made me to easy to understand.

It was nice that the soap was hotel's original which has some scrubs.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

The closet was quite big. Ironing board, iron, bathrobe, and slippers were stored here. Safety deposit box is also in the closet.

Inside of closet

Iron in the closet

It was a regular type of safety box, so its usage was simple.

In-room coffee

There are coffee, tea bags, tea leaves and teapot which looks like very Taiwanese style.

Upper drawer : Tea set and pineapple cakes

Lower drawer

In the refrigerator, a mini can of cola, sprite, and pocari sweat were always placed. There are two kinds of bottles of water (hotel's original and Evian). They had two pineapple cakes too. All of them are free and will be refilled if you stay for 2 nights or more.

Inside of the refrigerator


In the microwave

Hotel's breakfast

Breakfast venue from the outside

Warm dishes

Frying dishes


Things for rice and fruits


Hotel surroundings

Although it is in the downtown, I could walk around without fear because it is on the main street. There are also many restaurants including the famous dim sum place "Din Tai Fung" near the hotel, so just being around the hotel area makes you satisfied. Also, most of the shops along the street are available until 22 o'clock, so you do not have to worry about shopping. Because there is a roof on the sidewalk, you can avoid the sun.

Staff & Customers

There were many young staff, but everyone was kind and tried hard to answer my request as much as possible, so I was very grateful.

It seemed that visitor here are mainly Japanese, Chinese local people, and some Westerner. However, as the number of rooms in the hotel is very limited, we do not have much opportunity to see other guests. (only at the breakfast)


From Taipei Songshan Airport, it takes about 15 minutes by taxi (160 ~ 180 RMB). It is 10 seconds on foot from MRT Zhongshan station exit 3, but there is only staircases, so if you have a big suitcase, better to take another exit. There are many shops dealing clothes restaurants are located near the hotel, and a big department Shinko Mitsukoshi is just in front of the hotel, so you do not have to worry about shopping or eating out. Because it is along the main street, security is good too.

Taking MRT from the hotel was perfect, I think access it takes 10 seconds to enter the station and 30 seconds to get to the ticket gate. It was very convenient to use other transportation facilities too, everything was in 5 minutes distance. There are some shops which are open until late soon, so you do not have to worry about buying souvenirs.


I had to stayed at another annex of the hotel, Tango Hotel ChangAn, on the second night, as there was a misunderstanding between the hotel and the travel agency I booked, but the hotel staff dealt with this trouble with sincerely, so I felt it was good that I could stay here anyway.

Tango Hotel Chang'an was also a good hotel, but I think that Tango Hotel Nancy is the best when considering about accessibility to MRT. Besides that, after you did shopping, it is also easier to bring the bags to your room. In order to walk around without wasting time, I think location is very important, so I would like to stay here again.

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