W Taipei

  • Room Type : Wonderful room (twin bed)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I stayed at "W Taipei" because the location was good and there was a pool. It is nearly 20 minutes by taxi from Taipei Songshan Airport, and it is also connected directly to Taipei City Hall station. There is also a bus stop (Taipei sightseeing hop on hop off) and it is very convenient for sightseeing tours. There are Shinko Mitsukoshi department (A4 Hall, A8 Hall, A9 Hall, A11 Hall) and 101 Taipei near the hotel, which is also perfect for shopping. The hotel has an outdoor pool and there are also restaurants and bars on the poolside.

Exterior, entrance and reception of the hotel

Hotel exterior

In front of the hotel entrance

At the entrance, there is a big "W" character on the wall.

entrance seen from inside the hotel

Appearance of the lobby on the first floor. There are several sofas in lobby, and it is convenient for meeting up with friends.

The front desk is on the 10th floor. On the front floor there are WOOBAR (bar) and The Kitchen Table (buffet restaurant). For those who like the calm atmosphere, it may be slightly noisy. WOOBAR was playing loud music was at night.

Front desk. The design is innovative and moody atmosphere everywhere.

Front Floor (10th Floor) Elevator Hall

Inside the elevator

button panel

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

Near room entrance doors

Room (Twin bed)

Room entrance door

There was a full-body mirror on the left side of the room entrance. On the right side, there was a closet in front of the bedroom.

View of the entrance door from the bedroom

As seen in the entrance and lobby, the interior is also a pop taste. The size of the room was just right, usability was good.

The beds are double size and can be used extensively. There were four pillows in each bed, two were fluffy and the other two were hard pillows, so you can use your favorite one.

There was a TV set opposite the bed. It would have been better if the TV was a bit bigger.

There was a desk and a chair under the TV.

There was a sofa and a table by the window. You can relax your legs and enjoy the scenery.

The bedroom and the bathroom are not separated and it makes the room very functional. There is a sliding door between the bedroom and the bathroom so private is kept as well if you want.

The rooms have very large windows, which was making the room open atmosphere. There was an automatic opening and closing button of the curtain scroll (lace type and light shielding type) on the bedside, it was very convenient and functional.

The room which I stayed was on the 27th floor town side, so I could look over the city of Taipei throughly. Although the price goes up, there are rooms with 101 Taipei side as well.

Besides, we could see the department stores, shopping malls and mountains nearby.


Inside the bathroom

Bathtub is relatively large so you can relax and take a bath. As hot water come out with very high pressure, I could store fill the water quickly.

There was no separated shower room. There was a shower next to the bathtub, and an orange panel was installed between the sink. It had two kinds of showers (overhead shower and hand shower).

I saw the bathroom door from the bathtub side


The toilet was a washlette type.

Wash basin

Amenity included shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body cream, gel for shaving, hand soap, shiver, toothbrush, comb, sanitary bag, and tissue. All amenities are from a brand called "bliss", it had lemon fragrance. I would have been great if they had a brush, not just a comb. Toothbrushes and shavers are normal. Everything we used was supplemented with new ones on the next day except for the comb.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

Closet can be opened and closed both from the room and from the bathroom, so if you put a trunk case in the closet, it was very convenient for picking it up from either side.

In the closet, there are built-in hangers, an iron and ironing board, a bathrobe and a baggage rack.

There was a safety box in the drawer in the closet as well.

Safety box is normal spec.

Mini bar / In-room coffee

There were two coffee (drip type), two tea (Tea bag type) TWG tea, milk, sugar, electric kettle, mug, etc. for in-room coffee set.

Glasses were also prepared by the window. In addition, half-sized wines and spirits were in the mini bars.

Ice pails and glasses were also prepared on the bedside table.

A refrigerator was also there.

Various drinks such as water, carbonated drinks, beer and spirits were prepared in the refrigerator.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

We had breakfast at The Kitchen Table.

"The Kitchen Table" is an all-day dining in a buffet style.

The number of dishes was very countless.

There was a live cooking section.



You can have fresh juice which the staff just squeeze. No one was outside as it rained this time, but there was also a terrace seat.

Ice cream for dessert

I got scrambled eggs, sausages and salads.

The inside of the restaurant was casual feeling based on yellow.

There was a Chinese restaurant called "YEN".

"YEN" is on the 31st floor of the hotel, and seems to have lunch and dinner.

"YEN" seems to have a private dining room.

There was a bar called "WOOBAR" on the poolside.

There were seats not only in the outdoor seating but also indoors. When I stayed, it unfortunately rained, so the pool side seats were closed and only indoor seats were available.

Facilities in the hotel

On the 12th floor there is a locker room called "WET", you can change to swimsuit and go to the pool side by taking the elevator which directly goes to the pool.

There was a relaxing space next to the locker room.

There is a Jacuzzi and a sauna in "WET" and they can be used for free.

Sauna at "WET"

There was a spa facility "AWAY" (charged).

There was an outdoor pool on the 10th floor. There were beach beds and umbrellas around the spacious pool, and it was a relaxing atmosphere. Although it seems to have illumination lights normally at night, but because it was raining this time, I could only see simple lights even though I could go out to the poolside. The beach beds on the poolside were also covered with a sheet for rain. Terrace seating of the restaurant "The Kitchen Table" and the bar "WOOBAR" are on the poolside so you can enjoy your meals and drinks there.

There was a fitness center in hotel, too.

The fitness center seems to be available for 24 hours, whenever you want.

Hotel surroundings

The hotel is in the office town, and there are convenience stores and shopping malls around, so we could go out without any trouble at night. There is also a bus stop nearby. It is very convenient that the building the hotel is in is directly connected with the subway (Taipei City Hall station). Within walking distance, there is Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, 101 Taipei, and Xinjiang Street Night Market.

However, since traffic jam was heavy especially on weekdays, I think it is better to consider extra time when taking a taxi. Also, as there are a lot of cars and motorbikes on the road, we recommend you to watch out especially at intersections.

Taipei 101

Staff & Customers

It is a stylish hotel suitable for young people, so there were many young fashionable staff. There was no problem with dealing luggage or check-in.

Before departure, I ordered reservation for a restaurant and a car by e-mail, but their reply was quick and perfect.

The audience was Japanese, Chinese, Westerners and so on. Not just young people but there are senior visitors too. It seemed young people who are not staying here come visit "WOOBAR" at night.


From Taipei Songshan Airport, it is about 200 Taiwan dollars takes about 20 minutes by taxi. There were several shopping malls including Mitsukoshi near the hotel. Since Mitsukoshi is nearby, well-known pineapple cake shops and dim sum restaurants, luxury brands shops, retail shops, any kinds of restaurants were there, so I didn’t have any trouble for shopping and eating out. There was a Seven Eleven opposite the hotel. You can walk to Taipei 101 as well. If you work a little hard, you can also walk to Mt. Elephant.

Shinko Mitsukoshi department

Seven Eleven on the opposite the hotel

Uni-President Department Store

Luxury department "BELLAVITA"


I think the hotel was good overall. Although I was looking forward to enjoying the pool, it was a pity that I could not use it because of rain, but the hotel’s shared space and room were cool and functional, so I was able to spend comfortably. I really liked the staff here.

Also, “The Kitchen Table (breakfast buffet)” is slightly expensive with T$880, but it had many kinds of food (Western food, Chinese, Dim Sum, porridge, sweets, bread, cheese etc.) and drinks, and all tasted awesome, so it was a very satisfying. I recommend it. If you like music, you will be able to enjoy “WOOBAR” too, along with the moody atmosphere of the venue.

It would be great if the quality of bathrobes and amenities become better.

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