Yotel Singapore Orchard Road

  • Room Type : Premium Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Yotel Singapore Orchard Road" due to our budget. We arrived Singapore at midnight and will stay at Marina Bay Sands for 3 nights from next day. So reasonable hotel is enough for first night. Although the room seemed to be a little small on website,the location is very good in the Orchard area and the building is still new. In Singapore, such a hot and humid country, it would be worried about the smell from air conditioning and water basin. I felt staying at this hotel should be an interesting experience and decided! 【Official website】 YOTEL SINGAPORE Also posted here! Absolutely not to fail 【Singapore Hotel Choice】 Recommended Hotels Top Ranked!

Check entrance and reception

It is a bit difficult to find the place enter The next  building is Thai Embassy,it is better to tell to taxi driver there.

The ceiling of the carriage and the entrance is mirror-finished. The whole interior of the hotel is stylish and futuristic. It seems their corporate color is purple, unifying the indirect lighting including the hotel logo with purple.

There are some PC monitor which we can check in / out automatically. It is with credit card scanning machine, so in case there is additional charge other than accommodation fee, it would be automatically deducted from your credit card without paying at front desk with hotel staff.

Front desk. It is so clean since a new hotel!

Elevator hall

Room floor corridor

Room in the premium room?

The size of bedroom is almost same as bath + toilet room.  Although it is clean and comfortable, there is not enough space to open our suite cases, to keep the mobile bedside during charging and to put cosmetic poach on the washroom counter. The bed mattress is not bad, however, the delimited part of reclining bothered me during sleeping.

There was a TV board with stowed table.

Singapore tourist information on the TV program.

Yoga program.

Bedside Table

Electrical outlet and charging outlet on bedside

View from the room


There was only shower booth, no bathtub. A rain shower is attached and the water pressure is high enough so I am satisfied. But because there is no shower curtain, the floor easily soaked when I took shower. A chair is attached on the wall, you can sit down and take a shower. The amenities include shampoo, conditioner and body soap (all pump type).  The shampoo was good for my hair and if you like it you can purchase at the front desk.

There is a toilet opposite the shower, but there is no partition and curtain. so I think that it is a little inconvenient when staying with friends.

Next to the washbasin, amenities are set on the wall include toothbrush, cup, hand soap and body lotion. The table next to the washbasin was too small to put my cosmetic pouch. I think it is only for placing soap.

Closet and Safety Box

An ironing board, an umbrella, slide type hanger holder and some hangers were  stored in the storage.

I found a thin storage on the upper of the wall which looks difficult to stow anything. I wondered what is this. I checked the information that the room had safety box but I couldn't find.

Slippers for in-room use.

Mini bar / cafe

An electric kettle, two coffee cups, two bottles of water and coffee and tea  set at the cafe corner.

The fridge is empty. They don't have mini bar service.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

There was "Grains & Hops Restaurant and Bar" on the 10th floor of the hotel.

We could check their menu on room TV.

The hotel brand goods and shampoo which is same as room amenity were displayed at the lobby. It can be purchased at the front desk, the shampoo is SG $30.

Facilities in the hotel

The pool and gym on the 10th floor of the hotel.

There is a small pool and I couldn't see any staff there.  I thought that cleaning is not so often since the water looked dirty.

Towel counter is like self service.

There is a counter seat facing the window at the pool side restaurant, so we could be seen by the restaurant guest while they are eating.

We saw one of female guest who was putting on a lot of coconut sun oil. I felt it is unhygienic if she jumped into the pool.

There is an ice maker outside the pool entrance.

We can take ice cubes from here.

There is also a small terrace in front of the pool.

There is no staff at gym as well as pool.

There are dumbbells, cross trainers, running machines and balance balls. Training goods are varied even the room is small.

We can see the courtyard form the gym.

Hotel surroundings environment

The area is very safe since it is just one step from Orchard road.  There is nothing to worry when a women walk alone.

There is Ion Orchard, Ng Ang City and so many department stores and restaurants within walking distance. You can enjoy shopping and eating  very much.

Staff & Customers

I saw the staff only when we check-in / out at the front desk and they are kind generally. There was not any staff who can speak Japanese. I did not see any description and sign in Japanese. People may be in trouble who totally cannot communicate in English and any gestures and translation App.

Most of the guests were Asian (Chinese and Korean) and Indian. We never saw Japanese during stay. Also, I think there were not so many Western and Australian. Mostly they are young friends, not family and elderly.


It takes about 25 to 30 minutes from the airport and around SG$30 by taxi. We did not have any trouble with shopping and meals, good location, reasonable and clean. I would say it has good cost performance!


Unfortunately, I wouldn’t stay at same room again. Not enough space to open the baggage,  water splashing shower, window screen that must be opened and closed every time a shower or a toilet is used, no space to put the things conveniently… there is a few reasons.

However, the room we stayed is probably the smallest one in the hotel. We could stay again if they have a wider room. The newly room, cleanness, fancy interior, location and the cost are all good. It could be an advantage for family guests that kids could enjoy communication with the robot.

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