Tierra Viva Machu Picchu

  • Room Type : Twin Room (2nd Floor)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people

The deciding factor we decided to stay here at "Tierra Viva Machu Picchu" was that it was a place that is easy to access Machu Picchu, which is the purpose of the first trip. Since it is the place to go for the first time, I decided to focus on being a safe and comfortable hotel, rather than a cheap hotel, because there was concern about altitude sickness, because I do not know the public security. As this hotel seemed to have many Japanese stayers' accommodation, it was good that we could also use it, and in that it can use Wi-Fi, coca tea for alpine sickness measures is all-you-can-drink 24 hours a day I got it. I will show you how I stayed. 【Official website】 Tierra Viva Machu Picchu

Check the hotel's exterior and entrance, front desk!

The hotel is located about 5 minutes from the station and it is on a steep slope. It is surrounded by steep mountains, and a river flows in front of you.

The appearance seems a little old, but the entrance is bright with a glass, it is a beautiful impression.

The front desk and lobby are as wide as it is, the staff is always 2 to 3 persons at the reception, so we were able to relieve because we correspond kindly.

State of the lobby

Before the front desk is colonnade and the art of the elevator stand out.

Rooms stayed

The rooms are clean as a whole and can be spared as wide and comfortable as it is.

Bet is also single size 2, but futon and pillow were fluffy and could sleep comfortably.

There was Cusco 's chocolate beside Bette.

There were two bottles of free PET bottles above the working desk.

There is also a TV.

From the bedroom to the entrance side

Bathroom appearance

The bathroom was clean as a whole, and water pressure and temperature of the shower could also be used without problems. I think that the bathroom is in the whole Peru, but since it can not pass the toilet paper, it will be in a form to throw in the trash can. (Please be careful as it wrongly flushes as it clogs and breaks down.) On the second floor we stayed, there were restrooms that you could use for sharing, so if you are interested, I think that you should use it .

There were two amenities and glass cups in the sink.

There is no bathtub and there is only a shower, the shower curtain is a little short, and the partition of the floor is low, so it seems to overflow if the water pressure is too strong.

There is minimal amenity only of shampoo, conditioner and soap. I think that you need to bring what you need.

There was a bath mat with towels, one each for both bath towel and face towel. Towels are usually exchanged every other day, so if you want to change every day you are instructed to put it on the floor, so you need to be careful.

Closet and safety box

There were four hangers in the closet, but I could not remove it, and the height of the hanger was high, so I thought it was somewhat inconvenient.

There was a small safety box, there was something like a deodorant or insect repellent like a plug socket.

The closet was large, with a hairdryer and a bag of laundry service also in it.

There is no cafe bar, fridge!

There was no cafe bar, etc. There was a refrigerator. There is nothing in particular in it, so you can put drinks you purchased yourself. There are two free bottles of mineral water, so you do not have to buy water.

What is the view from the room?

The terrace is different in size depending on the size, whether the table and the chair are placed or not. From the room I stayed, I could see something like the surrounding mountains and small plaza and it was a refreshing feeling that I could hear the bridge of the river in front of my eyes well. The mountains around are really pretty steep, so it is a masterpiece to look at it from below.

Since the window building on the terrace is sweet, it is necessary to close it carefully because I was concerned about the drafts and I did not notice that I was free from the beginning. (It is especially cold at night.)

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant

The restaurant is right next to the hotel entrance. It is bright with glass, is clean as a whole, and a refreshing atmosphere as you can see the river and mountains in front of you well.

Although we could have breakfast there, we seemed to be open as a normal restaurant during the day and it was pretty busy.

For breakfast with buffet style, breakfast menu is lined up at the counter.

Butter, olives in bound cake

There is no coffee machine, it is regrettable that it is instant coffee. Fresh juice and cereals are also lining up.

There were a couple of hams, cheese and hot dishes.

State of the hotel and equipment

Corridor in front of the room

Before the elevator there is a pot of coffee, coca tea and hot water.

Coca tea is glad because it becomes measures against altitude sickness. It's free for 24 hours.

A computer can be used freely in the business room on the second floor.


From Cusco’s airport, it takes about 2 hours by taxi to Olaan Tay Tambo station, then it will take about 2 hours at Peru rail (train) to Machu Picchu village. It is nearly 5 minutes on foot from the station of Machu Picchu village to the hotel.

Machu Picchu village itself is a sightseeing spot, there are many shops, security is no problem. There are many shopping in Machu Picchu village. There is a bus to Machu Picchu, the destination, but the bus stop is also very close in about 5 minutes from the hotel. There is a ticket counter near the bus stop, so I bought it there. If we go by bus early in the morning, we have arranged from 4 o'clock dawn. It will take about 25 minutes by bus to Machu Picchu.

Staff and customer base

The staff of the hotel was friendly and warm, everyone was able to spend English very well and was able to spend very comfortably. I think Japanese can not be used. As I leave by bus early in the morning, I told that I do not agree with breakfast time and gave us a take-out bread, snack and drink. If you asked for restaurant reservation, we called, so it was a very pleasant service. This hotel seems to be incorporated also in the tour of Japan, and there were many group customers led by Japanese people and tour conductor. It seems that tourists are gathering from all over the world, so many people in Asia and Europe were seen.


This time, I stayed at Tierra Viva Machu Picchu and it was very good. Although we are traveling from the United States, not from Japan, we were tired of traveling a long way (one plane transit, two hours by taxi, two hours by train) even though it was still worried about altitude sickness, so this hotel It was a comfortable space, and it was safe to stay because it was done properly (coca tea, medicines sold nearby, etc.) properly. It was clean and spacious overall, and the service of the staff was also very good, so I thought that staying longer would not have any problem. Also, the bus to Machu Picchu was near, so it was convenient for us that we had to line up from early in the morning to go to the toilet and pick up the breakfast soon with the bus stop and the hotel . It was easy to move because it was close to the train station as well as going back and forth.

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