Villa Oriami By Nagisa Bali

  • Room Type : Villa
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Villa Olgami Bai Nagisa Bali" because my friend was working there and she invited me. Since the area I was staying was almost Seminyak, it was not far and had a good access from Seminyak and the Legian area. I heard that there were plenty of shops and you do not need to worry about shopping. This is part of the reasons why I chose here. The room was too spacious for two of us, but the spacious space was pleasant and we could keep the pool to ourselves. It was relaxing.

Kitchen / dining / living room (main building 1st floor)

The appearance is like an ordinary house. Because it was in the residential area, I almost missed it at first glance.

If you look closely, I think you can see a sign saying "Villa Origami".

A picture of the kitchen / dining room. There was a kitchen / dining / living room on the first floor of the main building. Since there is no partitions on the whole floor, there is a sense of openness. Since the light is also inserted from the courtyard, it has a bright atmosphere.

The kitchen is also equipped with a large household size refrigerator and a microwave.

Because it is an island kitchen, it seems that we can cook altogether.

Because the kitchen and the dining area are spacious, I thought that it would be nice to have a party with a large number of people and to surround the table with everyone.

Looking at the living room from the dining table

The living room was spacious and it looked bright as sun light was coming in.

There is a big sofa, and it seems you can enjoy a party.

The living room was decorated with pop color art as well and it became a highlight of the room.

A view of the living room as seen from the 2nd floor

A picture of the courtyard seen from the living room

How is the room like?

Stairs to the second floor

There were one bedroom on the 2nd floor of the main house and two bedrooms on the other side, and there were 3 bedrooms in total. It looked perfect for 3 pairs of couples and 2 pairs of families with children. Because we were staying with 2 people this time, I felt we were wasting the space. This is the main bedroom on the 2nd floor of the main house.

Because there were three bedrooms, I decided to sleep on this gorgeous bed. It is spacious with a wooden luxury large bed, the hardness of the bed was just right and comfortable.

The dresser was also luxury.

View from the main bedroom on the second main floor. You can see the pool in the courtyard and an annex.

A view of the main house seen from the annex


There was bathtub in bathroom in the main building. There was also a separate shower room. There is also a shower room in the annex, but only the main house has a bathtub.

Bathtub and toilet. There was also an overhead shower above the bathtub.

There was an overhead shower in the shower room. What all shower rooms had in common was that it took a while to get hot water, but the temperature was stable. The volume of shower is enough, but it is not strong enough. I felt like it was pouring down from the top. For people overseas they basically put hot water in a bathtub at low temperature and take a half bath, so friends told me that the temperature setting was not so high.

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel were prepared in each bathroom.

There were two toothbrushes in each room, a shampoo hat, a cotton swab set, and a mouthwash. Compared to other hotels, I was glad that there was a mouthwash. The service was extensive.It may be inconvenient that there is no razors for men. The same thing was adequately arranged in any room.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

Each room was equipped with a closet. This was a closet in the main bedroom, slightly larger than the one in the annex. In the closet there was a hanger, bathrobe and slippers.

There was a safety box in the closet.

The safety box was a common type that sets the PIN number.


There was a pool in the courtyard. Assuming 2 to 6 people were staying, I think that it was a pool with sufficient size. It is divided into a deep area and a shallow area so that small children and adults can both enjoy.

Please note that pool playground equipment is not permanent. According to the villa owner, it seems that most goods are destroyed even if they are installed. As a result, they stopped installing the equipment and instead using the stuff that the previous guests left at the villa. Please bring your own swimming ring for your small children.

There is also sofa space in the courtyard and you can relax.

There was a deck chair next to the pool.

There was also a shower space outside.

Hotel surroundings environment

The villa area is very quiet because it is a residential area. I think that it is comparatively safe because there are security zones to enter this villa. There is no such thing as supermarket, but there was a local warung (local eatery).

The interior of Warn 'Enats' which is a little walk from the villa is always full with customers. I received a fresh pineapple juice and pear champuru. Pear Champuru is very hot, but it is tasty.

Staff & Customers

I asked who were the main customers, it seemed there were many families of two generations, female groups, and male groups. It seems rare that just two people stay here. There are more European people.


I do not know the exact time from the airport to the hotel because I did not head directly from the airport. The road to a relatively downtown area is simple, as it is on the street where the main streets from Seminyak to Legian is complicated. There are many Western restaurants for tourists and souvenir shops, but there was a bit of distance to the supermarket.


I knew the hotel was always full with bookings and my friend was busy, so we were lucky that we happened to be invited to a vacant room. We felt even stronger as it was a very luxurious space for two people. Although the owner of this villa was a Dutchman, I heard that he named the villa “Origami Villa” as it was inspired and built based on the image of origami. Because there are three rooms, whether in multiple groups or two households, we thought that it is very good that we could have a group party with everyone while protecting privacy at the co-spaces on the first floor of the main building and the courtyard. Unfortunately, it was a shame that we could not enter the pool for two days because of the weather but we were really glad that we were invited.