Warwird Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong

  • Room Type : Superior Single Twin Room (21st Floor) City View
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

We stayed at "Wharney Guang Dong Hotel Hong Kong" because it is close to MTR Wan Chai station and a convention centre, and located in a convenient location. I also saw lots of reviews online that the hotel was built in a wonderful location. It is important for me that the room has enough space (20 square meters at least), a complementary bottle of water, free WiFi and comprehensive amenities because I would like to have a relaxing time at the room.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and the reception!

The hotel looks almost the same as the one I saw online. The next building was under construction, so it was a little bit noisy and hard to walk.

The entrance is not so big, but it is clean and tidy.

The lobby is surrounded by glass walls, so it is bright during the day and I felt a sense of openness. A member of staff opened the entrance door for me.

The staff members at the reception were not bad, but it took time to check-in and check-out as they did these procedures while answering a phone.

Lobby. The schedule of today's World Cup was on a notice board.

There are some chairs in the lobby and guests were sitting on them.

It seems like a shop.

The lobby lounge is available from 3 pm to 10 pm.

Lobby Floor Elevator

What is the Superior Single Twin Room like?

The entrance door

The room seems to be just refurbished and the interior decoration is beautiful. The room is modern and simple, so I was able to have a relaxing time there.

There are 2 single beds. It might feel a little bit small for a large person. The bed is reasonably soft and comfortable.

The brightness of the lighting is good. My room was close to the elevator, but I didn't notice the noise. However, I heard the cheers of the people who were watching the World Cup at the bar nearby in the night.

The switches next to the entrance door. The air conditioner was set at 15 degrees when I stepped into the room and it was cold. It was difficult to adjust the room temperature precisely.

A chair

There is a fashionable lighting above the desk.

There is a rental mobile phone on the working desk.


There is a partition between the toilet and the shower room, so I didn't need to worry the toilet got soaking wet.

There is no bathtub, only a shower room. The temperature control of the shower is easy and the water pressure is enough. The water is flowing smoothly in the drain, too.

The sink has a little bit poor drainage. It was a little bit hard to use a hair dryer because it was attached to the wall.

A toilet

There are toothbrush sets, a shower cap, a shaving kit, a bar of soap, a comb and moisturising cream by the sink. The amenities we used were restocked everyday. Most amenities are Crabtree & Evelyn.

There is shampoo, conditioner and  body wash in the shower room. These are only restocked when there is not much left in the bottle.


There are 2 glasses, 2 cups, an electric kettle, nuts and tea and coffee making facilities. We got 2 bottles of free water everyday, and tea and coffee were restocked everyday.

The cups were in the drawer of the desk, but they had a smudge on them.

Some drinks were prepared inside the fridge.

Closet and safety box

There is an iron, an ironing board, 6 wooden hangers, a spare  pillow and a safety box in the closet.

A safety box in the drawer

The view from the room

There is no balcony in the room. I couldn't open the window.

You can see buildings and condominiums nearby from the window. I saw a man hanging out his washing on the roof top in front, and I was able to get a brief glimpse of a Hongkongese daily life.

You can see Lockhart Road when you look down from the window. You won't be bothered about the noise because this road is not busy. I was able to catch a glimpse of mountains which seems to be Victoria Peak between the buildings in a distance.


There are a Japanese restaurant and a Cantonese restaurant in the hotel. There is also a lounge in the lobby.

Japanese restaurant "Ginza Kaguraya" seems to offer room service as well.

Cantonese restaurant "Seventh Son Restaurant"

Breakfast around the hotel

We had breakfast at Chaozhou restaurant near the hotel.

Fish tofu noodles in front, fish ball soup in the back right, rice noodles with beef tripe in the back left

Facilities in the hotel

There seemed to be a conference room in the hotel though I couldn’t find it. The hotel provides a laundry service. A laundry bag and a order form are prepared in the room. There is no souvenir shop like in the hotel.

The pool is in another building from my room. I didn't know where the pool was till I asked a member of staff. The pool is on the roof top and there are deck chairs, umbrellas, tables and chairs on the poolside. There is no changing room there. The pool can be seen everything from the surrounding buildings. There is a fitness centre, too.

There is a massage centre in another building from my room, but the lighting was dim and the AC was too strong, so it was hard to enter.

Area around the hotel

There are lots of bars and nightclubs nearby as it used to be a red-light district. Some people are drinking beer from the daytime, so it is not so safe. The street was not clean as there are lots of people in front of the bar and some people who smoke while walking. I wouldn't recommend this hotel for those who are a woman travelling alone or not used to travel abroad. There are several Seven Elevens around the hotel. There are also a small supermarket, a British supermarket, a Marks & ​​Spencer food store and McDonald's within a walking distance.

Chiu Shing Noodles House which is on the same street as the hotel. It is an interesting combination of noodles and milk tea, but this is a standard in Hong Kong.

Wonton fish ball noodles. This thin noodle and shrimp in the wonton is delicious.

Stalls on Gresson Street

Hong Kong Sogo

1881 Heritage, Old Maritime Police Headquarters. It became a hotel and shops now.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Star Ferry Pier on Tsim Sha Tsui side and Victoria Harbour


I used the E11 route bus from the airport. I was able to get to the bus stop near the hotel in about an hour as it was early in the morning. A11 seems to take you to Wan Chai directly from the airport, but it will cost more. The best way to get to this hotel is that you go to the Hong Kong station by Airport Express, walk to the Central station which is connected to the Hong Kong station, change to the Island line and go to Wan Chai station. You will be able to get to the hotel in less than 1 hour. It takes only a 5-minute walk from Wan Chai station to the hotel, but I won’t recommend walking there during the night because there are lots of bars and night clubs on Lockhart Road and it’s not safe.

It is only a 5-minute walk to MTR Wan Chai station. The Wan Chai station D exit is connected to Lee Tung Avenue. I was able to go to my destination, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, in 10 minutes. I didn't need to worry about the rain because I was able to go through the 2nd Floor with a roof after I got to O'Brien Road. There is a Marks & ​​Spencer supermarket, a convenient store and a couple of exchange counters along this street.

Staff & Guests

The staff members at the reception were kind and handled in a businesslike way. All staff members greeted me with a smile when I had eye contact with them. They talked to me in English. If you can speak English, Cantonese or Chinese, you won’t be bothered. I think there were lots of tourists from China as it is a Chinese based hotel. I saw lots of families in the hotel, but nobody had bad manners.


I am happy to have stayed this hotel because the access to the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre which was my destination was more convenient than I expected. The room was big enough and clean, so it was good for its price in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, it is not safe enough around the hotel, so I hope it gets better. It was interesting to see Hong Kong’s old-fashioned townscape and business district at the same time when I walked to Queen’s Road East and Johnston Road which trams are running. There are lots of fish ball noodle shops around the hotel, so it was great I was able to eat it at several different restaurants. I would like to stay at this hotel again because it is close to both MTR station and ferry pier.

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