Okura Prestige Taipei

  • Room Type : Prestige Double
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person
  • Located in Zhongshan area and easy to get around
  • Luxury interior and excellent quality service

It takes 3 minutes on foot from Zhongshan station to the hotel. You can see the hotel on the corner when you cross the Zhongshan North Road. The building is taller than the police station in front and has a modern feeling of luxury. Okura Prestige located in Zhongshan and is perfect for business, sightseeing, and shopping. I will write a report about this hotel based on my experience.

Okura Prestige : Beautiful appearance that has a strong presence

When walking towards the hotel, you can see many buildings that are not blended with the cityscape of Zhongshan. Okura Prestige Taipei is a beautiful building with glass, taller than the surroundings, and standing out skyscraper in a big city.

You can come to the front entrance of the hotel by car. It has a large roof and you will not get wet even on rainy days. Doormen were standing there and helped me carrying luggage.

When entering the entrance, I looked up the chandelier shining brightly on the high ceiling of the colonnade.

The stairs where the red carpet was spread was glamorous.

I didn't need to line up for check-in. The interior color is unified with white beige, gold, and red and have a luxurious feeling.

These are elevator to the rooms on the opposite side of the front desk.

Okura Prestige Taipei : Luxurious Prestige Room

After checking in, we headed to the room immediately.

The door of the rooms felt very heavily but it looks luxurious with gold parts on white ground.

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When the room key is inserted, the room power gets turned on. When I entered the room, there was already a card key and the air conditioning was working. Because the day we stayed was a hot day with more than 30 degrees, I appreciated staff's thoughtfulness!

The room has only one room but it felt wider than general hotel.

The color tone unified with white, beige and gold and red were giving a modern and high class luxury atmosphere. The window was also large from the ceiling to the floor, and the whole room was bright, taking in the natural light outside.

Once you sit on the couch sofa placed at the window, your legs are stretched out and it felt like you could fall asleep as it is too comfortable.

There are a desk and a TV set on the other side of the bed.

If you are staying for business, the desk will be useful with a data port many functions. The chair was comfortable too.

The TV set hung on the wall is saving space of the room. There is also a table on which a suitcase can be placed.

There was also a DVD deck in the chest under the TV.

The bed was comfortable and I could choose either hard pillow or soft one.

An alarm clock is also placed on the side table of the bed.

This watch is a panel that can operate all the lighting of the guest room. Another side table had a phone and a memo.

By opening the sliding door between the guest room and the bathroom, you can make more space in the room and feel open.

When the sliding door is closed

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Okura Prestige Taipei : Open and spacious bathroom

The room is completely barrier free, every part of the room, bedroom and bathroom is not separated and feels like everything is placed in one room.

The wash basin is large and the mirror is big. It was entirely marble and very elegant.

There is a hair dryer on the shelf.

On the washbasin, there was an amenity box which has toothbrush, razor, shaving foam, cotton swab, cotton set, shower cap, mouth wash and hair brush.

The bathroom is separated by glass partitions and spacious.

bathtub and shower are in one room.

The 21-inch TV is installed above the bathtub and you can operate it with the remote control embedded on the wall.

It feels very elegant to watch TV while relaxing in a bathtub.

The shower's water pressure is very strong and it was easy to use. Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap were placed.

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The toilet is separated from the bathroom and it is a private room. It is on the opposite side of the corridor.

This wash basin is also marble and very beautiful.

It is a new toilet with washlette function.

Okura Prestige Taipei : Coffee and drinks in the room

There were a lot of choices of coffee and drinks in guest room.

There was a capsule machine of Nescafe. You set capsules and put water when you want to drink, and that is very convenient. I can make hot water with the electric kettle, and there were a lot of tea bags of Taiwanese tea.

In the chest, there were a fridge, glasses, and cups.

Drinks in the fridge are not for free, but it's good that alcohol drinks and soft drinks are always in stock.

Even if you buy alcohol and bring them to your room, if you drink them with the glasses here.

Cups and saucers are aligned beautifully.

The pineapple cakes served at the couch sofa's coffee table were tasty. You can buy the same cake as a souvenir at the bakery in the hotel.

Okura Prestige Taipei : Closet, Safety Deposit Box

There is a closet right next to the entrance.

It's wide and has enough space.

Many hangers were prepared.

Chest and slippers for indoor were also placed.

There were paper bags in addition to laundry bags in the chest.

The safety deposit box was in the side table of the bedroom.

It is a simple type of pressing the secret code.

Okura Prestige Taipei: The view from the 10th floor

You can see the buildings of the city from the window from the window.

You can look down streets and intersections.

I could not overlook the city widely as it is the same height with other buildings surrounded.

Curtains and blinds can be operated automatically with the remote control installed on the wall.

If you pull down blinds, you can protect your privacy with keeping the brightness.

Okura Prestige Taipei : Restaurant / Breakfast

There are three restaurants, a bar and a bakery with Japanese cuisine “Yamato”, Cantonese cuisine and Hong Kong dumpling “Peach aquarium”, all-day dining “buffet style” “Continental Room”, bar lounge “The Pearl”, and Okura special bakery “The Nine”. Breakfast is served in buffet style at “Continental Room”.

The continental room is on the second floor.

There are many seats, and seems not to be crowded too much.

Freshly baked bread were very tasty.

Chef was not standing there in the picture, but you can order Taiwanese style soup noodles and beef noodles here. The taste was very good.

The salad was rich in variety.

Fruits, hams, smoked salmon and toppings

Roast ham was cut on the table.

Dairy products

Juice, water and tea

You can enjoy coffee, cappuccino, or latte with this machines.

Bar lounge "The Pearl"

The bar lounge "The Pearl" opens from 10: 00-0:00 and you can enjoy tea time, snacks, cocktails and the world's best drinks. Pineapple cakes and nougat sold at Okura special bakery "The Nine" are also recommended for souvenirs.

Okura Prestige Taipei : Rooftop pool and fitness gym

The pool on the rooftop, 21st floor, the view of the city from there is good. It is pleasantly cleaned and swimming is fun.

The fitness gym on the 20th floor was also new and clean machine. Running while looking at the scenery seems to be comfortable. There is also a bathroom sauna on the same floor, and bath towels are also prepared so you can just go by hand.

Okura Prestige Taipei : It feels safe around the hotel

Since public peace is fine, you can walk around even at night. You can go straight to the Ningxia Night Market on foot in 15 minutes.

The hotel in the evening is also luxurious.

Neon on the street is bright and the streets are crowded with people.

Restaurants are everywhere.

Okura Prestige : 15 minutes on foot to Ningxia Night Market

There are many famous night markets in Taipei. The most famous Shihlin Night Market in Taipei is about 20 minutes by taxi from here, but Ningxia Night Market is close enough to walk in about 15 minutes.

Ningxia night market seemed like a mecca for casual street foods.

People gather to the market at night.

On both sides of the road, the stalls that are arranged an it feels very exciting.

It smells tasty, but I do not know which one I should eat.

Not only tourists but locals come for dinner at night, so you can trust taste and price of food here.

Ningxia night market seems to be a B grade gourmet heaven, but there are some long-established shops with a long queue.

It is crowded until about 23 clock and there are also dessert foods, so we recommend taking a walk even after having meal in a restaurant.

BBQ grilled mushrooms with six different sauces

It is interesting to just walk around seeing the displays.

There are shops dealing games and toys for kids, so children can also enjoy the market.

Okura Prestige Taipei : Good location to get around for sightseeing with MRT subway

It is a 3-minute walk from MRT Zhongshan Station, about 45 minutes by car from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, and 15 minutes by car from Taipei Songshan Airport.

From the hotel, you go to Zhongshan station, and easy access to every sightseeing spot with subway MRT. You can go to Ximen Town, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and Longshan Temple by taxi within 15 minutes.

Okura Prestige Taipei : Polite and kind staff

Staff are polite and I felt very comfortable.

Okura Prestige Taipei : Summary

Okura Prestige Taipei was newly built and very satisfying the hotel which opened in 2012.

Although the hotel is expensive, the quality of the guest room, the facility, the staff meets the quality as much as guests’ expectations.

As it is a well-located hotel with good access to sightseeing spots and well-equipped surroundings, you will be able to make the most memorable trip with fulfilled tourism and fulfilling accommodation.

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