Via Loft Hotel

  • Room Type : Queen Bed Room
  • Stay Nights : 7 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Via Loft Hotel" because the accommodation fee was cheap and the location was good. The hotel is 5 minutes walking from the station and 2 stops from Taipei station. Also, there are 2 convenience stores within 1 minute on foot, and there are also many restaurants, so I thought that it would not be a problem for meals. The local people told me that bed making was done every day and that the toilet and shower were clean, I picked up this hotel.

How are the exterior, entrance, and reception of the hotel?

The appearance of the Via Loft Hotel gave me the image of dirty and rags strongly.

There was a convenience store right next to the hotel.


View of the entrance from inside the building

There are various companies other than Via Loft Hotel in this building, and there is not a very beautiful impression.

The sign of the hotel was on the left seeing from the entrance's front. The hotel reception was on the second floor.

The front lighting on the 2nd floor was dark and had a calm image, and I got a sense of security that it was a properly hotel.

In front of the front desk, there were magazines and bathroom amenities that were not arranged in the room.

Amenity box. Floss pick, sewing set, hair rubber, rinse, cotton swab, milky lotion, ear plug, and makeup remover were prepared and was able to take freely. I used a sewing set and I could use it easily. One needle and four thread were in it.

Front Floor Elevator Hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator Inner floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall

Queen bedroom

Room entrance door

When entering the room, there was a large mirror on the left and a card key socket on the right.

The room does not look like very large, but I think that there is enough space if you stay alone. However, it might be inconvenience when you spread a huge suitcase. Even if all the lights are on, there is no problem with sleeping so far, but it was enough blight to do something.

The bed was neither hard nor soft, very easy to sleep on. It was a bit hot to have a cover on because the temperature was over 20 degrees. There were two receptacle outlets on each side of the bed.

On the opposite side of the bed there was a 40 inch size TV.

I saw the entrance door side from the back of the room

There was desk and chair too. There was a receptacle outlet next to the desk.


There was no bathtub but only a shower room. The shower room was clean and the wall was a two-sided glass. The water came out from the bottom part of the door and the other side of the door became wet which was not very comfortable.

There were two kinds of shower, a rain shower on the ceiling and a hand shower with removable height adjustment. I felt that the water pressure was moderate. I could not choose the heat in small scale but it was very stable. The shower room was equipped with shampoo and body soap, but it was not filled with a full tank.

The toilet was a bit inconvenient as the paper holder was on your behind.

Wash basin

Soap was prepared at the sink.

There were a set of bathroom amenity and a hair dryer on the washbasin. Amenity included toothbrush set, hairbrush, and shower cap. The toothbrush was very hardened. In addition, there is an amenity box beside the front desk (floss pic, sewing set, hair ties, rinse, cotton swab, milky lotion, ear plug, and makeup remover are prepared). You can take them freely.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was a two-stage open closet beside the bed. Slippers were also provided here.

There were 8 hangers in the closet.

The safety deposit box was under the desk. It is a type that you sets 3 - 6 digit PIN number. The operation was also easy to understand and to use.

I was putting a single-lens camera.

Mini bar / room cafe

There was a cafe set on the desk. There were two mugs, two plastic bottles of water, two instant teas and two coffees.

There was also an electric kettle.

There was a refrigerator under the desk.

There was nothing in the refrigerator. No mini bar neither.

Restaurants in the hotel

Facilities in the hotel

A PC was available next to the front desk and there was a business center as well. There were also newspapers and magazines. In addition, there was laundry room too. In the laundry room, washing machine, dryer, powder detergent were also prepared. It had enough things for daily washing.

Surroundings environment

The city is not so beautiful as there were many motorcycles, and a lot of traffic from morning till late night. However, I did not think that security was bad. There are also two major convenience stores near the hotel and many shops in both the main street and the back street. Most of the things are not with a tourist price but a local price, so you can have cheap and delicious meal.

General governor

National Palace Museum

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Staff & Customers

English and Chinese can be used without problems. Staff was very kind and there was no trouble. Bed making was perfect.

The audience seems to be consisted of guests from China, Hong Kong, North America, Europe and many middle class customers. They are mainly families with children.


I came from Taoyuan Airport, but I didn’t feel it was very close from there. It takes 50 minutes ~ 1 hour 20 minutes by train from Taoyuan Airport. It will take 20 to 30 minutes from the Songshan Airport. As it’s only 2 stations away from Taipei Station, it is very easy to transfer to other lines in the central. You can get to all the stations on MRT in about 40 minutes even to the end. There were pharmacies, convenience stores and stalls near the closest station of the hotel, we did not have any problems with our stays. If you want to do some shopping, you need to go to Taipei Station.

The front of the hotel


I strongly feel that I was glad staying at Via left Hotel. When I came to Taiwan, I think that I will definitely choose this hotel again.

Cleanliness is kept in everything, it was enough good quality if you don’t expect hospitality like a luxury hotel. It is not too far from the station and there are so many options of food, so there was no problem with my stay.The location is also perfect for sightseeing and the access is very good.

Since the administrator was there almost 24 hours, I did not feel any problems with my security. The line up of bathroom amenity was minimum but enough good. WiFi was quite fast which was very comfortable.

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