Xi Hotel

  • Room Type : Twin Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

"Xi Hotel" is located in the center of downtown area, and has good access to transportation like trains and buses, so it is easy to get around tourist spots or access from Macao. In addition, the hotel offers a buffet style breakfast. When I compared costs and ranking with other hotels, I thought it is a cost-effective hotel. For these reasons, I chose this hotel.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and front desk!

I thought the hotel appearance and the front desk looked a little bit like a business hotel (probably better than a business hotel though...)  


You can see the front desk on your right from the entrance. The front desk staff can speak English, so I could check in without any problems. You will be charged HK$100 when you check-in, but you will get a refund when you check-out.

There were large sofas and a table in front of the front desk. Newspapers and  magazines which are about sightseeing spots in the surrounding area were prepared on the table. The cleaning was thorough, it looked neat and tidy in the lobby.

Ground Floor Elevator Hall

Inside the elevator

What is a Twin Room like?

Entrance door of the room

My room was a twin room. When I opened the door, two large beds came into view. These beds occupied most of the room, but we could open suitcases and pack our stuff without difficulty. The room was big enough to rest after walking around, though it might not  be suitable for a long stay. The  lighting was a little bit dark, but it was a comfortable space.

There were 2 queen size beds. They were soft comfortable beds. I could fall into a deep sleep.

There was an alarm, a memo set, a TV and air conditioner remote control on the bed side table.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

There were a desk and a chair next the window.

The desk top

The room is equipped with an air conditioner.


There was no bathtub in the bathroom, it was only a shower room. I was able to take a shower comfortably as the shower room had plenty of space and didn't need to worry about splashing water as the shower area is surrounded by glass. The water pressure was strong enough and the temperature adjustment was easy. There were towels, a toothbrush set, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc. as amenities.

Closet & Safety Box

There was no closet, but several hangers were prepared in the corner of the room and I was able to put on my jacket there.

Bath towels, a hair dryer, laundry bags, slippers etc. were prepared on the shelves underneath the hanger hanging area. It was really nice that I could change to slippers and have a relaxing time in the room after I walked around and exhausted from sightseeing.

There was a small safety box, but it was big enough to put valuables inside.

Minibar & Cafe corner

There was a cafe corner on the storage shelf next to the desk. There were an electric kettle and 2 coffee cups, 3 water bottles (1 of them is free), instant coffee and tea bags.

There was a fridge, too.

Restaurant in the hotel

The restaurant was on the 3rd floor. It was not so big, there were about 5 tables in the restaurant.

I went to the restaurant early in the morning, so there were no other people, it was only me there.

There were not many kinds of dishes, the taste was pleasant.

There were outdoor seats in the restaurant. I enjoyed watching people walking in the big city from the outdoor area of the restaurant (3rd floor). Unfortunately, it was raining when I went to the restaurant and I couldn't sit there, but I'd like to go back again when it's sunny. It was a peaceful space with lots of lush green plants.

Hotel surroundings environment

The hotel is in the center of downtown and the station was close. There are bus stops, restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, etc. in the surrounding area, it was very convenient for shopping without any trouble. To sightsee in various places, the location was outstanding. However, because it will be the center of downtown, it was scary to go out at night because there were many rough men. If you go out, it may be better to do it by sunset.

Skyscrapers around the hotel

A Symphony of Lights

Hotel staff & Customers

I didn’t have many opportunities to communicate with the hotel staff, it was only at check-in and check-out with the staff at the front desk. They  were kind. I could check in with simple English.

I didn't see other guests so much, but it seemed lots of people were using this hotel as a business and  there were many middle-aged businessman. It would be good for those who want to have a quiet time as there are few children.


There was a direct bus from the airport to downtown, then we could go to the nearest station of the hotel by train from there. It was a really convenient place for meals and shopping as the hotel is located in the most urban area. I was just scared to go out at night.

The location was outstanding, so I didn't have any problems about shopping. The destination of sightseeing spot was a bit far and train transfers were needed, but it was easy to find out how to get there with a map and I didn't get lost.  It was nice that the train station was close.


The location of this hotel was excellent as it is in the center of downtown. The bus stop and the train station are nearby and there are also lots of convenient stores and restaurants around the hotel, so it’s very convenient for sightseeing and meals. It was neat and tidy as well, so I could have a rest comfortably. I recommend this hotel to those who visit for sightseeing and won’t stay long as the room was a little bit small and there are not much variety of the breakfast. I can communicate in English without any problems and I was happy to stay this hotel, but I’d like to try different hotels when I visit Hong Kong again.

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