Hotel Yokohama Garden

  • Room Type : Yokohama DeNA Concept Twin Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Hotel Yokohama Garden" because there were business events around Yokohama Station and Minatomirai, and I was looking for a hotel with good access to the station and I place where I can find a place to eat easily. In addition, I felt that it could be trusted because it was a wedding-level hotel and there was a solid dining area on the top floor. I wanted to find a place as cheap as possible, so I decided to put out the price in various ways. I did not get on JR this time, so I walked for about 4 to 5 minutes from the Minato Mirai Line, but I knew that it was convenient because there were many convenience stores in the surrounding area.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

I knew I was next to the Yokohama Stadium, but when I actually saw the hotel again there were flags and greenery.

State before the entrance. When I was getting inside, the doorman (who was a woman) asked if I wanted the doors to be opened, and it showed a nicely branded hotel.

First floor front desk. (unused?)

There is something like the front desk on the first floor, and I was actually guided to the second floor. Inside, there is a large carpet with stairs and a stone statue, and if you go up on the escalator there is a small front desk. I felt that sitting and responding was not a bad thing but unusual. It smelled very good, whether it was incense. A hot towel came out during check-in and the staff also sent me off until the elevator.

2nd floor front sofa.

Front floor elevator hall.

Elevator floor number button panel.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Yokohama DeNA Concept Twin Room like?

7th floor room door.

The key was not a card key, but a key inserted into a keyhole.

There are 5 rooms on the seventh floor in the Bay Stars room. When I opened the door, there was a carpet with the same turf pattern as Yokohama Stadium and the Basters logo on everything in the room. I felt that it was elaborate that the coffee mug was from the hotel line of the Bay Stars shop. The room was a little old, but the dryer and humidifier was Panasonic, and the coffee maker and water heater were also manufacturers, and it was a room where you could receive too much service in addition to the location.

Entrance door and toilet door seen from the room.

Being able to sleep well with a large bed (probably semi-double) and with a memory foam pillow. As humidity was kept with humidifier, it was comfortable.


There was a TV across from the bed.

Bedside lamp.

There was a set of tables and chairs between the window and the bed.

The posters of the players are displayed, but I think the players are different in each room.

Yokohama stadium seen from the room.

There is no balcony but there is a terrace because I can not go outside. The prospect is Yokohama Stadium right next to it, and you can see the JR track. The trees are so thick that it is barely visible. The terrace is lighted and it looks like a very bright hotel when viewed from the outside, but I think it created a bright atmosphere that was not too glorious from the room.



Bath and shower.

As shown in the picture, the shower head was replaced with something like a house type, so I could take a bath with a much more comfortable water pressure than a normal hotel. In addition, temperature setting and how to put out a shower are similar to those for housing, and it is not like mixing water and hot water to create the appropriate temperature, so it was very good to know how much hot water I have let out. However, the bathtub was a bit old and I was anxious that bath tub might break and make a hole.  


Amenities were comb x 2, shave x 2, gel for shave x 2, toothbrush with toothpaste x 2, body towel x 2 and black cotton swab x 2. Equipped with foam hand soap, shampoo, rinse, body shampoo. Because the body towel was thick, I thought it was a square sponge, and it was a body towel about 10 x 60 cm with a string attached at both ends. I also felt that this was an unusual service at the hotel and I was very pleased. There was a cotton swab, but I thought it would have been better if there was an ear cleaner.

There no no hot seat for the toilet.

Closet and safe


There was no safe. I was happy that there were four solid hangers in the closet. There were changing of toilet paper, tissue, luggage storage, slippers x 4, shoehorn and fabric spray.

This fabric spray was probably the same nice smell as the one I smelled at the front desk.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a Caffitaly coffee maker, a T-fal kettle, and a coffee for the original coffee and coffee maker. The mug was from the Bay Stars shop.

There was also a refrigerator.

There was a glass in the refrigerator. There was also beer, water, tea, carbonated water and energy drinks. The energy drink cost 190 yen  and I thought it was a very reasonable price.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

There was a restaurant at the hotel but I did not eat there this time.

The ground floor hotel appearance.

Inside the hotel on the first floor.

11th floor Chinese restaurant.

Facilities in the hotel

There was no such thing as a souvenir shop, but some BayStars goods and souvenirs from Yokohama were sold next to the front desk. There was something like a bar around here, and had a lot of photos of BayStars, goods, and big flags on the wall, so I think it is good for fans. There was no business center or a laundry room.

Hotel environment and access

JR Keihin Tohoku Line Kannai Station 1 to 2 minutes walk, JR Keihin Tohoku Line Ishikawacho Station 4 to 5 minutes walk Minatomirai Line Nippon Odori Station 4 to 5 minutes Minatomirai Line Motomachi / Chinatown Station 10 minutes on foot, which station Also access is good. There are many hotels between Yokohama Stadium and Yokohama Chinatown, and there are many convenience stores, so I think you will have no problems. There are many chain stores, and there is Yokohama Chinatown 3 minute walk away. There are several roads to Yokohama Chinatown, but I think it is safe to choose a bright road because there are a few roads. You can also enjoy either side of the calm Japanese avenue with Naka Ward City Hall and Yokohama City Hall, and the downtown area with Yokohama Stadium and Yokohama Chinatown. You can see the sea in less than 10 minutes if you walk straight on the Japanese boulevard. It is an area where you can enjoy a walk as you arrive at the elephant nose park immediately, and there is the red warehouses, Cosmo Clock, and other beautiful views. If you climb a slope across the JR track, there are areas where you can feel foreign culture and nature, such as foreign cemeteries and hill parks with harbor views. For regular shopping, there is a shopping center in JR Kannai Station, which is very convenient.

Yokohama Chinatown.

You can see the sea in less than 10 minutes if you walk straight on the Japanese boulevard. It is an area where you can enjoy a walk as soon as you arrive at the elephant nose park, and there are miraculous views such as red brick warehouse and cosmo clock.

Red Brick Warehouse.

Staff & customer base

I felt that it was very unusual for the doorman to be a woman, but it was very kind of her to ask what my plans were In addition, the lady at the front desk also proposes that it can be changed to the concept room of the BayStars because there is no difference in pice.

The guests were more like older people, and in the morning they were they were wearing suits. I think that it was not a big deal even if it was noisy with Chinese groups due to the time of last-minute Spring Festival and the proximity of Chinatown, but it was a very calm hotel.


First of all, location is good. If there is an event in Yokohama Stadium, it will be the best hotel to stay at. It is a distance where you can walk to tourist sites such as Minato Mirai, the sea, Chinatown and etc and you can enjoy the view from the window and easy to understand because it is on the corner. From the entrance, I felt it wasn’t just a business hotel, despite the price and reputation. The staffs talked softly and created an at home feeling. There was dust in the corner of the ceiling in the room, a slight moldiness of the bath, a cold toilet seat, a slight noise when the JR freight train passed, but the amenities and services were very good. On the way back, the staff said, “Please stay again during the baseball season. We will be waiting.” It seemed like they remembered all guests personally.