Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk

  • Room Type : Deluxe Room Partial Ocean View 21st Floor
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 (1 is under 1 year old)

This was our first overseas trip after my baby was born. As my baby was still 0 years old, so I wanted to spend as much as possible in the environment and lifestyle as when we were in Japan. My hope is (1) there is a space where the baby can move freely. (2) Being a guest room with a kitchen because I want to cook myself. In addition, considering that access to the beach is a better place, it is a conclusion that "Trump International Hotel Waikiki" is the best as a result.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

The hotel exterior, there are few high-rise hotels in this area, so This hotel was a presence.

Plants are used abundantly, and you can feel warmth though it is stylish. Palm trees further enhanced the resort feeling.

The entrance on the first floor has a check-in, a pick-up reception, and a concierge desk. The entrance and the reception are on separate floors, but the entrance also had a concierge so if you have any troubles you can feel free to consult without having to go to the front desk.

When entering the entrance, it is a lobby where you can feel luxury.

There is also a relaxing sofa, so you can relax at the time of the meeting.

As you rise to the front desk of the 6th floor from the entrance, it will change to a lively place in the open air open air where you can feel a refreshing wind.

The front counter and the green of the Fort de Russy park spreading in front of me was shining in the blue sky and it was very beautiful. The ceiling is also high, plants are abundantly used, and it is a very comfortable space. I could see the sea from the terrace. Hibiscus flowers enhance the sense of southern country.

elevator hall

Button in an elevator. You can press the floor by holding the card key.

A corridor headed to the room. It is very quiet.

The room in the deluxe room?

It was a spacious room rare in the hotel of Waikiki. The bed was soft and fluffy and comfortable. The pillow was also slightly hardened and softened so that I could use the one I liked.

It was a comfortable room suitable for the concept of staying like living.

The 42 inch TV was lying on the bed but it looked satisfactory. Also, I could see the sea well from the bed and I was looking forward to getting up every morning.

There is a working desk at the window, work seems to be going forward thanks to the light from the outside and the refreshing wind.

In the living area, there was a three-seat sofa, a sofa, and a low table, so I was able to spend relaxingly. It was a little stiff sofa so it was easy to sit on during meals.

We did prepare crib for cots and high chairs in advance

If you request in advance, you can rent a stroller.

Luxurious bathroom

Luxurious bathroom with marble used

It is appreciated for Japanese people that there are a deep bathtub and a large washbasin. For small people, especially those with children and elderly people, you can spend stress-free.

You can choose the height of the shower from two levels. Although the water pressure was a little weak, it is not particularly troublesome because it has a lot of water. The momentum of the water in the bathtub got hot water quickly. The bathtub was over a deep bathtub unusual overseas, so there was also space where you could stretch your legs firmly, so we were able to soak up the tiredness of the day by soaking it in hot water every night.

There is also a toilet in the bathroom. It has a washlet function.

The design was also stylish.

There is also a hairdryer in the drawer of the sink.

Bath amenities were shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, body cream and were handled at the world's premium department stores, which was from Spain's brand "Natura Bisa".

With a refreshing scent with a luxurious feel, shampoo conditioner became smooth hair.

Kitchen and cafe corner

When I entered the entrance door, there is a kitchen.

Kitchen as seen from the guest room.

There is a cafe set on the kitchen counter, and the bottle of water was charged at 5 dollars. (There are 5 dollars and a sticker.) The coffee was KAUAI COFFEE, and the tea was "RISHI". Ice seems to be brought free of charge to the concierge.

Free water is in the refrigerator. If I drank it would be replenished every day, and I could say it to the concierge.

In storage, all kitchen utensils such as pots, frying pans, rice cookers, chopping boards, kitchen knife, tongs and so on are placed so it was okay to bring only seasonings from Japan.

The dishes were also aligned with a large dish, a deep dish and a small dish, depending on the type of dish.

There were plenty of glasses and cups. It was very useful as making kid's meal and warming up take-out items in a microwave. I was able to spend relaxingly while relaxing on the sofa when I was having a meal.

Closet and safety box

There were two closets, both of which had enough hangers. There was enough depth to put a suitcase, enough amount could be stored.

In the living side closet, there was a bathrobe and slippers, it seemed like a trump hotel special. The bathrobe was solid and the fabric was comfortable with fluffy on the inside. Slippers were also solid fabrics and cushioning properties, it was easy to wear.

Safety box was a type of setting 4 digit recitation number by myself. Although there is no height, there is a depth, so it goes beyond appearance.

The view from the balcony

It was such a big window that you can see the scenery outside well from the room.

There were a table and 2 chairs on the balcony. The table was big, so it was a good space to put a meal for three people. Because it is made in a triangle, private is protected without worry the balcony of the next room. Because the fence is also glazed, it is felt wider. There was also a height, so it was safe without worry that children will fall accidentally. Although it is not the-beachside view, you can see the sea through the Halekulani-Outrigger unless it's a lower floor.

Restaurant in the hotel

We had a meal at the high-class steak restaurant "BLT" on the first floor of the hotel. We used Sunset- Menu (Happy Hour) for 16: 30-18: 30 only. Although it was guided to the space dedicated to the Sunset Menu, Happy Hour has many stores such as only use of the counter seat, etc. There was also a comfortable sofa seat, and I was thankful for having a child.

I recommend a hamburger. The hamburger meal is 18 dollars with a french fry. It seems like a steakhouse hamburger, meat is juicy and exquisite. The meat is thick and it has a considerable volume so one can be fully filled with two people even if you share it. Oyster ($2 for one) was also fresh and tasty. Incidentally, the pop-over comes with the Sunset Menu as well.

Pop-over was an apparent big impact on me. it is soft texture like puff fabric and very delicious.

Waiolu restaurant next to the front desk. A restaurant with fresh seafood as the main restaurant. Happy hour was also doing from 3 pm to 6 pm.

A breakfast buffet is also held. In-Yo CAFE is located next to the pool.

In-Yo CAFE, it was a good atmosphere without being crowded.

Outdoor pool and Beach

There are an outdoor pool and jacuzzi on the 6th floor of the front floor and the same floor. I think that it is a small pool in the hotel in Waikiki.

Width is about 23 m and 2 m, so it may be unsuitable for those who want to swim. The water depth is about 1.2 m, but I think that it is most suitable for a baby's pool debut as many shallow places of about 10 cm deep. (My 0-year-old baby was the first pool, and she enjoyed it)

There were many deck chairs on the poolside. You can see the sea from the pool. Both towels and mineral water were prepared on the pool. Also, there are waterproof diapers for children was prepared.

It was around 3 minutes from the hotel to the beach by way of the road beside Waikiki Shore.

This is the nearby beach. It was a quiet beach with little crowds because it is a bit far from the center.

It is a sunset from the beach near the hotel. There is a wharf sticking out in front of Waikiki Shore, and the sunset from there is superb view. Just beware that you must go through the sandy beach at the wharf. You can watch a beautiful sunset because there is no building to block even from the beach even if you do not go to the wharf.

To the concierge on the 1st floor, you can lend a beach bag containing towels, mineral water, apples, and oranges.

Business center, fitness, spa etc.

There was a meeting room.

In addition to the meeting room, there were libraries complete with three PCs (Windows and Mac), so it seemed convenient for businessmen.

There is a fitness center on the 5th floor. A full-scale training machine such as running machine was completed.

Mineral water and fruits are also provided.

The spa was also on the 5th floor. The gym, the meeting room, the business center, and the medical office are on the same floor, but it was very quiet.

Around the hotel

It is quiet during the day, but it is quiet at night too. It was a wonderful environment where the rich greenery of Fort De Russy Park spreads in front of you and you can also go to the beach in a few minutes on foot. It is a bit far from the center, but if you use a shortcut to the Royal Hawaiian Center it will arrive in about 7 to 8 minutes. Stop of the trolley · the bus was also convenient to go anywhere because of the nearby hotel. In the evening, there are few passengers, but due to a large number of famous hotels, there was no dangerous atmosphere.

It was convenient because there is ABC-store in about 3 minutes on foot. For breakfast, Takahashi Fruit Store, Starbucks, Eggsuns Things, Bills, Halekulani Hotel in the hotel, conveniently because there are many famous shops in the vicinity. Starbucks is on the first floor of the outrigger in front of the hotel.

There is a Takahashi fruit store which is famous for homemade ice in the back of the hotel and it will take a 1 min walk from the hotel.


From the airport, if the road is not crowded it will arrive in less than 30 minutes. Access to each sightseeing spot is outstanding because each travel company trolley, the bus stop is nearby.

However, if you go to the Ala Moana Center, please be careful as the trolley goes around to the Duke statue unless you ride from the front of Saratoga Street post office. It took less than 10 minutes from the pre-post office bus stop to the Ala Moana Center. You can also use a taxi.

Staff & Customers

Staff was a wonderful response to hospitality. The Trump hotel’s personalized service and trump and attitude service are wonderful, They respond to the detailed requests I requested beforehand (strollers for a baby stroller, diaper trash can, baby high chair, clothes etc) During my stay, the item I wanted to buy at some store had been sold out and I told the front desk that I called the shop and heard the arrival schedule. I was able to feel hospitality everywhere. There was much Japanese staff. Almost all foreigners were able to speak Japanese. As a result, we were able to make consultations with ease when we were in trouble, and we were able to stay with peace of mind. Every staff member was very pleasant.

Most of the guests were Japanese guests. A young family especially with young children was prominent. Because there are 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom rooms, there were also many people used in 3 generations.


Trump International Hotel was a wonderful hotel, with all the facilities of the room, the location of the hotel, and the hospitality of the hotel staff. Like a baby’s first foreign abroad, I thought that my child would stay stress-free as possible. We were able to spend stress-free time not only for children but also for adults with a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious room enough for kids to move about, a washroom. In addition, because there is housekeeping twice a day, I was able to spend pleasantly in a beautiful state at all times.

Despite being a condominium, I was able to enjoy the hospitality of a first-class hotel as well and I was able to spend a very luxurious time. Trump Hotel is a hotel that I can recommend with confidence.

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