Wow Airport Hotel

  • Room Type : Superior Room, 1 Double Beds
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

We were planning to take an early flight the next morning, so we chose this hotel which was near the airport. We chose this because it was a business hotel with a sense of cleanliness rather than a luxury hotel.

What is the exterior of the hotel like? Check entrance and reception

The exterior was a fine building like a luxurious business hotel. As we entered the glass rotating door, a spacious entrance welcomed us.


As soon as we entered the entrance the security check came into sight. It was there simply because the hotel was near the airport. No wonder why. The atmosphere was not so intimidating.It was rather relaxing.

Front desk


Elevator hall

Room of Standard Room

Guest room was simple and had a feeling of cleanliness. The room looked as if it was a room from a luxurious business hotel. The space was never small. We were able to eat and relax at the table and sofa. The interior of the room looked calm with beige.



TV set

View from the window


Toilet, bathtub, and shower were altogether in once place in the bathroom.

The shower had sufficient water pressure and the temperature became warm enough. Since the door of the shower room was tightly closed, we could pleasantly use the shower without splashing the water.




Conditioning shampoo, body shampoo, soap and shower cap were provided as amenities. The minimum necessity was prepared. It was a bit disappointing that there was no hair treatment.

Closet and safety box

In the closet, there were several hangers, extra pillows, disposable slippers and so on. It was a closet large enough to put on some clothes.

Safety boxes were simple and compact.

Mini bar / cafe

Water, juice and alcohol were prepared in the mini bar. There were also 2 free bottles of water. As we were planning to eat in the room, free water was appreciated.

Restaurants in the hotel

There was a bar next to the front desk on the first floor. Although it had a calm atmosphere with a bar-like dark lighting, it was a bar with a relatively casual impression because it was next to the front desk with bright lightning.

Hotel surroundings environment

There seemed to be almost nothing outside the airport. There was a five star hotel of the same affiliation nearby. The public security did not seem to be bad.

Staff & Customers

The front staff dealt with us promptly. The hotel was close from the airport and it was running 24 hours. The number of guests seemed to be moderate and we were able to check in immediately with some assistance from 2 staff.

We saw single businessmen, family group, couples etc as customers. There were a couple of people who seemed to be heading to the airport waiting in the lobby and the bar.


It took about 5 minutes by taxi to the airport and it cost 10 lira. Taxi was not available as it was too early in the morning.You can also go by train. The staff at the front desk called us a taxi and it came in about 3 minutes.


Because we had good access to the airport and the room was clean and comfortable, we think that we chose the right hotel. Although it was heavily raining on the day we stayed, a taxi pulled over by the entrance under a roof on both outward and return so we did not get wet at all. Check-out / check-in was also smooth and a taxi came right away, so we could head to the airport without any troubles. It was nice to pick a hotel near the airport.

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